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  1. Excellent opportunity for high quality amplification potentially with the $1100 W4S pre just advertised. If only I had more space...
  2. That new big black box is deceptively heavy. Good to hear the initial thoughts. Look forward to the next instalment on due course
  3. Thanks Dave. I will get back to Perth in 2021 once Covid allows. Still doing part time PhD at ECU. Roman will have a GTG when I am over. Take care, Kym
  4. I look forward to the next instalment. I hope 2021 is a better year for you both and Sharon's health in particular. I will hear one of these on Saturday at the Coates wines GTG. Best wishes, Kym
  5. Further information: This is an excellent Australian delivered unit with original booklet and recently changed battery (will include instructions for this and the special cable to reset the BIOS which I discovered is quite simple using a monitor with VGA input and a USB keyboard). RRP was $10,580. I preferred it to Aurender and Antipodes DX that I bought to try and in fact liked this first gen Aria so much that I bought an Aria II and recently had a separate LPSU made in the Spanish factory. Very easy to operate with free Aria app (I have it on my android phone and iPad min
  6. Further information: Purchased new earlier this year when still had Electrocompaniet mono blocks and 1.5m was plenty. Very good and only about 20 hours use so should further improve. Original packaging and no signs of any wear. Note this is the current version. Will be sent by insured courier included in the price. Photos:
  7. Thanks to all for the interst, this is now sold and paid for pending bank clearance
  8. I already have three interested parties so expect this will be sold soon.
  9. Further information: Great little unit that takes up to 10 plugs (6 universal including AUS plus 4 US only) and comfortably powered my EC mono blocks and other gear drawing well below 15A without any noticeable impact on the sound. Hardly worth selling at the price but buyer will be happy. Insured courier included. Photos:
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