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  1. Item: Fiio M11 Digital Audio Player Price Range: up to $400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  2. Mine is the same. I don't think it is a fault as I have seen it mentioned before in reviews. Oddly, the display is significantly brighter when you are looking down at it from an angle rather than from directly in front. I think it is just the way they are.
  3. From the manual: “Input Selector Switch 5 A toggle switch in the rear panel selects the type of input signal to use. Select the correct inputs to use with this flip switch. NOTE: You should choose only one method of analog connection from a source component to the amplifier. Do not connect both the RCA and XLR outputs of a source component to the same amplifier at the same time.“ This indicates that maybe you can't. Perhaps two different sources would be OK? I haven’t been game to try with my RB1552 mkII.
  4. Is the Sub 6 much different to the 18s from their pro line?
  5. Still on the hunt for a black Cambridge CXN...
  6. Item: Cambridge CXN V1 or V2 Price Range: Negotiable depending on model Item Condition: Excellent used condition Extra Info: Looking for a black unit to match my CXA80 and CXC. Thanks.
  7. Very flexible receiver with integrated network streamer (MusicCast, DNLA, AirPlay). GLWS
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