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  1. Item: CAST cable pair Price Range: $250-$1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Having purchased a Krell FBI amplifier and Krell Evo 505 SACD from esteemed members I now need a CAST cable to connect them (ie Lemo 4 pin FGG.1B connectors at each end). At least a 1m pair is required but 1.5m would be nice and 2m fine. Krell's own are ok but flasher ones by Nordost, Purist Audio etc are more expensive and apparently better. If no luck, I will buy the Lemo plugs from RS and get AudioGD or a friendly local tech to make some. Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  2. Mystery solved. It didn't come to me in the original.box.
  3. Further information: DigiBit Aria 2TB SSD NAS with LPSU Excellent Australian unit with original booklet and recently changed battery (will include instructions for this and the special cable to reset the BIOS which I discivered is quite simple using a monitor with VGA input and a USB keyboard). RRP was $10,580. Purchased from SNA Eagleeyes in March 2020: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/303575-sold-digibit-aria-music-server-2tb-ssd-and%C2%A0lpsu-ripper-and-streamer/ and there is more detail in that ad. I preferred it to Aurender and Antipodes DX that I bought to try and in fact liked this first gen Aria so much that I bought an Aria II and recently had a separate LPSU made in the Spanish factory. Very easy to operate with free Aria app (I have it on my android phone and iPad mini). It is very musical and seems to remove digital harshness from ripped CDs without loss of resolution. I have used it in my main system and with Focal headphone system as pictured. A couple of faint marks on top from rack or other kit but otherwise immaculate. I can't seem to find the original box but will be well packed regardless. Photos:
  4. I have original.packaging for the EC4.8 and will pack the AW180Ms well for those interstate
  5. I had one a few decades ago. Nice local pickup at the price
  6. Sure. Newer brown one $475 including postage. Older teal one $400 including postage.
  7. Further information: Two 1.5m power leads with US plugs. Both have Cardas Cross Power Cord stamped on them. Teal one is older and has Cardas grey wrapping at both ends stating 'custom hand terminated by the silent terminators'. Brown one is newer with rhodium plating on top of copper. Current Australian RRP $809 each (Addicted to Audio). Very good cables, I use Clear Beyond and Clear so these have been in the cable box for a while. Photos:
  8. I now have an offer on the D-03 so will accept $6500 for the P-03 with remote manual and triple boxing
  9. To sweeten the combo deal I will include a pair of 1m Electrocompaniet XLRs that work brilliantly between the preamp and mono blocks
  10. I have been asked about separating the P-03. Prefer not to do so but would accept $7000.
  11. In the absence of an offer on the 180Ms I would accept $4000 for the EC4.8
  12. I have had a couple of queries about selling the EC4.8 pre separately. If someone wanted the mono blocks I am prepared to split if I am not worse off but need the pre to demo the 180Ms. Mono blocks $5500 and EC4.8 $3500 plus buyers pay for insured couriers. However the combination is very good.
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