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  1. These M&D speakers are lovely. I had a pair too but sold them to a scandinavian chap in Africa when I moved back to Adelaide.
  2. Nice cables. I assume these are 1m? Perhaps on the box but I can't read it. GLWTS
  3. Welcome. Re PSUs for phono stage I haven't seen the modest priced one here but Sbooster is a good unit. If you can't demo, try the cheaper one first and you shouldn't lose much if you then onsell? But I would listen as is for a few weeks first as the included power supply should be fine. This is especially so if the unit is new and normally takes time to be its best. Good luck
  4. Welcome. Great to have a new member prepared to make a contribution.
  5. Welcome. Plenty of experienced members here and often very good prices on used gear including phono. Enjoy the forums.
  6. Welcome Kyle. Hope the forums help you develop in this fine hobby.
  7. Further information: Purchased new from the US a few years ago when I had a US power board. Price is for each cord. They present as new. Australian RRP is $1019 each. If both purchased together will include insured courier. I have donated $1500 to SNA including $100 this week. Photos:
  8. Further information: Imported these to use with a California Labs CD player based on synergy. But they are very fine cables that work well with a range of gear. Directional with high quality locking plugs. I have no current use for 0.5m RCAs so am listing some. Will courier with insurance for interstaters. I donate regularly to SNA and this week's $100 takes the total to $1500. Photos:
  9. Further information: Bought these last year via Audiogon to use between Krell units and they are in first rate condition. RRP was over US$1000 but hard to get. Recently bought some new Purist Audio 1.5m CAST cables (RRP A$3000) that I prefer in my system so the Krells are for sale. Will send with insured courier. I regularly donate to SNA: $100 of total $1500 donated was this week. Photos:
  10. Further information: Purchased these from SNA Eagleeyes a couple of years ago. Some wear consistent with use including shrink wrap and lettering but overall very good. Nice neutral cable I used to good effect with NAIM pre/dac just sold. Will send by insured courier. I donate regularly to SNA and $100 of the total $1500 was this week. Photos:
  11. Further information: Bought this new from the US a few years ago when starting to get back into vinyl. Soon after, I bought a Nottingham Analogue rig with integrated cable so this has sat in its box since. Current RRP is US$855 plus import costs. Note this is optimised for moving magnet cartridges and has RCAs and a spade earth wire at each end. Insured courier included. I regularly donate to SNA and $100 of my $1500 in donations was made this week. Photos:
  12. Further information: Purchased when 2 metres seemed to be required but 1.5m turned out to be ok so never used. Current model with $700 RRP with more information online. Will include courier with insurance. I have donated $1500 to SNA including $100 this week. Photos:
  13. Further information: as purchased except the residual bits of old velcro tape have been removed. Will include a large roll of double sided wide velcro tape and the araldite that was recommended for glueing to the foam backs. RRP is $600 for three and size of each is 595x595x64mm. I donate regularly to SNA. Local pickup only. Photos:
  14. Further information: MIT 2m AVT MA RCA interconnects - purchased these from a local hifi enthusiast in 2018 and have only used them once to try. They are excellent cables at RRP US$1598 for a 2m pair. My system is now simplified and also uses CAST and balanced XLRs so I don’t need extra RCA cables and so these are for sale. I donate regularly to SNA. Photos:
  15. Further information: Purchased from Len Wallis a few months ago for a bedroom headphone system. Have tried FM with a telescopic aerial (included) and it works ok but we are in a FM blackspot but can't use an external aerial. Internet radio and DAC are excellent but I don't need the DAC using my Focal Arche. Haven't tried streaming but Tidal etc are covered in the excellent reviews (via NAIM ipad or iphone app) and manufacturer's website details. Doesn't have Blutooth (not that I would use it) and is not 'Roon ready'. I haven't used the NAIM since trying it so it is now for sale. Comes with ful
  16. The Iraklis is a stereo power amplifier and $1000 is an excellent price if reliability issues have already been addressed
  17. Would it be possible to get the model numbers and photos of the rear of the units? Does the pre have a phono stage? Many thanks
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