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  1. Awesome streamer. Makes digital sound analogue.
  2. Hi all this unit is still available, no confirmed orders.
  3. Item: W4S Remedy (Reclocker) Location: Bonbeach 3196 Price: $420 Item Condition: As new, suit new buyer Reason for selling: My new DAC kicks arse, no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup preferred, Can ship at buyers expense https://wyred4sound.com/products/digital-converters/remedy-reclocker Good for sources which need some jitter reduction. Utilizes an incredible Femto-grade clock Superior jitter reduction (click for measurements) 96kHz output sampling frequency* Toslink and Coaxial digital inputs Toslink, Coaxial, BNC digital outputs (all active from any input) Digital inputs support up to 24/192kHz! Can be used to convert connections (optical in and coax out, etc) 9VDC power supply included 5 year warranty Note: works with 2-channel PCM signals only, not surround sound formats Pictures:
  4. Nice looking amp. I've always wanted to hear this implementation of Hypex modules.
  5. Hi all, I am currently looking to purchase a new passive preamp and mono block amp setup. I have been thoroughly researching Hypex amp solutions and various passive preamps such as Khozmo, Gold point, Hattor, etc. My research has enabled me to reduce my wish list to the following three Hypex implementations. I was hoping there may be a few Stereonet users who own or who have heard these particular NC500 Hypex amplifiers. It would be great to learn from their experience, and understand any learnings and/or opinions related to amplifier comparison or best pre amp matches. I.e: - Amp performance - Sound quality - Amp characteristics - Which pre amp they found worked best, passive / active etc Obviously there is much on the net and forums, but little to directly compare amplifiers. My ultimate goal is to have a setup which is detailed, dynamic and musical, with a slight tilt to smooth / warm. Headroom is always good. To provide some additional background, I am thinking of using the Hattor pre amp fitted with Takman resistors. This provides dual mono control for channel balance, remote capability and by all accounts a high quality attenuator. http://www.hattor.com/dualmono_preamp_the_big.html My front end is the awesome Pioneer N70a. Which is very analog sounding. Dynamic, detailed, quiet and the most jitter free source I have ever heard. - Connection will be via XLR balanced https://www.pioneer-audiovisual.eu/eu/products/n-70a I'm between speakers atm. But I have been using a set of vintage Phillips speakers., which sound pretty good. Running 12 inch dual magnet Vifa woofers, and vintage Phillips midrange domes and tweeters. They are quite revealing and offer an amazing 3D sound stage. Circa 92db efficient. My goal is to eventually fins some well priced JBL Array 1400's or 4367's . 1. Hattor Ultimate http://www.hattor.com/nc500_mono.html - RCA and XLR inputs - Custom copper terminals - Input Impedance 47k - Construction, board layout and connections look extremely professional and well designed. - Allows opamp rolling - Not many reviews on the web - 5 year warranty transferable) - More expensive than Nord or Apollon circa $2990 euro a pair...... Although Arek is offering me a great deal for a pair of monos and pre amp (http://www.hattor.com/dualmono_preamp_the_big.html) Which makes this deal very appealing. 2. Nord One Up SE MK2 https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-one-se-up-nc500mb-mkii-mono-block-single - This amplifier looks more cheaply made in direct comparison to the Hattor. - XLR input only - 1 year warranty?? - Been around for a while, brand seems well respected - Input impedance is 51k - Connections look like a DIY effort with crimp terminations rather than solder - This makes sense as the amplifier is priced more competitively V's the Hattor - The Nord NC500 Mk1 and 2 have received much praise among the HIFI crowd. Especially the MK2 revision with the RevD opamp stage. 3. Apollon NC800 SLM https://www.apollonaudio.com/hypex-nc500-monoblock-amplifier-apollon-audio-nc800-slm/ - The amplifier offers RCA and XLR connections - ETI binding posts - Input Impedance 47k - Connections look better thought out, and more professionally laid out v's the Nord - 2 year warranty - Allows opamp rolling - Output board similiar in form factor to allow easy upgrades, via revisions of board
  6. What compression driver is used? B&C De250?
  7. Item: 3x 3meter lengths of Kordz Master 2.4 biwire speaker cable (About 50mm over 3 meters per cable) Location: Bonbeach 3196 Price: $100 + Delivery charges ONO Item Condition: Used in good condition, ready for use or termination. High quality speaker cable Reason for selling: Don't use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (Buyer pays fees), COD Only. Can post at buyers expense in satchel. Extra Info: Cores are as follows: Red, with white dielectric Black, with white dielectric Red, with red dielectric Black, with black dielectric Speaker cable jacket encases speaker cores in a helix arrangement. Pictures:
  8. Hi Andy, At the time, I had a balanced mini DSP, connected to Powersoft and Marantz amplifiers with balanced (shielded) Belden XLR interconnects. I tried two or three pro level DSP's from Symetrix, Extron which were all noticeably & substantially quieter at idle. I really don't want this to turn into a minidsp discussion. Looking for feedback on the FA503 if possible. But I'm glad your 10x10 sounds great. Cheers
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Great to know the amplifiers are essentially the same. My concerns primarily relate to the DSP quality, SNR, and operational noise. So its good to know they are silent. I have prior experience with Mini DSP which I just don't rate. In my experience the DSP had noticeable operational background noise, which had nothing to do with signal and/or amplifier gain structure. When I compared MiniDSP to pro level gear such as QSYS, Symetrix, BSS there was an obvious and noticeable difference with operational self noise. Thanks again for your advice. If the above is all true, the Hypex FA503 amp plates seem like much better value than a standard NC400/500 power amplifier setup. You get DSP, active crossover and room correction capability all on board.... Even volume control, allowing you to by pass a pre amp stage.
  10. Hi all, I was hoping there may be some DIYers out there who could provide some feedback/advice... I am considering going active with a Hypex amplifier setup. During my research I discovered this little beauty: https://www.diyclassd.com/product/fusionamp-fa503/160 This unit has 3 amp channels, and DSP on board which is primarily customised by implementing biquad filters. I was originally considering using Nc400/Nc500 modules with a pro DSP (Symetrix/BSS/QSYS) but this solution looks far to appealing not to investigate. I am curious if anyone could provide feedback relating to: - Background operational noise (from DSP) - Sound quality of the amp plate vs NC400/500 ampllifiers - Performance over time - Subjective feedback from users Thanks. Steve
  11. Can I ask do you get good extension down to 30-40hz?
  12. I believe Edward is using EGM 25mm soft dome tweeters now. Mounted in a custom flat faceplate. Apparently they provided provide results v's the ribbons he was using, and offer a flatter response than Scanspeak alternatives. Maybe this helps.
  13. Great sound for the coin. Agree with the prior comment.
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