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  1. I think you should get a new hobby then mate...cars are my preferred money pit!
  2. Any convergence issues at the edges@Quark? I'm interested, just need to do some reading as I've been out for a while! Feel free to PM. Regards, Brett
  3. I've just recently unpacked my RX-V2092 to have some music while doing car maintenance and it's still as silent as the day I bought it! And how I missed that remote...
  4. You do realise that you lay there and chat with the doc (and nurse) while he/she does the operation and it's cheap!? Not to mention that IF you are the sort of b@stard that likes to cheat on his whatever you want to call him/her then there's no getting any other so and so fat in 9 months because you were stupid/lazy....... This is all hypothetical...except for the first line, that is true. Get the snip ffs btw GLWTS
  5. Nearfield those subs mate, or at least use them for a smoother response! One never cuts it.
  6. You really should have put one perspex side on those cabs... GLWTS or give them to your mate as a bday present [emoji106]
  7. I had a schit load of issues with my system and induced noise regardless of length. Funnily enough the better quality cables (in this case Chord cobra XLR's) were ten times worse than the $5 cables from ebay. Most of these issues were with using pro amps for the LFE and the only thing that worked for me at the time was the Jensen SUB-2RR and I tried friggen everything...thankfully (no) most gear is now gone in the flood so start a new. Having 4+ subs humming away is enough to make you want to slit your wrists though!
  8. Because they don't see any money in it for themselves when someone else owns it. Even though it's physically the same unit that is a dud! That shows me the character of a company but I shouldn't be slinging schit in a for sale thread... Back on topic...this unit doesn't have the latest hdmi standard so what does it have? Hdmi 2.0 at 18gbps? I'm a potential buyer so anyone seriously interested start reading up as I'm a cash cow atm!
  9. I've been using this O'Cedar polish for 20+ years on my wooden furniture and JBL TLX-8's until they were recently written off [emoji24]
  10. I'd try nylon spandex from Spotlight as it's cheap ($6mt) and stretchy plus it's virtually acoustically transparent otherwise any material would do really! Do you have old bed sheets/fitted sheets that you no longer use......either for covering, painting dropsheets or rags while working on the car are there only use in my house. lol
  11. $1k for this type of quality lens cannot be had and if you are thinking of going scope then this is the go..... I think I'll just give my MK3+C away to the needy at this price!
  12. A brad or staple gun (air guns) might be easier than screws with less sound/resonance between panels....maybe!? Lol. Don't hard fix the port to the panel so you can have the length adjustable (lengthening externally is what I'm thinking) for testing and cardboard dunny rolls look a similar size also lol. Seems interesting though!
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