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  1. If it's any consolation, I got no response to a PM.
  2. Hi all Not wanting to debate the virtues or otherwise of the Bose QC series, but just letting people know there is currently a deal on the QC 35 II model. $376, down from the usual $499. Scroll down to the relevant section for the discount code http://www.techradar.com/news/black-friday-australia
  3. Unsound Adelaide

    Porter Ricks! I'm having strange flashbacks at the mere mention of the name.
  4. World Cup 2018

    Part glad we are going to Russia, part bracing for the humiliation that awaits. But at least we got there. We have done the best we could with the players at hand so well done. I don't think it's right to attack players or coaches for not 'being better' than they are- I have no doubt each and every one is doing their best. It's just the reality that in world standards and in comparison to most of the other teams that will be in Russia- we're toast!
  5. Same sex marriage - it's a thing

    It's not a thing yet. I still don't trust them to get the job done, it should never have come to this in the first place. Also sad to know that about 2 out of every 5 people don't think you are equal.
  6. I waited till now to post this, and truly hope you enjoyed the show tonight. However I thought the Melbourne show was so terrible in so many ways, after being a fan for 20 years I'm not sure I even like Lambchop anymore Hopefully Magnetic Fields will be better on the weekend
  7. A nice gesture in keeping with the humane and generous spirit of the band I am looking forward to the Melbourne show tomorrow.
  8. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    Must be luck of the draw with the Rega wall warts. Synergy also sent me a second one when I reported the buzz issue- unfortunately it was worse than the first one. (I must say that I found Synergy's customer support has been top class).
  9. No longer available.

    Curious to know if you used this for controlling any hardware synths? I know it seems mostly intended for DAWs and soft synths, which I don't use. But I am looking for a MIDI controller for hardware and this is in my price range!
  10. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    I can't find a local price for the Sbooster- but if I'm looking at the right thing guessing around $500?
  11. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    Thanks for that post. I too have 'earthed' the TT-PSU, but still have the same buzz problem coming directly out of the wallwart itself. If there's any chance of your tech sharing the technical wizardry details (of which I understand nothing), I might take mine to the local audio electrician and see what he thinks. Keep us posted.
  12. ECM currently spinning

    Folks here may want to peruse the Thomas music ECM sale. Not a huge selection and cd's only, but you might find a gem or two. http://www.thomasmusic.net.au/?promo=ECM
  13. Hi all I managed to damage, rather than clean up, one of the drivers in my T90's. Not going to be a cheap replacement, it may even not be worth it depending on the cost. Where would sna'ers recommend for sourcing a replacement? Preferably Melbourne, if possible. Thanks
  14. Music file listing

    This video explains how to do that, but you might have edit the .txt output a bit https://youtu.be/af6rlv4jvog
  15. This confirms my nagging suspicion that I don't spend enough time familiarising myself with the right best-of lists. It would really help if you could please provide links to your acceptable best-of lists, so I can make an appropriate and credible selection. Thanks in advance.