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  1. Yes I never bothered setting the projector to 4:3 in 16:9 content. I just left it in 16:9 and the image was distorted. It never bothered me while gaming and made vertical (or horizontal) split screen co-op a champion...
  2. I've had my HT packed up for years now and then we got a flood so most of my gear got written off, I still have the Xeit lens though. I was also only using mine on a cabinet at the back of the room that housed all of my HT equipment as my ceiling is under 2m high. The "sled" as such are just steel sliders that you have on most heavy duty drawers, here's a link - HERE Looking at your picture you'll have to mount a separate board to the ceiling (unless that gap in the projectors mount will suit), then mount the drawer slider to that board and another board unless your lens mount will
  3. I would mount them both to form ply or similar ply (marine etc) around an inch thick that way you know it's square to the PJ and lens and shouldn't twist. If the lens doesn't have a sled then I'd go with drawer sliders from bunnings. The fully closed position on the guides is where the lens sits perfectly in the lights path and you just slide it out with a duster or stick/whatever. I always just left mine in the position though mate even when gaming as your brain tends to ignore the squashed ratio without vertical stretching it (you would lose picture info if vertical stretching 16x9 content).
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