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  1. That is a series connection which for two 8 ohm speakers will give a total impedance of 16 ohms
  2. Fastfwd, the link you posted is for B&W 686 s2 speakers. The OP is selling B&W 685 s2 speakers. Price for these is $849 on the linked website.
  3. I love my Golf, and nothing has ever gone wrong. Every brand (even Toyotas) break down sometimes.
  4. No, It is not a dust cap. It is the tweeter's diaphragm which vibrates to create the sound, so be careful!
  5. Hey Tubularbells, I'll take that headphone stand off your hands if you can be bothered shipping to Qld. I'll pay the postage of course.
  6. They are both HTM61s. The one with the two yellow drivers is the old model. The other is series 2.
  7. What did you end up getting? I'm thinking of upgrading my LS50s stands.
  8. I saw some Norstone stands at the Domayne store in Bundall. I believe they were Stylum 2 which are about 60cm tall. I didn't get their price but I think rrp is just over $200. When I saw them I thought they would suit my LS50s.
  9. Try denon poa-6600a instead of denon poa-66ooa (the o's are numbers not letters)
  10. Thanks al that gives me a few options to look out for.
  11. Any recommendations for a suitable integrated with HT bypass?
  12. I'm considering adding a power amplifier such as a Rotel RB-1562 to handle the front left and right channels of my 5 channel set up. Receiver is a Denon AVR-1313 and front pair of speakers would be either Kef LS50 or Dynaudio Excite X12. Would this be a worthwhile upgrade or should I head in a different direction?
  13. I think they might be the earlier version
  14. I'd say that the Kogans are grey imports which will mean Sennheiser will not honour any warranty claims.
  15. I have found the method below worked for removing white marks from a timber table. Iron Method You Will Need: Cotton cloth (a white t-shirt works well) Iron Steps to Remove the Watermark: Preheat the iron to a warm setting (start lower and work your way up as starting with too much heat can lead to additional damage). Place the cotton cloth over the marked area. Move the iron over the cotton cloth WITH steam. Keep the iron moving at all times to avoid applying too much heat in one spot. Repeat until the mark is removed.
  16. I wouldn't include the AKG Q701 as a 'lifestyle' headphone. It is an open design not suitable for portable use unlike the others listed.
  17. Don't forget to budget for the hard drives as they are not included. Also see http://www.synology.com/en-global/support/faq/392 For a list of Synology verified compatible USB DACs
  18. My NAS is a DS212j with 2 x one terabyte hard drives. I chose Western Digital Red drives as they are made specifically for NAS use. The two hard rives are set up in Raid 1 which means they are exact copies of each other which gives you a backup if a drive fails. The NAS is very quiet.
  19. I use a synology NAS to stream over my home network to both a Denon AVR 3313 and to an Apple Airport Express which is connected to a 2-channel amp. The NAS is also connected via USB to my headphone amp via a HRT microstreamer DAC. Interface is via iPhone/iPad DS Audio app which controls the Synology Audio Station software installed on the NAS. This setup works flawlessly for me and doesn't require an additional streamer. Obviously you don't want to use anything Apple but the DS Audio app is also available for Android devices so your setup could be: Synology NAS -> DAC -> Amp plus an Android phone or tablet for control
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