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  1. Not current production...this one is 43yo this year...but the Sansui TU-X1 tuner is a classic beauty (that is difficult to take of photos I apologise) Here is an internet photo..
  2. R as in resistance...ohm. 8 nominal 8ohm woofers when wired in parallel is a 1 ohm load.... almost a short circuit.
  3. More than partially. My bass channel has 8 paralleled 8r drivers a side and presents a speaker load that varies from 1.1r to 3.0r. Could not test that speaker with any SS amp in my arsenal because the magic smoke would be released from the amplifier. Works perfectly from the bass channel of my 9w SET amp with an output transformer spec'd exactly for that load...big core, huge inductance, -1dB at 5Hz at full power, room response flat to 18Hz at full power circa 110dB. That is a custom output transformer for a custom bass speaker...not really suitable for the OP here but just to s
  4. There you go, different opinions on what the same phrases mean 100% of the time...haha... sample size of two.
  5. I don't even know what half those things really mean...haha...and I bet for every 50 people reading this there will be 100 differing opinions. 1- Broad Soundstage - maybe, that is mostly a function of how close you sit to the speakers...closer = broader 2- Deep Soundstage - I reckon that has to do with how broad the directivity of the loudspeaker is 3- Pinpoint Imaging - quite an ambiguous phrase...pass 4- Airy Treble - nope...at least nope to what others seems to call airy treble...I don't care for it because it generally means a defect in the bass 5- Definitiv
  6. Can we plesae cut down on the mockery and belittlement? Says more about the poster than the subject. SNA is not a skeptics bukkake party...go to ASR or similar for that please..civil, polite conversation please.
  7. All the outstanding parts have arrived bar one tiny little package which has found the distributor this morning. Let's see if AusPost Express can manage to get it from Melbourne to me in two days so I can work around my sons 13th birthday (yay, I've got a teenager - with first moustache traces already in the making, wears the same size shoes as me) this weekend to either fire up the magic or release said smoke...
  8. I don't diy to save money...I diy to get exactly what I want/need for the job at hand. My dual mono 6 Channel SET amps were probably about $20k in parts...did not really keep track of it but that would be near where they ended up. You can't buy this sort of amp anywhere...gotta make it yourself.
  9. Sorry to be harsh...but that is rubbish...it is not the nature of the tube...it is the nature of shitty amp design. Most likely the designer uses cheap arse valve sockets (poor connection to the tube), some dodgy soldering, have jammed things in too small a case and the iron talks to one another and/or the chassis and hence the valve, or the power supply is so 'cheap' that it cannot get noise down to a reasonable level. I do not believe there is a reasonable excuse for any of those things at any price point. For reference I have 110dB/w/m sensitive horn loudspeakers with almost 50
  10. Yeah, this is important. ...and this. I don't know why ASR tests most components at 4V out when many are not comfortable at that output level and when most off-the-shelf components are over-driven by that voltage. I would be surprised if given the gain and input sensitivity of most modern amplifiers that more than maybe 2% of the target market for these processors need more than 0.5V output for their maximum listening volume (I'm one of the 2% and actually need the 4V output haha - but my system is not off-the-shelf). If you use an AVM60
  11. Yeah, Lucas (Black Art) is not doing much audio stuff these days...too busy with his real business. Shame. His stuff is first class.
  12. @ThirdDrawerDownthat's way better than my suggestion
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