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  1. Yes, the second link is where I purchased mine.
  2. The wind blows on my face and I know the direction from which it comes. Perhaps localisation of bass frequencies is a similar thing. When I am in the chair and listening I can feel my shirt and chair and sometimes the floor vibrating (needs to be really loud and really low for that last one). That is what I meant by tactile. Anyway, I'm not arguing and have not had time to read through the rest of the thread up to this point so may have missed some other discussion on the point.
  3. Dave, I'm not saying the the laws of physics are wrong, or that the ear/ wavelength ratio is irrelevant (I have a massive noggin by the way) but perhaps there is more to this LF directionality than just what the ears hear. There is so much energy in those bottom few octaves that they are felt as well as heard, and maybe it is a tactile thing people like Brian and myself are processing which augments a poorly triangulated sound source due to limited ear to ear separation. Something to consider, a supplementary method of sound location...
  4. These drivers are long out of production but are still sought after for people building circa 100Hz horns. I have a pair each of 16ohm and 8ohm variants and would love to find another pair of 16ohm if anybody had some... Will determine that when I get around to measuring the horn in the room. Options include a stiff expanding foam that I cut to shape with a knife or I can glue/screw in more rings of wood to lessen the volume. Assuming of course that it is not already undersized (made an educated guess really) which would be quite inconvenient having to get handy
  5. Nah, I don't snub my rectifiers. Not usually. I have Mark Johnsons Quasimodo test jig and have measured many transformer/rectifier combinations and the process works a charm according to what the oscilloscope shows. The only transformers I do snub are those attached to 'service' components such as fans and power protocols because I don't mind increasing the impedance of the power supply for those circuits and because I don't want those transformers ringing back into the mains line. Have used lots of soft recovery schottky's in more important circuits in my builds, but am now sh
  6. @BioBrian, I sorta have to rush now. With one un-tuned UB horn in action and the other UB channel just a 8" driver sitting on a cardboard box the sound is certainly not what it could be, but boy oh boy does the UB horn bring some dynamics and energy! Visceral like having a real drum kit in the room plus it seems to have tamed some room modes, which is an unexpected but very welcome bonus. EDIT: Oh, and I should mention that it is completely and utterly inert. Just with the back of the hand 'feel' test no vibration can be detected at any part of the horn even at crazy volume..
  7. Quick progress has been made! Wait what? Is this the right thread? haha. Following all the excitement of completing one Upperbass Horn, great progress has been made on the second. Four early mornings starting in the pre-dawn glow (no shed lights) to cut it into shape on the lathe...maybe 9 hours total...then a couple of days to putty up all the overly agressive scrapes and holes in the thing...say 3 hours sanding and bogging...then a couple of days to get six coats of undercoat on that dastardly end-grain MDF, two hours total. So, once I was set up properly, it ha
  8. My mate Dave wondered over and we lugged the front half of the UB horn upstairs. Definitely a two man lift...almost a three. Then we had to figure out a way to lift the 70kg+ back half onto the front half without flattening some fingers... Got there though. Here is Dave installing the M10 threaded rods to keep the pair together... Then on with the driver... Back chamber ready to go... Then all together...never mind the greasy handprints... Will be qu
  9. Sexy AF... First upperbass horn is in da house!
  10. This past year I had just shy of five months from France and six from Germany. They got here in the end, but yeah could be worrisome if a lot is at stake. I've bought plenty of tubes from Russia/Ukraine etc. and it was usually on time but not always. It is what it is. Figure if I can't afford to lose the $$ then I won't bother buying. Paypal is your friend. Purchased an item from China and a completely different thing arrived and I had to send it back to an almost completely non-communicative seller but I eventually got a full refund from Paypal...and the item the seller would not accept
  11. @:) Go Away (: Went to the cinema yesterday with my young son to watch Godzilla V Kong and the sound compared to what I have at home was complete crap...thought my ears were going to start bleeding...not really but you get what I mean. Take home message is that those JBL's make really good surround speakers when paired to some big front horns like mine.
  12. @frednork, that is my vote for post of the year... on any forum...absolute gold...
  13. @frednorkhere is one that I mentioned in the other thread here. Please note that I have linked you to a new thread started just today which has the original thread linked in the first post. Blind test was passed, measurements taken, friendships lost. https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/62416-bit-identical-playback-can-sound-different/?tab=comments#comment-1119666 Many would say the switch is the problem...
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