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  1. George not sure what is damaged wrt to the head but you can get them relapped (machined)
  2. I'd think carefully about the cost. Exchange rate, shipping and tax can turn something that seems reasonably priced in USD to something that's overpriced in AUD (landed). The shipping is a risk no matter where you ship it from..
  3. I believe so, back in the old days you would / could do the same thing with an equalizer
  4. I'm patiently waiting until they become my 'hand me downs'
  5. strikes me as a pretty good deal. that's some classic vintage gear
  6. I purchased a half dozen of the transistors in question from WES. I'll test them and see about putting one in the amp.
  7. I actually did see that thread in the past. It doesn't implicitly say that replacing with a BD679 was successful. Having said that, I've invested the $5.00 bought some from RS Components and will give them a try. Going back to my original question, have you had any experience buying transistors from WES and do you reckon any obsolete transistors they list are real? (i'm guessing not.. )
  8. no i don't think so, let me read that tonight. Thanks for your help!
  9. Yes its on the list but, the HFE gain is much less 750 (BD679) vs 4000 (2sd947). ?
  10. I'm repairing a Marantz amplifier and have a bad 2SD1508 Darlington transistor. I would normally source a 'modern' replacement (fairchild etc) but have not been able to find a suitable one. 2SD947 seems to be a close alternative for the 2SD1508 and after much googling it appears that WES has the 2SD947 in stock. Are those going to be real transistors or am I risking a fake like the ones advertised on ebay ..
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