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  1. so here are some of the measurements for the idler wheel for Commonwealth 12-b and 12-c.. Courtesy of a lovely gentleman i have approached on facebook! With very limited information and spare parts on these turntables, this may as well sit here for future generation use..
  2. would you put this on its own, or mix it with another oil?
  3. that other commonwealth thread is mine too i think, unless you are referring to another one? i like your rek-o-kut build too!
  4. I am already talking to Chris, nice guy, very helpful! main spindle bearing oil was old and grease like so i cleaned it and used singer sewing machine oil temporarily until i get the proper lubricant
  5. thank you so much for the info.. makes sense re-freeplay.. its also good to have this information logged here on stereonet for future generation use..
  6. wow thank you so much.... i know visually 12 b and 12 c idlers look same, but 12d seems different.. one on the left is from b or c, one on the right is d.. there is a little bearing on top of 12-c idler shaft and idler sits on top of it..
  7. Yes that would be the way to go if i cant find the specs.. from what i read, idler wheel size does not really make any difference to the speed of the turntable as long as it transfers the motor rotation to the rim, so couple of mm should not be an issue.. that said, i was searching the interwebs and found a lovely gentleman in QLD that has the same tt and he will be measuring the wheel and send me some drawings.. Same gentleman got one made by an engineer in Russia (pic below), but i prefer to keep my money in AU, so any recommendations for an engineering company/engineer that could mill this would be appreciated..
  8. I managed to get the motor working, weirdly even the light works.... some contact cleaner did the trick.. only thing i am missing is the idler wheel now (and the plinth, and the tonearm, and the phono stage, but its all part of fun isnt it?) Does anyone have 12b or 12 c where they can measure up the idler wheel for me by any chance? I have found some people that could build it for me, but need the measurements..
  9. when i said i got out, i didnt really mean i sold absolutely everything still have 2 systems although much cheaper.. i have phonar veritas speakers which are german made, and also some yamaha ns500m.. driving them with qsc amp driven directly from nad m51.. yes i need a pre and a phono...
  10. Just thinking.. i sold my expensive speakers amp, turntable etc as i am expecting my second kid, and haven't use my system lately.. however, out of the blue today i come across Commonwealth 12-c turntable at a deceased estate and i had to buy it.. i have kept all my records "just incase", and the fact that i found that Commonwealth today tells me that audio Gods wants me back in the game.... I now need to get this TT working, make a plinth, find a tonearm, and a phono stage.... I hope you all have a great Easter and keeping it safe! Keep those systems singing! J
  11. Hi Guys, Today i bought a Commonwealth 12-c turntable from a deceased estate. Gentleman was apparently an engineer for ABC, and kept this as a spare as It looks unused with its original box,..However, its missing the idler wheel. Does anyone have any experience getting these milled by someone or a company? Or anyone has spares sitting around willing to sell it? I am referring to below: I have only got it today, and briefly plugged it in, and it seems like the motor is not turning.. not sure if the motor is toast, or any other component, i will check.. If the motor is toast, do you guys know any motor winding people/company in Sydney? I will try to take some pictures and will post it back.. Thank you for your help! J
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