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  1. Further information: This has been my preferred CD player for some time now. Despite recently purchasing the much more expensive Esoteric P-03 & D-03 combination which has SACD, in many ways I prefer the EMC-1 UP which is red book only, especially its extraordinary powerful bottom end and valve like midrange and top. All my main system electronics are otherwise Electrocompaniet but I don't have room for another top loader so it is not being used. It comes with remote, the $800 spider clamp option and original manuals. Also a new spare display (Rockeater got the last one from the Norwegian factory for me for about $117) because the original one is dimming a little. No original box and very heavy so I would very much prefer a local Adelaide sale. But the mechanism does lock down for transport so it is possible to pack well and send interstate. Below are some key links including manufacturer's page, enthusiastic reviews and secondhand prices. This Mk1 UP (updampling) model is frequently regarded as the pick of the series and the HiFiShark prices with Spider clamp (PLN 10,000, PLN 9,500, RUB 200,000 and CZK 55,000) convert to between A$3,559 and A$4,353 as of today and on top of that GST, import duty/clearance and insured courier would add around A$1000. It won't break my heart to keep it but the opportunity is there for anyone who knows how good this model is. https://electrocompaniet.com/products/emc-1-up https://positive-feedback.com/Issue47/emc1.htm https://positive-feedback.com/Issue51/Electrocompaniet.htm https://hometheaterreview.com/electrocompaniet-emc-1up-cd-player-reviewed/ http://audioakt.no/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=193 https://www.hifishark.com/model/electrocompaniet-emc-1-up Photos:
  2. I had a pair sone years back and this is exceptional value for money
  3. I love my 927be 25th anniversary floorstanders so am certain these will be great. GLWTS
  4. I have had three parties expressing interest but no-one has pulled the trigger yet so this is still available
  5. Thank you Steve and Roman and Chris for the support.
  6. I am seeking to sell the Cary at a pretty reasonable price not the Esoterics. While both are very good, at 5× RRP I prefer the P-03 & D-03 that cost me $10k plus cables. Am using a clocking cable between them and two 110 ohm XLR data connectors and then run balanced (trying different cables) to my EC 4.8 and EC mono blocks. Good Cardas power cables throughout. But unless someone has a cheap spare Esoteric G-0 master clock that will be a step too far!
  7. Great little units - I love mine in a second system - linear power makes a big difference too. GLWTS
  8. Further information: Price dropped from $1100. Includes remote and will be well packaged with free insured courier for an interstate purchaser. I preferred this EC pre to a number of others (EC and more exotic) I have used with my EC 180 mono block power amplifiers. It has only one single ended (RCA) input and one balanced (XLR) input selectable by a push button on the front which keeps the electronics inside very straightforward. But if you don't want to use balanced, you can use adaptors to get two RCA inputs. Photos:
  9. Further information: I bought this on SNA for an upstairs system but due to WAF they have not been used. I have correct size but not original box to ship. The pictured preamp has been sold. The upgraded S300 power amplifier (150W pc dual mono balanced and single ended) is superb, see original ad for details: Photos:
  10. Further information: I purchased his excellent integrated amplifier with remote locally from Ratbob because $1100 was such a bargain and I had never tried a Krell at home. But with several more expensive options it isn't really going to be used much so it is up for sale with a discount and free insured courier to mainland capitals. Ratbob is an excellent chap and his original ad has all the detail including photos (it is currently re-boxed as shown): Photos:
  11. Further information: This is an excellent multi-DAC balanced and single ended SACD/HDCD/CD/DAC machine that retailed for about A$10k. It comes with original remote, manual and double boxing. It is 240V (box states 117V but it isn't) and works flawlessly with SACD, HDCD and CD disks and as a DAC (I used it for Aria and Antipodes NAS units) and sounds excellent. The only negatives are some mechanical transformer hum audible when no music is playing (I didn't try to open it up and tighten the mounting and in Adelaide don't have access to Rockeater's Perth service capability) and a scratch on the left of the facia that looks much worse in the pictures than when in a rack. Eagleeyes tempted me with his Esoteric P-03 and D-03 combo (RRP was close to A$50k) which is why this is now for sale. The original ad is below - while it states $2k ono vendor required $2k so I am discounting and including insured courier to major capitals (if you are in Adelaide I can knock off the equivalent amount). Many great reviews such as John Atkinson in Stereophile: https://www.stereophile.com/hirezplayers/1108cary/index.html and Ultra Audio: https://www.ultraaudio.com/equipment/caryaudio_306_sacd.htm and Absolute Sound: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/cary-cd-306-cdsacd-player/ I had one SNA question about the laser (which is fine) but for peace of mind you can get a complete new laser and assembly on ebay for less than A$60 plus postage: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-OPTICAL-LASER-LENS-MECHANISM-for-Cary-Audio-SACD-player-306-SACD-Pro/360958417603 Photos:
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