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  1. Ceiling Mount for JVC Projector

    Thanks. As long as it attaches to a pole I may get this one
  2. Ceiling Mount for JVC Projector

    Thanks for the reply. Can I still use the adjustable pole from peerless with the jvc plate?? Reason is I need to lower the projector as my ceilings are 2.75m high and I don’t like the 110” screen too high off the ground...
  3. Ceiling Mount for JVC Projector

    Thanks, I think it would be safer to get the UNV in that case, as you mention it fits the JVC's too I actually already have this: https://www.amazon.com.au/PEERLESS-INDUSTRIES-ACC570-Peerless-Structural/dp/B000BITSTA/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1520483283&sr=8-13&keywords=Peerless+ceiling I bought it because that's the only way I can attach a pole to the ceiling with the PRG-UNV?
  4. Hi All, I have a X35 on a coffee table at the moment and want to mount in ceiling. I think I will go for the peerless prg unv from bh photo. I will also get a 9"-12" adjustable pole. But:- Whats the difference with this square plate https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/766282-REG/Peerless_Industries_PRG_JVC_DLA_Precision_Gear_Projector_Mount.html And this one here? https://www.amazon.com.au/PEERLESS-INDUSTRIES-ACC570-Peerless-Structural/dp/B000BITSTA/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1520483283&sr=8-13&keywords=Peerless+ceiling Does it matter which one I use? Thanks, K.
  5. HD Fury Vertex

    Ok thanks. Makes sense
  6. HD Fury Vertex

    Thanks. Yes my avr is hdmi 1.4. What will the vertex gain in this case? No eshift with my PJ. I just heard best I can do is 4K UHD disks will display at 4:4:4 1080P??
  7. HD Fury Vertex

    Hi All, I have a JVC X35 which is only a 1080P 1.4 HDMI projector. My aim is to get best possible picture quality from a UHD Blu ray disk. Is there any use for me to buy the vertex? Will it give me a better picture compared to a native 1080P blu ray disk? Or even playing back via a media player that supports remux 4k HDR file. Or does getting an Oppo 203 or panasonic UB900 do the same thing as the vertex in my scenario? Thanks, K.
  8. Installers in Sydney.

    Thanks. Looks like a peerless mount. Did you get that supplied from mr av?
  9. Did I go too big?

    I’ve got a Samsung mu6100 75” and sit 3.1m away from eyes to screen. Looks small lol.
  10. Installers in Sydney.

    Thanks. I am guessing a peerless projector mount? My ceiling is already up , wouldn't it be a big job to run atmos ceiling speakers now? Have you got a pic of your setup?
  11. Installers in Sydney.

    Thanks. My HDMI cable has already been run to the ceiling and comes out of a brush plate. I can change the HDMI cable next time as there is a conduit for it. Definitely no ATMOS for me. Room is only 4mX3.3m. Can I ask how does MrAV or any competent AV installer mount projectors to the ceiling? Assuming a gyprocked ceiling. Do they use stud finders or do they cut a hole etc and then patch it back? Sorry if this sounds silly. Also what ceiling mount did you get for your JVC? Cheers, K.
  12. Installers in Sydney.

    Thanks. Checked out MRAV online as well. Will compare the 2. Did you get both to install JVC projectors for you in the past? Is your ceiling gyprock?
  13. Installers in Sydney.

    OK thanks. I came across universal home theater , wondering if anyone used them before?
  14. Hi all, anyone here have any recommendations for projector and projector screen installers in Sydney? Need someone that is good and have experience in installing jvc projectors. i also have a fixed screen that needs mounting. The walls are gyprock and the ceiling I did ask the builder to place some timber up there but hopefully it’s in the right spot! im looking to buy the projector mount myself like the peerless prg unv. the spot that I want to mount the projector on the ceiling is pretty much right above the seating position, I’m hoping it won’t drop! Thanks, K.
  15. Thanks. Yep I have the X35 as well.