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  1. Just had burn in my oled b7. Not even sure what caused it. Had to get the panel replaced. So I'm with the rest. Don't do it. + I do have screensaver and image shift on.
  2. I have an LD OLED B7 and never really experienced the issues until I got burn in and LG replaced the panel (2.5 years on and out of Warranty - very impressed with LG) but I just sent them an email saying I'm having big issues with near black/greys that I was not before with the replacement panel. Hopefully its something they can resolve. Moved my STB to my 10 year Samsung and it smashes it. Glad you fixed yours though.
  3. Went through this recently. Had tons of amps of the years. But the bigger AV side.. ARCAM AVR400 > Denon AVR-X3000 with NAD m25 > Marantz av7002 mk2 with NAD m25 - so proper splits. ARCAM was good but started to think its a lot of money invested into 1 all in one unit. So split it out to the Denon/NAD. Massive improvement. Then recently x3000 was missing some features (plus wanted to give to family members) so went for the Marantz even though it was a bit older age it was new and had want I needed, except the newer hdmi 2.1 (hopefully don't regret it in the near f
  4. Ive attached what my model one looked like..might help!?!?!.. just wish I cleaned them before this photo. It was just to quickly show my parents in law what they looked like before I took them over there.
  5. Should be a nice sounding speaker. Up to about 4 weeks ago I had the KEF Reference Model One from the same era (only single driver on the front as opposed to 2) as overkill computer speakers. Gave them to Parents in Law for music and HT purposes and they really do sound nice. These would have to be better!! Timber finish looks great and these speakers can get chips on the black painted surround on the bottom. So these are in a nice condition. GLWTS.
  6. ...or do you think get just 1 crowson that i put under 2 legs (two at the back in middle are only 2-3 inches apart) and a Behringer amplifier? Its a fairly lightweight fabric lounge..
  7. Thanks for the update, it is much appreciated. I always see Crowsons come up very highly recommended with the next step being dbox (which some don't prefer). I'm just not sure if around $3000 is the right amount to dedicated for my level of system but wanted feedback if the effect was worth it. I'm still running a Martin Logan Abyss (always like it as it responds to a lot more detail in tracks than some others subs I have seen) but this would be worth way more than that. Just wanted something for bit more extension and without annoying people. Was thinking of an amplifier along the lines
  8. Hey Mobe1969, curious how the setup is going. Was it worth the investment?
  9. Sorry, the speakers I wanted to trade them in for got sold. Thanks for the shout out Pops110
  10. Erhh they sold anyway. Maybe for the best. The condition probably would have bothered me cause I'm odd like that. Was even planing in the future to upgrade our house if I can get a dedicated room go a more of a cinema room setup instead of a living room dual purpose. So maybe for the best!! Still an interest thread and responses. Obviously wasn't the only one thinking it.
  11. hmm..there were more than that as Bi wiring model cost more (wasn't standard). I was looking at the ELAC 609 X-PI which I have heard. Its got a few marks on it which I might struggle with mentally as I use a microfibre cloth with a light hand currently. That is a decent indication though and I agree wont be as much as the store is asking. Appreciate it
  12. Hi, I saw some speakers up for sale in the classifieds that would be a decent upgrade but then wasn't really sure what I would get for mine. I have Audio Physic Scorpio 25 (paid factory bi wire upgrade) in ebony that are in excellent condition. I don't think there's a mark on them. They were about 12k rrp from memory and I got them in 2014 so are about 6 years old now but not really sure what they are worth. https://simplyhifi.com.au/product/audio-physic-scorpio-25-speakers/ Curious on peoples thoughts but don't really want to open a negative can of wor
  13. How old are they? I recall listening to them years ago and would love to upgrade to these but I also have no idea what my Audio Physic Scorpio 25 (biwire) in Ebony (was about 11-12k rrp) and they are in mint condition (not a single mark as far as I'm aware of) and purchased in 6 years ago would actually sell for...
  14. Probably not the best person as I work on Ubuntu Server versions (without GUI's) so I use ssh. Following guides will be the easiest way to an outcome. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/ubuntu-remote-desktop-builtin-vnc-compatible-dead-easy/
  15. Also curious on the age of Aurums and price?
  16. I went to do it this morning but it fails. Emailed them and they said they are working on the system and try tomorrow, which I shall do. What timing haha. All good though
  17. they have NAD gear on there as well, I don't think they are the importers anymore so aren't doing it through retailers.
  18. Store: https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/hificlearance?ul_noapp=true Well, I looked up the store location and it was the same suburb as Qualifi. Then the paypal transaction said Qualifi, so I don't think its a secret. Not sure if it operates as Qualifi or separately. Might be not to annoy their retailers for selling directly but its hard when it comes down to items like this.
  19. Ebay - Hifi Clearance (Qualifi). Ended up getting it for 1700 with full warranty. Which I thought was alright even considering it's age even if it is new ($3800 retail I think). It has been an improvement over my Denon AVR-X3000. Wife noticed it as well. The Audyssey is an improvement as the x3000 only had XT and I was never a huge fan of it. With the Marantz, it appears to making really good adjustments without taking away my speakers tonal features. I'm noticing voices in movies are generally very easy to hear and don't have to play around with the volume through different scenes, leav
  20. Purchased it last night. Should get it by the end of the week.
  21. Hi, Just thought I would provide an update. I ended up purchasing old stock but new Marantz AV7702 MKII. Its only HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 but has Dolby Vision/HDR so it's got the things I need for now. Really wanted to see what the difference would be in sound quality of having a dedicated unit and was about the price of a newer AV receiver.
  22. Appreciate the responses. Food for thought.
  23. It does but toslink is limited. The main idea here is that I end up giving away a known working unit as a good son in law. If it was just floating the idea of an update for the sake of it, the replies would be greatly suitable/appreciated but I must end of up with two units.
  24. Thank you for the responses. It is a dual setup of stereo and surround sound content. It wasn't something I was planning to do right at this moment but time makes sense to pass it on to family so they don't need to buy. Actually HDR is handy for my PS4 as the game picture is drastically different on my oled tv. If I bypass and go straight to the TV the sound isn't as good. If i go via the AVR, the picture isn't as good. So now I have two HDMI cables and switch it depending on what suits the content. Any preference on brands/models for these low-mid tier AVR's?
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