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  1. I am looking at many options, new, and what ever comes up second hand that floats my boat. There just happened to be a P2 and a STR pre 2nd hand for sale at the moment. If I buy separates rather then an integrated, I would rather buy the same brand, hoping for some type of math.
  2. That was my next question I did not ask. I am guessing when using HT bypass, that it bypasses the room correction, and uses the room correction from the home theatre amp
  3. Hi all i am looking at changing out my 2 channel amp, watching the classifieds daily plus looking new. I run a set of Paradigm Tributes for my front speakers, that also are my front speakers for my home theatre set up. I have come across an Anthem STR. Are these amps any good, I cannot seem to find much information on them here. and is there any real benefit to room correction for 2 channel. I am also looking at an Anthem P2 power amp, possibly a good match for my speakers, and some type of pre amp. thanks
  4. Hi all can anyone point me in the right direction. Looking for on line quotes for shipping amplifiers etc from Melbourne to Brisbane, however most that I search for on line have a limit to the weight of the package. Can anyone suggest a courier that can ship heavy amplifiers, that I can also do an on line quote
  5. Hi Betty Boop ever compared Elektra to a Rotel Power amp. They are roughly the same price, although the Elektra offers more power. I am in Qld with no local repairers a concern, but hey, how often do these things break.
  6. I get it, there’s watts, then there are watts, then there are watts, but how does a novice work this out. Then many people talk about high current amplifiers, which appears even harder to work out
  7. Thanks Andy, well said. I have been doing heaps of reading, and posted a few specific questions. I am looking to upgrade several pieces, but want to make sure I understand most things first. It’s not just the amps, many speakers only quote nominal, and do not quote minimal. but in the end, I think if I get a 5 channel power amp, all should be fine, just need to worry about my 2 channel stuff then your comment about the 8/4 ohm. If the power doubles, I am lead to believe that it is a higher current Amp. Without trying to get into the mathematics of things, I am lead to believe
  8. Hi all can someone explain speaker impedance to me please, especially how it relates to an amp. I have a Denon 3312 that has includes two impedance specs in the specifications 8ohm, and 6 Ohm does this mean the amp will not power 4ohm speakers? I have a mixed bag of speakers, bought for a purpose, ie, dipole speakers for the side wall, and thin speakers for the rear wall, not matching. My front three are matching though I also have several speakers some are 8 ohms normal others suggest 8 ohm normal, and 2.7 ohms minimal what does this
  9. How wide is your room. I use to have a pair of Mordaunt short with side facing woofers, I loved them, but they were sometimes hard to place, as you could not put them to close walls etc.
  10. I will probably go for a Marantz as I will buy a Marantz 4K AVR in the future. Also looking at Rotel and Elektra. Then decide on my 2 channel upgrades after that
  11. I am in a similar boat, but with a Cambridge 851a as my two channel amp which powers my front leakers for Home Theatre. I am chasing a solution for my centre, but am considering adding a 5 channel power amp to power the centre and four surrounds. I am just about to put a separate post up with a similar question, something like does a power amp really make much difference, especially for centre and surrounds. the Cambridge makes a massive difference to the fronts, for both music and for cinema, so I am guessing the power amp will have the same effect for the surrounds
  12. I mainly listen to rock, blues, soul, some r&b i have a set of Paradign Tributes 30th anniversary speakers, Paradigm Cc590 centre and a mixture of other speakers for 7 channel. Will one day move to ATMOS. Mt 2 channel amp also powers my fronts for home theatre, hence why a pre/ power might be a good option
  13. Wow - that is awesome. My next email was to Parasound trying to understand the difference between the A21 and A31. I asked Rotel a similar question. I am also looking at the option of 2 channel high power / current power amp + a 5 channel 100w / ch power amp, or a high powered integrated amp + may be a 5 channel, or even single, but was not sure they even existed.
  14. Can still buy the Arcam FMJ pre and power at good prices
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