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  1. ericd

    The Song Game Mk III

    Grand Salvo- He leads her by the arm in the old manner out into the music and the dancing light. She asks him, so he whispers something he thinks he might have said. She closes her eyes tight then, and when she opens them again she is different somehow. The nurse waits smoking against the car at the far end of the garden, and from over the fences the neighbourly sounds of cooking and children swim on the wind.
  2. I'll take this opportunity to recommend, for the few SNA'ers who are interested in this kind of music, the 'Program' album by NHK. Incredibly inventive use of the barest bones of electrical signals to make something truly sublime. https://lineimprint.bandcamp.com/album/program What are other people's Line recommendations?
  3. I wish I'd seen it, having seen them last time around (3 years ago maybe?) This review has a nice line it that may be relevant: "...two hours that demanded something many members of the audience weren’t willing or able to give: abandonment to the flow of it all. " I have been in that position on Monday night, we saw Leon Vynehall. Now that was dull as **** in a bucket.
  4. Item: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard- Oddments CD digipack Location: 3073 Vic Price: update: $70 Item Condition: CD NM- I can see one extremely tiny mark that does not effect playback. Cover and foldout insert Ex.- see photo, there is some slight shelf wear on one corner of the digipack. Reason for selling: Don't listen to it, need money for music making hobby Payment Method: Pickup preferred- preference given to local buyer- Will post if no local buyer. Extra Info: Picked this up on a whim, listened to it once. Then discogs tells me people are selling this for $100. I have no idea why, but here it is: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/7048257?ev=rb Pictures:
  5. Did they ever manage to implement gapless playback of FLAC files on these units?
  6. ericd

    World Cup 2018

    You're right, but Leckie outshone Kruse easily tonight. Cahill was the obvious choice to come on when Nabout got injured- can't make sense of that decision. Mooy is good, but you can't say he's underrated! Everyone knows how good he is.
  7. ericd

    World Cup 2018

    No! Why Juric? Cahill surely now?
  8. ericd

    World Cup 2018

    Thank you!
  9. ericd

    World Cup 2018

    C'mon Bert, get Kruse off!
  10. ericd

    World Cup 2018

    I've never seen Leckie play this well before. Really going at them
  11. ericd

    World Cup 2018

    Agreed about Cruse. He just lacks the ability to produce anything useful at the end of all the effort he puts in. Mile's record of 12/12 pens: impressive!
  12. ericd

    World Cup 2018

    I thought Nabbout did his job well. To be fair, he was probably expected to chase and harass for the most part, and he did put pressure on the backline when they were in possession. Plus I can't help smile every time his name is mentioned- Mighty Boosh anyone?
  13. ericd

    World Cup 2018

    Oh my Mile!
  14. ericd

    World Cup 2018