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  1. Hi all, I have the above integrated amp. Was wondering with the fixed gain feature I can adjust the dB. Do I turn this to the max 0dB then set it. Then I adjust the volume on the AVR using the sound level meter to calibrate all speakers to be equal dB? I think reference is 75dB? My AVR is powering the centre and 2X rear speakers in a 5.1 setup. thanks, K.
  2. k3nnis888

    Speaker Setting on AVR

    Hi guys, just picked up a used Cambridge audio Azur 740A integrated amp with HT bypass. I also have a micromega minium amp which has processor mode but the micromega does not have any options of fixed gain etc just purely passes through. now the CA has dB gain, how do I know what value to set it at? do I need a sound level meter and measure it with my AVR’s test tones? If I put it at 0dB it’s louder than my avrs centre speaker and surrounds. My avr are driving those speakers. Thanks, K.
  3. k3nnis888

    Nad - T175 Vs T175 Hd - Question...

    Hi, im thinking of picking up a used t175HD with am200 and vm200 installed. Has the popping issue been fixed and also does it output 1080p@24hz ? Ie no up scaling or processing for blu rays. thanks, k.
  4. k3nnis888

    Speaker Setting on AVR

    thanks guys The amount of interconnects will cost me $$$$
  5. k3nnis888

    Speaker Setting on AVR

    Thanks. The MRX-710 will be too dear for me even used. Yep I understand the setup now for the HT bypass but what about with the Emotiva Processor connection to the Pioneer AVR?
  6. k3nnis888

    Speaker Setting on AVR

    Hi, I haven't arranged a replacement mic. I am actually thinking about getting a used Emotiva UMC-200 A/V processor. It has HDMI 1.4 which will give me 3D on my JVC X35 Projector. I plan to stay with 1080P for a while yet. How would one connect the emotiva processor and my integrated amp with HT bypass (to use it as a power amp for my front 2 main speakers) and Pioneer AVR SCLX-71? Am I right in saying, all HDMI sources goes to the emotiva, then FR and FL RCA's from emotiva 7.1 output to my integrated amp (HT bypass compatible) input, emotiva Subwoofer out goes to my powered subwoofer RCA, emotiva C, SL and SR output RCA's goes to Pioneer AVR's multi channel input (C,SL,SR)? Will this then make my Pioneer AVR as a power amp for C,SL,SR speakers? And my integrated as a Power amp for the main front speakers when watching movies? Thanks, K.
  7. k3nnis888

    Price check - Dacmagic

    How does this dacmagic with balanced outputs compare to a dacmagic plus?
  8. k3nnis888

    Banana plug on my integrated amp

    Ok thx. I bought a Cambridge audio Azur 740a with HT bypass on eBay for under $300. Hope it works out has 100W X 2. My current integrated amp is 2 X 40W. Hope it will help my b&w 684’s.
  9. k3nnis888

    JVC DLA-X5900

    I’m 110” 16:9 with a jvc x35 (same throw ratio as the x5900 I believe) at 3.55m. I’m 3.4m from screen seated. And it looks small now lol. I recommend getting as big a screen as possible my eyes are 38 years young
  10. k3nnis888

    Speaker Setting on AVR

    Thanks. Did not want to spend too much. Pioneer need to wait 6 weeks
  11. k3nnis888

    Speaker Setting on AVR

    Thanks yes on the pioneer crossover is at 80Hz. I lost the mic for MCACC
  12. Hi, I have a Pioneer SC-LX71 AVR. I have it in a 5.1 setup running DTS Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. I was wondering should I be running all my speakers as large or small? I have B&W 684S1 Fronts, B&W LCR600 Center, B&W M1 Satellite as rears and a B&W PV1 (Gen 1) subwoofer. I also run an integrated amp for my 2 channel in the same room and using HT Bypass when watching movies. Thanks, K.
  13. k3nnis888

    Banana plug on my integrated amp

    Thanks . I did not spend much time inspecting it. I will do tonight or tomorrow. With spades how do I know if I can use standard or wide spades?
  14. k3nnis888

    Banana plug on my integrated amp

    ok thanks for the info I'm trying to work out inside that binding post on the amp (pictured on my post) is there a separate plastic cap blocking banana plugs being inserted or the whole plastic cap was made narrow and there is no chance to put a banana plug in unless the whole binding post are replaced.