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  1. Andy, whenever i try the mirror trick, the tonearm just slides straight out as soon as the stylus touches the mirror. Does this mean something is amiss, are you supposed to use something to hold it the tonearm in place or should it stay put itself?
  2. This current offer from Nick's was too good to resist. I contemplated for about 30 seconds before buying. https://www.nicks.com.au/laphroaig-brodir-1991-james-macarthur-s-invergordon-23-year-old-old-masters-cask-strength-single-grain-scotch-whisky-bundle-buy-2x700ml
  3. I finally got myself one of those 0coast synths. Inspired by our friend in the above 'review' I recorded this:
  4. For anyone interested in the more reductionist and 'electronics' side of 'electronic music', I highly recommend taking advantage of the label sm-ll (now maybe called Unrequested Artist / band name*) 90% off sale for discography. About $30 AUD for 40 releases (EP- to LP length). If the name Andrea Taeggi means anything to you, he is probably one of the more accessible artists on the label. https://sm-ll.bandcamp.com/music
  5. B for Begushkin- Nightly Things
  6. I might be a bit late to the party but- Key West- oh man. Even before the lyrics started, something about the movement and shape of the music got me right away on the first listen. The shortest 9 1/2 minute song ever I ever heard.
  7. I'm wondering if these would be good for a little bedroom studio (technically, a spare room). The music I make is mostly electronic, so direct inputs from synths etc into a recording device. The intended benefit of the panels obviously would be for monitoring not recording.
  8. P is for Pan Sonic- Kulma. The first record of electronic music I heard that I liked.
  9. James Yorkston- Moving up Country
  10. The link below may be of interest. https://support1.bluesound.com/hc/en-us/articles/201158077-How-USB-Storage-Differs-From-A-Local-Library
  11. I would suggest reasearching the size of the storage drive that any player can handle before making a decision. Some players are fine with smaller storage drives but not so much once you get towards 1TB and over. Depends of course on what you want to do
  12. This is probably the only thread on SNA where people will be interested in this: Australasian Computer Music Conference https://acmc2020.com/index.html Folks might be interested to tune in to this over the coming days. The presentation last night (now posted on their youtube channel) was really interesting and I’m so impressed with some of the stuff that the younger folks are attempting. Things like trying to build anti-LRAD devices, and using sonification to educate people about the impacts of colonialism on local waterways. I’m in no way affiliated with this, just thought it was worth sharing
  13. T= Tiny Vipers: Life on Earth
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