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  1. Hi. The amp is sold pending shipping confirmation and payment. Will update post once confirmed. I will also donate $30 to Stereonet
  2. Item: Rotel 1582 - 2x200w Location: Perth Price: $700 ONO or trade for a subwoofer Item Condition: Very good. Small scratches on top of amp Reason for selling: Don't use it Payment Method: Cash or direct deposit Extra Info: I bought this Amp from Encel (demo unit) 6 years ago. It has been sitting in my office for the last 3-4 years since purchasing a Plinius SA-201 from this forum. I am also interested in trading for an 8-10" Subwoofer to compliment my B&W 685 S2 bookshelf. I still have the original box so can post (at buyers expense) if required. Pictures:
  3. Would you post? If so, what would the cost be, please? Al
  4. Postage is a killer. I'll leave it thanks GLWS
  5. What's the model number of the wired keyboard and freight cost to Perth, please?
  6. Can't you claim it on your home insurance? If not, find out how much kidneys are selling for. I'm sure your son(s) will be happy to sell one to pay for the repairs.
  7. Awesome buy. I have the 65 inch version of this and I still believe the picture is better than most (if not all) LCDs on the market today, esp for sport. Shame you aren't in Perth. Good luck with the sale.
  8. I too have listened to these many times. I helped him pick them up - bloody heavy! They sound awesome with the Plinius amp. If I had the room (and spare money) I too would have bought them but am more than happy with my CM10s. I can vouch for Tony. He used to be my neighbour until he built his new house which now nurtures his amazing setup. Good luck with the sale mate.
  9. What would the postage to Perth be please? Post code 6149
  10. Registering interest. Can you give me an idea on postage to Perth (postcode - 6149) please. Thanks
  11. I bought one of these for my wife when they first came out. Average camera until they updated the firmware (very slow focusing was the issue). Now the thing flies. It's a lot easier to take this with us than my full sized slr (and my lenses fit her camera thanks to the adapter) and the results are terrific. Great camera at a great price. Grab yourself a bargain. You won't be disappointed. I know my wife and I aren't. Good luck
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