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  1. musicbee

    SOLD: SOLD: FS: Adelaide Speakers Valve Series

    Can I ask do you get good extension down to 30-40hz?
  2. musicbee

    SOLD: SOLD: FS: Adelaide Speakers Valve Series

    I believe Edward is using EGM 25mm soft dome tweeters now. Mounted in a custom flat faceplate. Apparently they provided provide results v's the ribbons he was using, and offer a flatter response than Scanspeak alternatives. Maybe this helps.
  3. musicbee

    FS: AARON Sub 240 (Dual 10" sub)

    Great sound for the coin. Agree with the prior comment.
  4. musicbee

    SOLD: Cambridge DAC 100

    sold pending confirmation
  5. musicbee

    SOLD: Cambridge DAC 100

    Item: Cambridge DAC 100, with original power supply Location: Bonbeach 3196 Price: $160 firm + delivery Item Condition: Only a few hours on it Reason for selling: Don't use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: As new, no box Pictures:
  6. Loving the pioneer n-70a I grabbed from you. You have lots of nice gear! GLWTS
  7. musicbee


    Your welcome A great converter. The Yellowtec Puc2 lite is a very good USB to Spdif/AES converter. GLWTS
  8. musicbee

    High Efficiency 3 way

    Thanks for everyones input
  9. musicbee

    High Efficiency 3 way

    My 3 ways are long gone. I am almost certain the mids sounded wrong because I got the enclosure incorrect.
  10. musicbee

    High Efficiency 3 way

    Thanks guys, I don't have measurements from my first build. I took them, but I lost the data. Few years back now. Thanks for your time. I like the Troels design, so not a bad place to start. Maybe I can convince the wife some JBL array 1400's, 3900's or 4367's are a good idea. lol
  11. musicbee

    High Efficiency 3 way

    Looking at the freq charts, I thought the DE250 had a better response?!
  12. musicbee

    High Efficiency 3 way

    I selected the mids for their frequency response and low mms. My primary concern is to design a speaker which can produce micro detail. I don't listen to music super loud. Most of my listening sessions are around 80 max 95 SPL. I'm just after an engaging, dynamic and transparent listen. I would also prefer not to employ a sub bass section. 30hz extension is ample for me. I just want the speaker to sound full with excellent bass impact, agility and weight. Paul and yourself mention measuring of axis, why is this important? How does it interplay with the selected baffle size and crossover point? Cheers Steve
  13. musicbee

    High Efficiency 3 way

    Thanks for the advice Paul. I guess I'm not trying to emulate the sound as such. Although a speaker which sounded like the JBL 4367 would be quite an accomplishment. I would however like to achieve a large, dynamic, efficient transparent sound. I just love the look of the JBL monitor range.... Thanks I'll check out the waveguides you have mentioned. This gentlemen subjectively ranked the Faital Pro LTH102 quite highly. https://speakerprojects.wordpress.com/2017/08/29/bc-de250-8-compression-driver-in-various-waveguides/
  14. musicbee

    High Efficiency 3 way

    Thanks for the advice..... I'll check out both drivers.
  15. musicbee

    High Efficiency 3 way

    Thanks for the advice. I have already decided the mylar version is the way to go. I'm keen to give the de250 a go. It gets some fantastic reviews. I'll check out the drivers you have mentioned.