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  1. I have no angst against Bose. The OP was looking for alternatives to Bose, so I put forward the Sony's which have been often been cited in reviews as being superior to the Bose (which are themselves top class NC performers). I also noted that some people have had reliability issues with the Bose, just as some people have apparently had issues with the earlier Sonys.
  2. I'm glad that Snoopy8 has had a successful experience with his Bose, however, just do a google search on it. Lots of complaints about about Bose NC headphones failing on one side.
  3. Sony WH-1000MX3 are said to be the best noise-cancellers available. The previous model WH-1000MX2 are pretty similar and you might pick some up a little cheaper. The Bose are good but I have read that their reliability is a bit suspect.
  4. I remember seeing an earlier thread on this topic. Have you tried searching for one?
  5. Gold 50 was the replacement for the GX50. Surface of the Gold 50 woofer has dimples kind of like a golf ball. GX50 woofer has radiating ridges. Gold 50 has a fabric grill while GX50 has a perforated metal grill. Otherwise they look the same. I don't know if they sound much different.
  6. Yamaha WXA-50 should do everything you want.
  7. I suspect the fact that LS50's come up for sale regularly is probably due to KEF selling a huge number of them in the first place.
  8. You are correct that low frequencies appear to be non directional, but the idea of using 2 subs is not to create a stereo effect but rather to smooth out peaks and nulls in the frequency response caused by the acoustics of the room.
  9. It is an airport express not an apple TV Cheers
  10. I'll just point out that your ad says 2010 but the box says 3010 and your stock photo is of a 'leather' finish rather than gloss black. Cheers
  11. I'd like to be part of this as well, if that is OK.
  12. Scam. I think those adds have been removed now.
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