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  1. Welcome David. You have set an interesting challenge to play back LPs the way they sound in your memory as there can be so many non-hifi factors involved. But there is plenty of local wisdom on LP playback. All the best
  2. Welcome. I can attest that the SA SNA crew are great - knowledgable and helpful
  3. Greetings. Plenty of challenges there that I hope will be fun for you to resolve. You might be able to do an EOI on exchanging the Linn for a good SL1200 depending on relative value. Heaps of great deals on SNA for the other kit. Maybe work out the room you will use (perhaps with a rug), then choose speakers that suit your taste to work in it and then look at electronics and cables? Sometimes there are compelling 'package deals' by members too. You could list a WTB and your price limit and see what emerges, especially locally so you can hear it first. All the best
  4. Welcome. I am sure you will have plenty to contribute with respect to synergy and equipment that is not over-hyped.
  5. Buy with confidence from this respected and careful gentleman of HiFi. Good luck Dave re the possible 'end game' speakers as they should be wonderful. Inevitably you will speculate on how your former electronics may have synergised with them...
  6. I have fond memories of the black 2+2s I had in a work system at the start of the 1990s. GLWTS
  7. Just saw this as I don't usually monitor posts but respond to messages. I am prepared to consider splitting at a reasonable price. Just send me a PM.
  8. Just on an aircraft for a few hours if anyone is seeking further detail.
  9. Item: Devialet Expert 440 Pro Core Location: Adelaide Price: $11300 firm Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: too much great stuff Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal with any fees, Bank deposit Extra Info: I bought this wonderful kit because I wanted to try Devialet at a reasonable price (RRP close to $30k). It is really excellent as a musical and low distortion high power dual mono amplifier with inbuilt DAC, streaming and almost infinitely adjustable phono stage. I used all features bar streaming and was very impressed. The SAM technology takes speakers on the SAM list to a new level of bass extension and control but having sold my Magicos none of my 4 pairs are. It also seems I am not ready yet for minimalism and like older gear like Metaxas despite no remote and have just invested further in Electrocompaniet. I bought the 440 from the first owner who has provided detail of the amps in his original ad below. Full packaging, remote etc and a couple of years of transferable warranty left. Apart from my finger marks, the only thing to note are a few light scratches on the removable back plates that cover the terminals. Happy to demo if you are in Adelaide. Photos:
  10. Not a simple question to answer. The 4.5 (and presumably 4.6) work better with 180Ms than the 3 series preamps. One 3 I had worked even better with an AW100 than the other - goodness knows why. But they had bass bloat with 180s. 4.5 is less coloured than 3s but sometimes the extra warmth is nice. The 4.7 wasn't as good as 4.5 with 180s but 4.7 was better with AW120. All this is of course with my rooms/taste/cables. I am looking forward to the 4.8
  11. I would have bought the Pre2P back if I hadn't indulged in a lot of other gear very recently. GLWTS
  12. Yes I owned a couple of 3s and an early 4 and then the 4.7 and much prefer the 4.5 to 4.7 with my 180Ms. Of course, I hope 4.8 is better still
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