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  1. Now if only some JBL S4700 or array 1400's would POP up at these special prices! lol.
  2. I'm curious. What's your favourite full range bass driver and horn combo that's currently commercially available? I.e. 15inch and compression/waveguide.
  3. I can't say I believe in cable burn in. I believe this is psychoacoustic's at play. Happy to keep an open mind.
  4. I tested my new Oyaide class A vs a generic 2m cable tonight. I heard no difference between my generic USB cable and my new Oyaide Neo D+ Class A. I'm using an RME ADI 2, which uses Steady Clock FS for jitter rejection. Interestingly I have heard differences in SPDIF cables via the same dac. Obviously that's with my ears and system. Others may have different observations. If there are other RME ADI 2 users here, I would be interested to know if they hear differences between USB cables.
  5. I sold mine. I found it’s implementation had a high noise floor. Tube microphonics etc. I much prefer my RME ADI in my current system. My Firstwatt f7 adds nice smoothness and tone to the sound. I might be looking to a motu8 or okto dac8 yet, as I look to go active with roon.
  6. I previously had a TDA1541 crown dac. Identical to this: https://www.aussieaudiomart.com/details/649303106-tda1541a-dac-hifidiy-6n1p-valve-output-stage/images/1337488/
  7. Very impressive indeed. The Tymphany look like great drivers. Lots of positive reviews.... I guess on the right waveguide, they would sound great. Response is similar to the Celestion: The Celestion seems to have a pretty constant impedance. https://celestion.com/product/53/cdx11445/ Another option if the Faital 10ak, although better suited for 8-10inch drivers by user accounts. https://faitalpro.com/en/products/HF_Drivers/product_details/index.php?id=502010110
  8. Thanks for the reply. Appreciate the link. I have read that one. Hence my HF201 suggestion. Its good to know your having a positive time with the 15pr400, and HF108r pairing. I think the best way forward is to simply make a choice and jump in. Its a journey after all. FYI.... A few articles I have read, demonstrate the HF108r to have significant distortion around 1khz. Indicating it would be better suited at a 12-8inch woofer pairing. Which is why I was curious about the pairing. Looking at its distortion charts, distortion exponentially increases b
  9. I'm itching to make something similar. I'm really bummed about the waveguide being discontinued. Have you tried pairing both 1.4inch compression V's 1inch with the 15pr400? It would be my assumption a 1.4inch would work better? I.e. HF108r v's HF146? The HF201 looks great to: https://faitalpro.com/en/products/HF_Drivers/product_details/index.php?id=502030155 The new SB acoustic compression drivers also look great value: https://www.wagneronline.com.au/sb-audience-1-compression-driver-50w/sb-audience-range/sb-acoustics/speaker-dr
  10. Pickup preferred. Free to inspect. I had these for a garage music project that never eventuated. The speakers are unused, and have only been connected once for testing. One of the speakers has a small crack in the face of the plastic basket. This was incurred during a home move. I have taken a photo of the front and rear at the crack. It appears the crack has not gone through the basket. The grills are in as new condition, and come with original bags, and removable (if you prefer) rear white foam backing. No boxes. EAW CIS 4
  11. ISLINK DPA22 AMPLIFIER https://www.dueltek.com.au/products/digital-mini-power-amplifier-ptn RRP $329ex gst Key features of DPA-22 digital power amplifiers: Class D digital platform 2 x 20 watts (RMS) per channel @ 4 Ohms output 1 x 40 watts (RMS) @ 8 Ohms (Bridged output) 2 x Line Level inputs (1 x RCA and 1 x 3.5mm) 1 x Mic level input (with mix function) RS232 control IR and contact closure remote options Output switchable stereo/ mono/ bridged Line level output Separate power supply (included)
  12. Aris, Amazing. Can I please ask, what did the total bill for the CNC work and timber supply come to? The sharing of design would be extremely helpful for anyone considering this build.
  13. Understood. The end result will be amazing either way.
  14. Off topic? that's in the eye of the beholder. But I get where you are going. My last point in response to your comments: I agree its a build thread, but speaker design is more than just a bunch of drivers, caps, coils and timber. Troels has no doubt designed an amazing speaker, and controlled what he can (He is a genius). But one thing he cannot do, is know or control the listening space. Consideration of the room, and how acoustic energy arrives at the listener is hyper critical, everything is important. At the end of the day, we are just trying t
  15. I agree the design is great. But without room correction, you are missing out on many benefits. You can always EQ on the input for room - if needed.
  16. I'm confident enough to give it a try. , I'm fairly positive I can create some fun chaos, and a decent sounding speaker. Dangerously, I am armed with a measurement microphone and both REW/Smaart software for analysis. Having worked in pro audio for many years, I have a decent grasp of DSP, amps, crossover implementation, PEQ, phase and timing in the context of system design (not speaker design). But I do have some friends with excellent acoustic knowledge. Honestly, its just having the time to make the things (Kids and life). Deciding between a
  17. Also are you running an active dsp for crossover?
  18. I have been trying to locate some QSC clone waveguides. https://www.parts-express.com/b-52-phrn-1014-1-horn-10-x-14-bolt-on--299-2303 Not an easy task. They seem to be discontinued @ parts express. I would be very keen to hear about your impressions of the tympathy drivers.
  19. Thoughts? How does the waveguide perform? I am currently considering hf108r, de250, Cdx1746 compression drivers. h6512, and faital waveguides. Looking at using a faital 12pr300, augmented with 15inch subs.
  20. Have you considered an 8 pole speakon socket and plug? Easier still. For my last build, I simply passed a multicore speaker cable through the cabinet wall, and terminated drivers directly to my amplifier channels in the joinery. Provides flexibility for passive or active setups.
  21. Have you built Econowaves before? If so, how do they sound/perform for a music first system? I have heard JBL 4367's, and S4700's and many pro speakers from D&B, EAW, Meyer Sound etc.... I really like compression mids/HF's. I'm just just wondering how a diy Econowave would compare?! I am considering a DSP/DIY build using the following: - H615 wave guide - DE250 - Faital 12pr400 Probably using Powersoft Mezzo 604AD or QC 1204 DSP amps per side. https://www.powersoft.com/en/products/install-amps/quattrocanal
  22. So how do you find the 3WC-15's? I can see you are selling the MB2's... Were these the reason? I have been considering "The Loudspeaker", I like big and I enjoy the sound of compression drivers.
  23. If you keep the passive crossover external to the speaker, you could wired 3 pairs of posts. 1 set for each driver. This way you can go active or passive. I would personally use a 6-8 pole speakon connector, if you must have a termination. Cabinet: https://www.swamp.net.au/neutrik-8-pole-speakon-socket?awcp=223364331&awgp=15781060611&awkw=&awct=48330344811&awpl=&gclid=CjwKCAiAtK79BRAIEiwA4OskBhTXGEn1L8i6EBQCTPH9aSsl8XXW0zgBcSbFqNGqkrCJ-cBeS3eMKBoCBMQQAvD_BwE Plug: https://au.element14.com/neutrik/nl8fc/plug-speakon-8pol
  24. Did you find the crossover instructions difficult to follow? I'm a DSP guy, passive crossovers confuse me!
  25. I would happily run a 15inch drivers in a small room. 3.5m to 4 or so. I currently run 12's in 3x3.3m, no issues what so ever.
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