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  1. Oh ok my wall is 3.4m and I placed a 110” 16:9 fixed screen. Sit about 3.4m away. Feels fine.
  2. k3nnis888

    HT pass through integrated amp

    Hi quark, the passthrough worked ! I’m surprised this 12 year old intergrated amp has this feature. Now gonna rest my luck re phono stage Thanks, K.
  3. k3nnis888

    HT pass through integrated amp

    It uses some type of special screw the enclosure so can’t open it lol. Will just go get a Rega planar 1 and test it out trying to work out if he performance pack is worth it or not for an extra $199.
  4. k3nnis888

    HT pass through integrated amp

    Thanks quark. Hope it doesn’t blow up lol. I will try now. Also will take off lid and have a look at the phono board. Cheers, K.
  5. k3nnis888

    HT pass through integrated amp

    Thanks quark. I will give it a try. How do I know if the working as intended?:) also so how do I know if mine comes with moving magnet phono stage built in? I’m researching online but conflicting reports.
  6. Hi all, I have a Micromega minion integrated amp. 40W X 2. I want to use this to drive my front L/R speakers when using my AVR for surround sound movies but also have the flexibility to use it for 2 channel music like a turntable or CD player. I have a 5.1 system. Will be B&W DM601S3 speakers. I have a pioneer SCLX71 AVR. How do do I find out if this amp has HT passthrough or unity gain? I looked in in the manual and it says AVP. But not sure what this means? Can someone shed some light with this ?:) would prefer to use HT passthrough if there is one instead of having to adjust the volume each time when I want to switch modes.
  7. k3nnis888

    TW9300 vs X5900

    Ok thanks al.
  8. k3nnis888

    TW9300 vs X5900

    Oh ok thanks. I will do it manually then is having an xrite i1 pro anygood for calibration ? My friend has one that I can borrow. He used it on his dell monitor.
  9. k3nnis888

    TW9300 vs X5900

    Is auto cal only available on jvc x7000 and above?
  10. k3nnis888

    Matching Speakers Question

    Thanks guys. I will give it a try. Putting it on the ikea cabinet is ok height wise or too low?
  11. k3nnis888

    Matching Speakers Question

    ok thanks. Will it cause a problem with mismatch? As my rears and center is M1
  12. Hi All, I currently have the B&W MT30 speaker package which consists of 5XM1 satellites and a PV1 Subwoofer which makes it 5.1 I am thinking to replace my front L/R with B&W DM601S3 bookshelves instead. Will this be of any benefit sound wise? Or don't bother? Or would it cost more negatives than positives due to speakers don't match. Thanks, K.
  13. k3nnis888

    Lens Cover for Entry Level JVC's

    Hi Guys, Would it be a bad idea if I upgrade to floorstanders or even put bookshelves on stands in the area marked red? i.e. in front of the cabinet but not in the way of the screen. And also leave my PV1 Subwoofer, B&W rears the same and center as well or might think of getting another center speaker. I have a pair of spare b&w DM601S3 bookshelves, was thinking to use it instead of collecting dust. http://www.hifi-review.com/150919-b-w-dm601-s3.html Either place these on stands or just put it on top of my cabinet. Thoughts? Thanks, K.