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  1. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    What screen size do you have woofer?
  2. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    how much did you pay for it?:)
  3. Hi All, Can someone recommend me a reliable and good cctv installer in Sydney? Say hikvision IP cameras and NVR. 4 Channel. My new home is already pre wired with Cat6 for the cameras and terminating on level 1 leisure area where the tv is. Thanks, K.
  4. Dilemma with 110" projector screen

    Thanks guys. I was asking because I saw a new LP Morgan 110” plana U for $560 new. With flocked velvet frame.
  5. Dilemma with 110" projector screen

    Quark: I found the screen I have. It's this? A keeper? http://web.archive.org/web/20140325152858/http://www.thecableconnection.com.au/110-TCC-169-Fixed-Frame-projector-screen.html
  6. Dilemma with 110" projector screen

    Ok thanks. Are they in the same quality range as an elite screen or Grandview?
  7. Dilemma with 110" projector screen

    Ok thanks. Are they rebadged of something? Like a showtime screen or not quite the same
  8. Dilemma with 110" projector screen

    Thanks quark. I have a b&w pv1 sub which is front and rear ported. Hmm might move the screen? Haha. When I upgrade to a 4k projector will my screen me suitable? That’s my concern.
  9. Dilemma with 110" projector screen

    ok thanks. The mounting instructions only have 2 brackets with 2 screws each bracket. and both brackets goes on left and right side. And the screen frame just hangs off this bracket like a picture frame. Will this be stable? I would have thought there will be brackets at the bottom left and right as well?
  10. Home theater installation

    Anyone can recommend a sydney installer for JVC projectors and also installing/assembling a fixed screen? I already have the projector, ceiling mount. The mount is a peerless PRG-UNV, also have the extension fixed pole and the ceiling bracket.
  11. Hi All, I purchased a used JVC X35BE recently. It came with a used TCC (the cable connection) 110" fixed16:9 with flocked velvet frame. It's a 1.1 gain white screen. My throw distance is at 3.3m or so. Question is, should I be getting a screen technics matrix white 1.1gain or elite or something better since for a screen after you hang it you won't upgrade it for a long time if ever. I will just use the TCC screen if you tell me I won't see any difference? Cheers, K.
  12. Thanks. Just need to make sure there is enough clearance from bottom of screen and beanbag viewer how far does your bottom of screen sit from the floor? My ceilings are 2.75m
  13. Thanks Dylan. I was thinking maybe get like a 2.5 recliner where the left and right ones recline and middle doesn’t and is narrower. The 2.5m wide couch seems a tight fit if I want adequate walking space from entrance. Still undecided. I wonder if I will have room to stick a beanbag in front of the couch.... dylan: how far from the floor does the bottom of your screen sit?