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  1. PM Sent...................... with intentions to purchase!
  2. The XS30 was about 5.27cft external so 4.27 internal or there abouts. Tom's designs were based (not solely) on using natural room gain in the low end to enhance most of that range of subs which is why when a basic simulation is run the graph is peaky like a mountain! Until you check the figures or overlay something similar then you realise.... You could always build them so the sub is facing down. Then you can build two cabs with one sub in each and have your coffee table as it won't bounce around. Tom had a sealed and ported version of these I'm sure in his line up? Doesn't the iNuke do 2ohm stereo per ch? Otherwise you do what I do with multiple subs and chain gang them via speaker wire outside there cabs to a single input to make up your 4ohm.....
  3. That's all the info Troy. I realised Power and xmax were missing. From my research and talking with the US PSA lads that this specific driver has a 380w power handling and xmax they say is 25mm which I don't doubt but I've kept it at 22mm in my sim which you can change. It will effect xmech (no biggy) and Vd (piston displacement at xmax). Anyway, hope that helps and if any advanced people could chime in for sim advice that would be great.... I'd like a low freq tapped horn myself with these drivers but don't understand the horn software very well! Bassbox is easier....
  4. @Troyus_ I've got the T/S Parameters for these subs if you want (I used DATS) so PM myself, jamiebosco also on here has them now or email/call Peter from DeepHZ as I emailed the specs to him April 2015 after I received mine. Regards, Brett
  5. Another option for out of state people are interstate furniture removalists. They deal with bigger items easier but it doesn't hurt to ask or fill out online and the fees aren't to bad considering.... It really is a pity our country is so hugely spread out. The price we pay for freedom (I was going to add a smart remark here) I guess!
  6. You could buy a pro amp to run the woofers and your other for Mid and HF. That way you could bust its nuts at the low freq and still sound sweet as up higher.... As for shipping E-GO would be happy to ship them and for cheap cheap!!! The courier otoh has no choice so you'll listen to him b!tch and moan but it's his job so he'll do it either way in the end....
  7. Do you have any specs on this amp a link or who built it mate as I can't find anything? Going off the power output only 2k I'll guess it's max 300w per ch but I'd like the usual specs for power amps. Regards, Brett
  8. Are we allowed to swear on these forums? (been away for some time and it's now sna only not dtv!) Anyway....you have a problem lonewolf! P.S. Lonewolf...Send me a .txt file of everything you're planning on selling or considering on selling mate as I've got issues also and my HT room is currently being rebuilt, all be it extremely slowly!!!! Brett
  9. Do you have original packaging or is that why you recommended Pack and Send? I won't use them again sorry as they are useless in my area but would look at other couriers if you had the original packaging. Thanks
  10. Pity about pickup only!
  11. Thanks Steve. Not sure what I'm going to do yet but I don't have that much headroom for two layers of gyprock. The biggest issue with these old high set houses in Nth Qld are that they move a lot as far as expanding and contracting go so might just go with ply over the current fibro cement sheeting/asbestos combo...
  12. I love the old titanium tweeters from jbl's TLX range, the TLX8 in specific I have (30yr old model). Great allrounder...
  13. Hi Wiffle, Any updates on your build mate? I'm about to build my new walls downstairs so wanted your thoughts on the sound isolation of footsteps, noise bleed through etc. Cheers, Brett
  14. But the sausage sizzle is extra tasty! We are talking about being baked yes?