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  1. Hey bud, I'm gonna say no as I cannot find it on the box and they appear different than the current picture.
  2. Item: Chord Signature RCA interconnects 1m Location: Sydney Hills District Price: $650 Offers welcomed PRICE DROP $600 offers Item Condition: 9 / 10 Reason for selling: Need to free up some cash to buy a Tri bike ASAP Payment Method: Cash Extra Info: Present as new, current replacement is $1300, I have the original packaging and was purchased from a highly reputable Stereonet member who only moved these on to upgrade. I'd prefer to sell locally. Locked in Castle Hill or Eastwood.
  3. My god...... just wow mate. How do you find that sub? @@Juicester
  4. Sorry to dig this up guys, I have a Vincent 237mk, I have been thinking if changing the tubes, do you think I can expect the same outcome,? The results seem good going by your reviews. Cheers Kyle
  5. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/67623-classifieds-policy-read-before-posting/
  6. Don't quote me Al, but I believe that Sydney Hifi Castle Hill have them in stock at a reasonable price. https://sydneyhificastlehill.com.au/shop/dacs/m2tech-hiface-two/ Hope all is well. Regards Kyle
  7. Correct. Same as below http://www.lifestylestore.com.au/evo-3-premier.html
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