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  1. Thanks Andy Very nice of you to offer. I will explore the issue a bit further and get back to you. I knew something would go wrong when I tried to set up streaming. Even if the amp issue is technically unrelated to the wifi, I'm cursed!
  2. I meant to say 'transformer' not 'transistor' in my post! The SBT sits about a metre away from the amp. SBT sits on the DAC.
  3. Hi I recently ventured into the world of streaming over wifi. The next day, my hitherto well behaved integrated amplifier started intermittently humming/buzzing from inside the unit itself- i.e. it's not coming through the audio/speakers but from components in the actual amp. If I was more knowledgeable I might guess it sounds like transistor transformer noise/buzz. It comes and goes. I unplugged the RCA connecting the amp to the digital player (SBT), and also turned the server off, but that seems to make no difference. We've had Netflix etc streaming in the same room for ages (no connections to the amplifier) and this never happened. Just a coincidence that the amp started playing up at this time?
  4. What size USB drive can you use without problems?
  5. What a great movie this is. Completely gripping
  6. Yes I might look into that, I notice you can install a SSD internally so it might be just what I am looking for. The SBT just seems like too much messing about to get this to work properly, which I would have realised had I done my research in advance. I just assumed it would be plug and play, no more complicated to set up than a CD player. I'm cursed when it comes to anything to do with wifi networks. It's purely personal preference. I don't intend to use streaming services, just play files I download from bandcamp. Using a phone or tablet to search and choose the album and press play is the extent of what I need. EDIT- OK, going to be a bit more patient and give the SBT a chance before abandoning it. Thanks for the input, got me to realise any mode of setting up digital playback is going to take a bit of effort to set up!
  7. Thanks for all the tips. I maybe wasn't specific enough about what I did and didn't want in my initial post, due to not knowing the correct terminology. But all appreciated. Cheers
  8. Thanks Decky. I also assumed this, but it turns out that not all players with USB input do this well. The SBT for example will play OK from a small flash drive or SD card, but not a large capacity SSD drive (eg 1TB). I also tried with a powered external HDD and the SBT did not like it at all. It should work in theory but the forums are full of similar frustrations and generally advise against using this method and recommend going by wifi network instead (which just wouldn't suit my situation). Bluesound's own help forum says the same thing for their player. Have you had better experience with the Oppo?
  9. No. I wanted to connect a large capacity external SSD via USB cable to the SBT and play files from that. Thanks though
  10. I know there must be an answer to this already posted but I can't find it. I thought this would be dead easy but none of the options I can see seem to support it. All I am looking for is a player that can play music files from an attached external SSD drive. That's all. I thought the Squeezebox could do it, but it can't. I thought a Bluesound would do it, but even their own help site advises against it. I don't want to mess around with networks, wi-fi etc. At the moment I plug my portable DAP into my amp and it works fine except obviously the storage capacity is limited. I'd like the same kind of thing but be able to have all my digital files stored on a large capacity SSD. Surely there's a device that does this simple thing well and reliably? With or without DAC is fine.
  11. I was lucky to get a Lehmann audio linear headphone amplifier through the SNA classifieds a few years ago. Couldn't be happier with it but it was quite an investment for those of us who need to plan and save for our audio purchases! It's a good point to consider re sound leakage. There is always going to be some leakage from open backed headphones- is your partner a heavy sleeper?! If that's a big consideration then closed back might be a good choice. EDIT- I meant to say, you might find this thread helpful: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/12-portable-audio-headphones-and-desktop-audio/
  12. The Beyerdynamic T90's cost a bit more but you may be able to find a used pair if you're patient. I sold the Sennheiser HD650s as I always chose the T90s over them. I use the T90 for all headphone listening now, except extremely well recorded/produced classical music where I will use Shure SRH 1440 (these are generally not well liked by alot of people but I find them exceptionally detailed). It may also depend what music you are listening to, your listening environment (at home or out and about?), preference for closed or open back, and what amplification you use?
  13. I'm in the minority, but World Gone Wrong is one of my most played Dylan albums. The world weary voice, the song choices, the slight distortion on parts of the guitar recording (intended or not). The whole 'straight to the point' feel. I hope there is a bootleg series of the sessions of this and Good As I Been to You at some stage (or is there already?).
  14. Great album, lyrics that keep me coming back 25 years later
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