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  1. @marten, those folded screw together frames were designed by me and fabricated to my specifications by a local business and as such they are not an off-the-shelf item. If you wish to do the same I will forward the design files that someone in your area can use to cut and fold to the same spec, and if you are useful in AutoCAD you can even change the dimension to suit yourself. Thickness from fold to fold in these frames is 115mm and they cost a shade less than $40 each, so $158 inc GST to frame a panel. These frames are certainly a quicker option for bass panels than wood, plus they give you a lot of options for what you put on the front face, but I reckon wood is less expensive.
  2. Today, I've picked up some folded frames that I have had cut to make some VPR's. Eight in total, four at 2.1m x 1.2m and another four at 1.8m x 1.2m. It will be a while before I get to trial them, but at least now things are underway.
  3. Not yet, but am still taking small steps. This morning I picked up some steel that has been cut and folded for me. One small load for the Hilux, one giant load of work for Anthony. I am trying to get the vinyl situation manageable and really need to shift my records out of the spare room, actually finish at least one phonostage, get a few other miscellaneous projects off the electronics bench so that I can just sit down and look at this damned second DSET and why it won't bias correctly. I just about have all the parts here to start prototyping and building some DHT preamps and the LCR Phonostage...really excited about that stuff. Plus I need to get into the shed and put a few top coats of paint onto the two pairs of horns that have been sitting there for quite some time. Some of the steel I picked up this morning was for the framework of 8 VPR/CBA bass traps. Simple folded zincalume that I can screw or rivet together. I have some ideas on how I am going to actually build, test and eventually use these things, but they are on the backburner for a while. There are four 2.1 x 1.2m VPRs and another four 1.9m x 1.2m VPR's to give eight bass traps for the room. We will see how they work out. They are Kong at killing reverberations but from what I can figure out may not impact the room frequency response too much. If it can be wrangled, this weekend I will spend some time drilling/tapping/grinding/lanishing custom steel chassis's for one of the phonostages, a Class A SS amplifier, a new (second) powerboard, the vinyl racks, the shelf bass traps under the windows, a 'universal' power supply and a new shelf for the equipment rack. Also there are a couple of aluminium adapters to mount the Fane 8M drivers to the upperbass horn, which I plan to do sooner rather than later and then shift the back half of those big horns into place on the horn stack even if the front halves are yet to be turned on the lathe. It will probably sound crap but it will clear a fair bit of floor space. Once that stuff is tidied up most of the steel will go to be powdercoated and I will get the next round of steel cut, hopefully for another couple of phonostages (including the LCR phono), a couple of preamps, and the actual panels for these VPR's. Phew. It's a lot of work even to write it all out...
  4. Yep, you should be pissed if you invested in Mola Mola or Merril and the original designer then just shat on your resale value...nice customer support...the best.
  5. RAM jam - RAM jam Sealed Mint Condition $35 Leonard Cohen - Ten new songs Sealed Mint Condition $30 For me please
  6. Take your time @Dirkgerman, the thread ain't gunna end any time soon...
  7. I've not been building much lately, having progressed a few electronics projects that have long been on the backburner in my very limited spare time (nights) but am slowly getting things back to a state where I can devote more time to finishing this project. But I have been buying stuff. Today, some Slage Iron turned up for the upcoming LCR Phonostage. The only parts outstanding for that project are power supply iron from Black Art Audio (only a couple of weeks away) and some custom cut Z-Foil resistors for the filter and then I can design the chassis and build it, which should happen quickly. Also today, I've ordered some more steel cut to make bass traps, VPR traps, finish a SS amplifier, finish a SS phono stage, another custom power board, another shelf for the equipment rack and some odds and ends for the horns. Below is the Slage iron: 4 x inductors for the LCR RIAA filter; a pair of output transformers; a pair of choke loads for the first stage. All iron, including the output transformer wound on 80% nickel cores. The corrector is a custom circuit designed by my mate Pete in the UK and will use an E810f as the first stage, and D3a second stage. Combine that with a nice MC SUT and I should end up with something like 1V output from a 0.2mV low MC cartridge. Not a cheap device to build, but I have a great turntable/arm/cart which I think needs the best corrector I can give it. Sorry about my messy desk in the photo.
  8. Well, if everything is getting smaller and lighter then the luxury item is probably the opposite of that....either much smaller, or much shinier, or much more massive and expensive...seems to be how that works.
  9. @Primare Knob, have a look at this simple test on another forum that will walk you through a method to determine the voltage you are using in your speakers.
  10. How the amplifier power tracks with speaker impedance has to do with output impedance of the amplifier, not whether said amplifier is solid or hollow state. The Lenard page talks about tetrodes (not triodes or pentodes) as his company uses these to make amplifiers, and about how his special 'ultralinear' circuit improves their output. Very narrow context and misleading to use it as a generalisation about valves vs SS. Long story short is that the lower the output impedance of the amplifier, the less that amplifier gain is affected by its load ie. the speaker impedance at that particular frequency. Valve amps do not automatically have high output impedance. Solid state amps do not automatically have low output impedance. Although most commercial speakers require a low output impedance amplifier it is by no means a requirement for perfect sound, rather it is a requirement for cheap and easy to build speakers. My zero feedback single ended triode amps have a very low output Z thanks to the low plate resistance of the power tube, and are used to drive a 1ohm bass channel with ridiculous clarity and power flat to 18Hz in room...with little more than 7watts before clipping.
  11. @andyrit can put out pretty much any frequency sine that is required. The amplifier following determines the voltage output.
  12. It's possible. I have three supplies/motor controllers here that can do it.
  13. @aussievintage Unfortunately, with SET amps there are many ways to fail and few ways to shine. I love mine, but they are matched hand-in-glove to the speaker to give them the opportunity to work to their potential.
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