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  1. It is an airport express not an apple TV Cheers
  2. I'll just point out that your ad says 2010 but the box says 3010 and your stock photo is of a 'leather' finish rather than gloss black. Cheers
  3. I'd like to be part of this as well, if that is OK.
  4. Scam. I think those adds have been removed now.
  5. Not currently, but I think it they may have had a limited run in the past.
  6. Some of their products do have a black option if you check the Schiit website carefully. Pretty rare though...
  7. Checked the small print:: If your Import Order arrives in Australia and the customs value is greater than the ‘low value import threshold’ (currently AUD$1,000, subject to change at any time), you may be required to lodge a Customs Import Declaration and pay the relevant Taxes. For further information, please consult the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website at www.customs.gov.au.
  8. These appear to be a direct import so taxes will have to be added. Warranty might be a problem too
  9. I always shop for my $300,000 speakers on Gumtree
  10. KD49X7000E I was looking for an inexpensive TV for the kids playroom and bought the Hisense based on positive reviews of the N7 series but was disappointed with the performance (read later that the 50N7 uses a Chinese panel while the larger sets use a Samsung panel). Although I like the Sony much more than the Hisense, I prefer the picture on my older but higher range Sony KD55X8500B.
  11. I had one for a day or two. Picture washed out at any angle other than straight ahead. Sound distorted at volume levels when it really shouldn't. Couldn't find a setting that would give the correct aspect ratio when streaming form a NAS drive. Returned it and got a Sony instead. Much happier.
  12. Quite a lot of "Australia Tax" on KEFs. They sell for £800 in England. That's about AU$1400....
  13. I believe the rrp was originally $2000, but has crept up over the years maybe due to dropping Aussie dollar. I think Luc must be referring to second hand prices.
  14. Check out Yamaha WXC-50 pre-amplifier. Should do what you want, has a small footprint and costs $400-500.
  15. Looks similar to the HA1 remote. Poke a wire into the hole on the bottom end of the remote and the battery compartment pops out.
  16. Top plate dimensions? Also, is shipping possible?
  17. Focal make an ungrade kit specifically for Golf Mk6 http://www.focal.com/en/plug-play/321-ifvw-golf-6.html
  18. Sorry to go off topic, but what brand of stand are those?
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