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  1. hi fi shark is a useful resource as well
  2. I was looking into this recently and was surprised at how expensive HDDs are. I'm not sure if its because of corona and lack of supply or if I started with a misconception, but my plan to upgrade my NAS is on hold for now..
  3. My vote is for for a carefully chosen vintage deck. You will get a lot more for your money. The technology really has changed much over the years..
  4. Thank You @mjs & @Gale. I feel like I'm pretty modern but I have never listened to music through my phone or laptop. I'm scouring the net and the classifieds to find a DAC around the $200 mark. I don't want to spend too much, its just something I want to try. Also money is tight due to the virus. I want to see if I like it and see if Tidal worth it.. So far the Tidal does sound good played through my AVR.
  5. I like to preface this by saying I'm a vinyl music guy with a dedicated vinyl rig and all this digital stuff is a bit confusing for me.. I've read through this forum and it spins me out.. I saw in the great deals forum you could get a $5 Tidal trial so I thought I'd give it a go and signed up for the HiFi option. So far I can play Tidal on 1) my Yamaha RXV-1077 AVR via Airplay - this works on the AVR Zone 1 (TV room) & Zone 2 (Kitchen) 2) my Yamaha RXV-1077 AVR via Chromecast connected to HDMI this works on the AVR Zone 1 (TV room) That's it so far. I will mostly listen to the back ground music in the kitchen but i'm limited to using Airplay, not sure if that a problem? Am i getting the correct sound quality using Airplay to stream Tidal the the AVR? I also have a Oppo BD103 and a Beyonwiz PVR connected to the AVR, but I reckon those will have the same limitation as point 2 above. So I think I have exhausted my possibilities wrt to the AVR. Part 2 1) I've got a CD player connected to my Vinyl system and it has coax and optical inputs. How do I connect a Windows PC or iPhone to that? 2) I've also got a two channel system in my workshop. My laptop is almost always on in there. I understand I need a (USB) DAC in that situation. Any recommendations for a sub $200 DAC I can try? I apologize for my long rambling post.
  6. George not sure what is damaged wrt to the head but you can get them relapped (machined)
  7. I'd think carefully about the cost. Exchange rate, shipping and tax can turn something that seems reasonably priced in USD to something that's overpriced in AUD (landed). The shipping is a risk no matter where you ship it from..
  8. I believe so, back in the old days you would / could do the same thing with an equalizer
  9. I'm patiently waiting until they become my 'hand me downs'
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