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  1. Excellent. Appreciate that you took the time to confirm. That's where I ended up too. I hope it sounds good. I don't have much to compare it to so it's worth the punt to me.
  2. any advice on the best place to purchase in (from) aus? I thought I'd go for the 4LP box set but trying to work out the best price. Do you reckon its worth the purchase? My only copy is a a sacked out Canadian version from about 30 years ago
  3. I think it is Master Quality Audio a format that's available (exclusively?) on Tidal google it. I really don't want to high-jack your thread as it seems to polarize opinions
  4. I've been watching this thread closely. Without getting into the MQA debate, how does the SMSL M500 stack up against some the the other DACs discussed in this thread sub $500. I've had my eye on the SMSL M500 (about $600 aud) for some time but haven't had the courage to pull the trigger.
  5. I'm keen to give this or something similar a go, but this thread is now 50 pages long. Is there a Bill of Materials or a summary to assemble this DIY cleaner?
  6. If you want an exact match it likely wont be cheap. After some extensive googling I bought some fabric from a sewing shop in the states (think Spotlight but in Pennsylvania), 20 bucks for the cloth and about 80 to ship + exchange. It was a near perfect match for the Dynaco speakers I was fixing up.. Plain Black should be pretty easy...
  7. hi fi shark is a useful resource as well
  8. I was looking into this recently and was surprised at how expensive HDDs are. I'm not sure if its because of corona and lack of supply or if I started with a misconception, but my plan to upgrade my NAS is on hold for now..
  9. My vote is for for a carefully chosen vintage deck. You will get a lot more for your money. The technology really has changed much over the years..
  10. Thank You @mjs & @Gale. I feel like I'm pretty modern but I have never listened to music through my phone or laptop. I'm scouring the net and the classifieds to find a DAC around the $200 mark. I don't want to spend too much, its just something I want to try. Also money is tight due to the virus. I want to see if I like it and see if Tidal worth it.. So far the Tidal does sound good played through my AVR.
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