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  1. Jventer, Can you pick up from Burleigh Heads?
  2. Item: Vifa Subwoofer with Jaycar plate amp Location: Gold Coast Price: Free Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Not using Payment Method: Pickup - Free Extra Info: DIY subwoofer with Vifa M26WR woofer, Jaycar remote controlled plate amplifier in ported Jarrah timber veneer cabinet. In working order (including remote) except for two minor issues. Volume control crackles when used (may just need a clean) and power cord is missing (easy replacement). Dimensions (HWD): 560mm x 370mm x 470mm, Heavy Pick up only from Burleigh Heads Pictures:
  3. Can't be the dust cover. LS50s have coaxial drivers, hence no dust cover. It must be the alloy cone itself that is damaged.
  4. OK. That explains why your impression of the sound signature was so different from mine.
  5. Just had a look at Changstar and comments there agree with other reviews that the Oppos are slightly recessed at either end of the frequency spectrum. I would say this is the exact opposite of the U shaped sound you stated.
  6. This is the most inaccurate description of the PM1 sound that I have seen - pretty much the opposite of every review out there and of my own experience.
  7. Underrated: Everything I like Overrated: Everything you like
  8. I recently got a pair of HD239's and I believe the sound signature definitely improved over the first few days.
  9. The just released Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 do fold up to a more compact size. Also the ear cups are somewhat larger than the rather compact ear cups of the original which caused comfort issues for some users.
  10. I think the main difference between these units is the video transcoding capabilities. If you are careful about saving your videos in a format supported by your playback device this is irrelevant. Any of the three would be fine as a music streamer. My DS213j does a great job.
  11. Hi, Would you consider posting to Burleigh Heads, Qld? Regards, Bruce
  12. Sonically very similar if not identical. Colour schemes are different and removable cable on K702.
  13. Watched an episode of Marco Polo in 4K today. No problem running 4K on Optus ADSL 2+ with a download speed of 14.2 Mbps. Buffered for maybe 10 seconds then started and ran perfectly. Picture was excellent. Very clear and natural. However, I couldn't compare directly to 1080 as I have not found a way to stream at less than the max available resolution. Not a lot of 4k content available yet. If that does not improve I will probably downgrade when the free trial expires and not pay the extra $3/month.
  14. I find that Samsung TVs in particular are set up poorly in showrooms, very garish colours and unnatural.
  15. Is there a comparison to be made between 4K video and Hi-Res audio? Apparently the eye can not detect the difference at normal viewing distances, yet who is going to state the same about the ear and HI-Res audio?
  16. Are you suggesting that FTA is better on a full HD TV than a 4K TV? If so, why?
  17. The TV with best picture quality for HD will probably happen to be a 4K set. Usually the sets with the best picture come loaded with features you may not need or want.
  18. You can't bypass the DAC in this unit. You can purchase separately a phono/analog input stage, but this contains an ADC that inputs a digital signal into the amp.
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