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  1. $5000 to spend on a turntable

    stretches the budget a bit, but I think it would be a while before you wanted to upgrade.. sorry just re-read the OP and realized its a hypothetical question
  2. Kenwood kp-9010 tonearm lift

    @Davros59 Thanks for the PM and helping to answer my questions. @Hensa Thanks to you for the info. Its pretty clear to me now. I've been thinking about upgrading my second turntable and I keep coming back and looking at these Kenwood's on Hi-Fi Do. I just need to find the space and the money..
  3. Lubricant oil for Thorens TD124

    You will get lots of opinions. After heaps of research, I purchased some straight weight (some 20W and some 40W if memory serves) synthetic pump oil (AMSOIL) and have been using that on regular sintered turntable bearings. Its my understanding you want to stay away from anything that has detergents or solvents. Following on the 3in1 oil theme you can purchase sewing machine oil at spotlight.. At the end of the day, I'm not sure its life and death critical.
  4. Kenwood kp-9010 tonearm lift

    @Davros59 I've seen these turntables on Hi-Fi Do and have always been curious about them. They seem to fly under the radar wrt Pioneer or Denon DD units. I've searched the net and some folks are big fans of these Kenwood decks. I don't want to derail your thread but have a few questions.. Pls PM if you want don't want to divert too far from the original post. Do the Trio turntables predate the Kenwood's? Is one brand better or more desirable than the other? I'd be after something that is auto return or auto lift. Is that feature specific to a particular model? I assume the higher the model number the better deck ie. 9xxx is better than 7xxxx. Are there exceptions to this? Which one should a person go after? Finally, if you don't mind me asking what did the 9010 cost landed in Aus?
  5. gee those are beautiful
  6. Peerless Tweeter Question. Ever seen this before?

    That's helpful. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Peerless Tweeter Question. Ever seen this before?

    What does that mean? Is it because they are **** speakers or because the tweeters are buggered? (or both?)
  8. Peerless Tweeter Question. Ever seen this before?

    @VanArn good to know, its nothing serious. So how d you think its best cleaned off ? I'll grab some fuses n the weekend and have a listen.
  9. I was given some Polk Monitor 10A speakers a couple of weeks ago. The tweeters have some white corrosion evident on the edges. I assumed this from the salt air as the chap that gave them to me lived near the ocean. However when I unscrewed the tweeters I found heaps of white dust on the back of them and resting on cutouts of the enclosure.. The dust is actually piled up on the wood.. I have not actually listened to the speakers (the fuses are missing), but I'm guessing this white dust is not normal? The voice coil of the tweeter in the pictures is still intact. Has the "ferro fluid' leaked out? From the little bit of googling I did, these are the US made tweeters SL1000 part number but that's about all I know about them. Appreciate your views / guidance on this.
  10. I bought mine from NY.com and it was delivered a couple weeks ago. Haven't played it yet. I don't recall the exact price but it wasn't much more than 45 aud. I'm not sure why you would buy a new release from an ebay re-seller? I tend to go the safe route even if it costs a couple of bucks more..
  11. Hi Greg, Avatar - charlie_bird Name - Barry Can I have the following please. Paul Simon - Hearts & Bones - $12.00 postcode 2155 Cheers Barry
  12. Hi Greg, Avatar - charlie_bird Name - Barry Can I have the following please. *** Southern Comfort - Stir Don't Shake - $14.00 postcode 2155 Cheers Barry
  13. Hi Greg, Avatar - charlie_bird Name - Barry Can I have the following please. *** Poco – From the Inside - $14.00 *** Poco – Deliverin’ $14.00 postcode 2155 Cheers Barry
  14. Hi Greg, Avatar - charlie_bird Name - Barry Can I have the following please. Richard Wright (Pink Floyd) - Wet Dream - $35.00 The Doobie Brothers - What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits - $15.00 postcode 2155 Cheers Barry
  15. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    I think its very impressive that we are still getting support and firmware upgrades on this unit. Its one of the best value audio / video purchases I've made.