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  1. Thanks Rod, I appreciate your comments regarding the quality of this L.S 36.5. Regards Russ
  2. Thank you all for the participation & information. Especially with the tone arm options for me to research.
  3. Further information: For sale is this Modwright LS 36.5 line stage (pre amp). A high end unit used for digital & analogue playing. It requires an external phono stage for vinyl. The line stage being a combination solid state & tube valve. It is in great condition as early last year I flew this unit back home to the USA as Dan Wright agreed to service it for me. It has upgraded hard to find Reflector 6H30 tubes used mostly on reference equipment that I purchased separately & have 2 spare new ones if purchaser also wants them at fo
  4. For sale is this Modwright KWA 150 Signature Edition amplifier The KWA 150 is a monster power amp weighing in at 38kg & has ample power to drive any speaker system easily. Earlier this year the KWA 150 was serviced by my technician in Brisbane & confirmed healthy. The bias & DC offset were adjusted to Modwright specifications emailed by Dan Wright. This amp is in great condition & retails today for 13K, this is high end equipment that provides power & clarity. Some photos were taken by my technician during servicing, showing
  5. I have had a Lenco GL75 turntable rebuild project on the back burner & want to now reach out to affiliates that have performed this or have knowledge to share.. My main questions will be about tone arm placement etc but to begin I will need a very nice tone arm & plinth. My everyday turntable is a Linn Sondek with Ittok tone arm. Most people use SME or Rega for their projects but I would like to know what the really superb tone arms out there are? Also who is making really nice plinths for this model?
  6. Clansmen & women of course!
  7. Hello Stereonet clansmen. I am introducing myself. Russell from kingscliff NSW, hence username kngrus. I have been a member for many years & have found threads & forums very useful for my own research but until now have never posted or contributed any information. Thanks to all the stereo enthusiasts that have began forums & contributed information.
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