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  1. Great thanks. I pay $39 a month for sports HD iq3 cable. When they can’t keep me at this pricing anymore I guess I will go with kayo.... may miss the recording feature of the iq3 though.
  2. I have Foxtel iq3 HD. Are the sports channels as good as Foxtel iq3 HD quality?
  3. Thanks guys hopefully a nice used one come up for sale
  4. Thanks. Are NAD AVR’s better for stereo compared to others?
  5. Hi Guys, Are these 8000 series marantz preamps as good if not better than say a mid range stereo pre amp (or even a mid range integrated amp) for stereo? Thanks. K.
  6. Hi Allan, i have the jvc X35 and I have it at the extreme vertical shift and don’t notice any issues. Cheers, K.
  7. Hi all, Was wondering if someone can clarify for me how this works. I have a NAD avr with a 5.1 setup. I also have a Cambridge audio Azur 740a integrated amp. The CA has a fixed gain feature where I can set the dB volume for a particular input. Then volume control will be done on the NAD for HT duties. My question is how do I know what gain to fix on the CA? To match up with my centre and rears that the NAD powers? Thanks, K.
  8. I'm waiting for people to sell their X7xxx/X9xxx to replace my X35 ....
  9. Thanks the nx9 would be perfect optics wise for my 110” setup lol. 100% vertical shift!!! And also is a shorter throw compared to the n5 and n7 and also my x35. Problem is the $$$ lol
  10. Oh ok what screen size is your setup and how far do you sit from screen?
  11. Thanks. Hmm will be touch and go for me. Is the lens shift the same as the X series?
  12. wow massive. It looks like the NX series requires a slightly longer throw and unless I change my 100" screen I won't be able to fill it as my X35 is already mounted as far back as possible. How much deeper is the NX compared to the X series?
  13. Yep ! No way my wife would let me upgrade to N7. X7000/X7900 at best. But the X35 would need to be dead first lol
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