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  1. Sorry to revive an old thread... Just wondering how the ERV is performing? Is this your only form of ventilation for the sealed room? I also have a sealed music room that I don't want to have air conditioned, just mechanically ventilated with fresh air from the adjacent underhouse storage area. I was just planning to use flex duct and a quiet inline axial fan to exhaust the stuffy air but still reading through all the info on sound leakage issues. So does this ERV perform all the air ventilation you need? Is it quiet? The website also says you can supply air only (not the moisture) which is what i'd be interested in. Thanks.
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  3. SOLD: FS: Beyerdynamic DT250/80

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  4. Thanks for the rundown on wilton carpets! I agree its a beautiful product. Say the extra cost is double that of a standard carpet, I need to weigh up whether it's worthwhile to spend that on the carpet alone or on other treatments (that may be more effective and cheaper) instead.... hmmmm....
  5. Yes, I've no doubt that it's a quality heavy duty carpet, as the brand is aimed at the commercial hotel and pub markets. It's pretty thin, only about 10mm thick overall, but can't fault it's quality or feel. Just not sure if my little music pit is worthy of such quality, ha! I'm weighing up the options for absorptive panels on the walls and busily reading all the good info here on stereonet and elsewhere. It's a small room and I don't have much spare wallspace, and there's 3 doors too. I think i'll start a room build thread with some pics and pose some questions there. Here's my thread with pics and plans: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/126919-new-basement-music-and-noise-pit-getting-close-to-finishing-build-out/
  6. Pic of back of sample: Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  7. Well I now have a sample of a woven wilton carpet from brintons here at home with me. To my untrained eyes it doesn't appear or feel all that different to any other carpet. There was only one colour in the "bell twist" range that could work in my room. It looks acceptable, just waiting on the quote to then weigh up if the extra cost is worthwhile. Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks. It's a shame as I actually really liked one of the other Himalaya carpets. I've been in touch with Brintons and will be visiting a carpet store which stocks their range today, fingers crossed they have something that matches the room, i'm not so keen on all their patterns.
  9. This is the sample of a Himalaya carpet with green felt backing. But the hidden backing can be seen when folding the sample over on itself. I presume this would act as a reflective surface and therefore is not ideal? Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  10. Went to some independent carpet stores today and was met with a variety of bewilderment and confusion. One place made some calls to suppliers etc and Dunlop sell a 9mm recycled cotton underlay (https://www.dunlopflooring.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Refibre-Pad-Jan-13-Mail-Out-Flyer-low-res.pdf). The spec sheet I was given says 1kg/m2 so sounds like we're on the right track with the underlay. The woven backed carpets were more difficult to identify. None on display in any store so far. Himalaya brand did have some nice thick, almost shag like carpets with a felt backing. All different thicknesses, and materials. I liked this one http://www.himalayacarpets.com.au/product_post/momo/ Looked like there was a tight woven backing, then the felt backing. I took photos of the back of the samples and the primary backing weave, I'll try and post some pics tomorrow.
  11. I'm not trying to insulate (at least I don't think so). It's a concrete slab on ground, i'm trying to reduce reflections to the low flat ceiling. I'm trying to absorb as much as possible. The previous posts and links make sense about not having a glued, sealed back on the carpet (which most standard carpets do) because it reflects sounds and makes the underlay moot. Problem is when searching for these products online you mostly find products that are aimed at reducing noise transfer between floors.
  12. Thanks. any suggested retailers of said underlay or woven carpet?
  13. Reviving an old thread here as I just need a bit of guidance with all the carpet lingo. Thanks @ThirdDrawerDown for the above post, you seem like a master of carpets. I am confused about choosing the carpet type for my music/media room. It's a slab on ground and the ceiling height is only around 2100 so I'm looking for maximum sound absorption (not sound-proofing) without chewing up too much of the valuable vertical height, i.e. 40mm thickness of underlay and carpet is out of the question, 20-25mm max is ok. So I want an open-back carpet? and if so paired with an underlay without a seal? And a dense, thick pile with long fibre height? Where can I find these elusive carpets? Or what others are "close enough"? I'm in Brisbane. Cheers.
  14. Looking at treatment options for my soon to be completed room so will PM you notenoughtime