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  1. Magic Pvr Arrived Today

    hi all After 7 years of faithful service my MagicTV is starting to play-up. Autonomous reboots, problems playing back recordings etc I'm guessing the hard drive may be on its way out. I think I'd be willing to put in new drive and see if that resolves my problems. Is there a procedure to replace the drive? What type of drive? I'm guessing a green 5400 rpm HDD?
  2. thank you sir, I'm just revisiting all the various threads / opinions on Stereonet with the view of purchasing an US machine. My Okki Nokki isn't cutting it.....
  3. @Tasso after 9 months is the RW-800 still going strong? I'm about to make the ultrasonic jump
  4. Revox B77 Servicing in Melbourne

    Another choice would be Serge at Audioz. It sounds like you know your way around this stuff pretty well, but a word of caution. I found out the hard way that there is a big difference between repair, servicing and restoration....
  5. FS: Tom Evans Microgroove +X mkII Phono stage

    Ive got one of these and am very happy with it. Good value at this price.
  6. Getting back into hifi with a budget

    I think its all about finding good value. Doesn't need to cost thousands of dollars, if you are happy with the sound and how you got there.
  7. My system

    Whilst I don't normally chime in on these threads, I thought I'd let you know your old Immedia TT is still going strong George. I'm enjoying it very much. I am a bit surprised people are still interested in the deck, given its been a few years since you sold it..
  8. Donald Fagen, The Nightfly.

    From what I read on the internet today, it seems they will be duplicates. Still a very good value box set and really looking forward to listening to the records. Pretty much worth the price to get a new copy of Kamakiriad and also the bonus disk..
  9. Donald Fagen, The Nightfly.

    Ok, I'm a sucker for a box set. I do already have sunken condos & morph the cat on reprise records, but but just pulled the trigger on this box set. I take it the reprise pressings are the same as what is in the box set?
  10. Pioneer CT200 cassette deck

    A quick google suggests its worth about $100 (max?). Looks like they were popular in Argentina As I said, I'd have a go myself. You can't really screw it up. It looks like the the power cord was cut down (perhaps it was in a cabinet or multi unit system), so you will need a power plug / cord. It also looks like the RCA jacks have been hardwired with some longer cords for some reason. Take the lid off of it and see if the belts are still there, inspect the fuse, plug it in a try it. The heads can be cleaned with ISO alcohol. If it needs belts, pinch roller or any electrical repairs you may wish to weigh up the cost. There is you-tube video showing someone restoring one, the innards don't look too complex.. Watch that video, it will give some idea whats involved..
  11. Pioneer CT200 cassette deck

    I'm with Drew. You may wish to to do the prelim check-out yourself. I think you may find that taking it in to a professional will be cost prohibitive. (ie it will cost more than the tape deck is worth.. )
  12. Red and black beginner mistake

    I use an app call speakerpop, Play a tone through your system and your iphone will tell you if its in phase.
  13. Help identifying this transformer

    Getting back to the original topic, I think I need a 240V transformer with a 70V center tapped secondary i.e 35-0-35 and an additional secondary winding of 7VAC (or is it 6?, the lamps behind the meters are 6.3V). After thinking about my previous post, the power consumption figure stamped on the back of the amp, I'm guessing the power transformer rating should be no less than 500VA? 1) Where would I purchase such a transformer? 2) Would a Torroidal transformer with 2 @ 35V secondary windings be the same (35-0-35) ? and could I use a big torroidal for the 70V and a separate small one for the 7V ? Whilst most folks on this forum have more experience in these matters than I do, this youtube video explains the topology of my amplifier in very simple terms. Its a good video.. btw I think I have worked out who manufactured the original transformer in this amp and I will try to ring them next week, hopefully they are still in business !!
  14. Help identifying this transformer

    Will do. I only have pictures of the innards of these amps, I'll grab some others and post them.
  15. Help identifying this transformer

    Thanks for the thought, much appreciated. I'll keep going and see how it comes up.