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  1. Wow! Always better to be listening to music than raving....
  2. I haven’t heard the new range yet..... I have heard the CLX with a very competent front end and remember it as one of my most outstanding Hifi experiences. Electrostats can be very addictive.
  3. Great thread! Very informative, almost makes me want to make a pair!!
  4. Someone has suggested to me to have a look at Les Davis Audio discs. Has anyone used these? They are more affordable than other products..
  5. Hi Grant! First of all I’m impressed that you made speaker enclosures from Corian .. I used to sell a competitor product and always planned to build DIY speakers from the material.. perhaps wisely in my case I never went through with it!!! when I was younger, I used to get excited by products sold by certain companies. In the case of many of them, I found that when I visited the company, there appeared to be no designated R and D space.. the reality was that the really clever stuff happened in the mind of the Company Boss and/or his Assistant. Often just defining a simple idea and marketing it... I suspect nothing much has changed in many cases. I understand that Auralex has created an affordable product. I would love to borrow a pair and try to discern if their Engineering sounded better than dodgey DIY project based on Similar principles. I mean actually hear a noticeable difference, not needing audio microphones and Sophisticated software to tell me that I spent money wisely!! Any photos of your Speakers? John D
  6. Thanks Grant, for the time and energy you put into replying. Just to clarify my previous statement about Auralex Subdude11. In their Specifications section Auralex says about their base materials “ .... features a functionally inert 3/4 “ velour covered mdf”... 3/4”=18mm. Over the last 20+ years I have sold $$$$$ of 18mm mdf, ( which stands for Medium Density Fibre board). This is “ Just any piece of wood”. Probably what your speakers are made of, unless you can afford Aluminium or Carbon Fibre. On the other hand the foam part is much cleverer, and I would Never suggest that it was “Just any piece of foam”. I’m sure Auralex has put a significant amount of R and D into finding an Affordable yet Effective piece of foam. The foam I’m using cost 100 yen per side in Daiso in Japan! Obviously not the best, but made quite a difference in “ cleaning up the bass”. If one Googles “Vibration absorbant foam”, there are some speciality foams which are quite expensive. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, used as insoles for shoes. Now, it’s my guess that these companies Really have an R +D budget to get to the bottom of unwanted vibration. I do do agree that DIY can end up a waste of money. It can also save money if it proves that the Concept doesn’t work, or better still that it does work and that the best Solution is a Commercially available one. Thanks for for your time Grant and I will continue my Investigation!!
  7. Thanks gents. Agc , $150 is reasonably priced, tho a little hassle. Aperalim, the Townshend look neat, but starting at £1400 is a deal breaker. i got an idea from looking at the Townshend ones. What a about a tick flat plate with big holes drilled in the corners slightly smaller than Tennis balls or similar? The balls would insulate vibrations between the floor and the plate which the speakers are sitting on. There are many types of balls to experiment with. Maybe Squash balls would absorb shock better? rubber and air can make good suspension. Anyone tried something like this? I just had at the Auralex Subdude. Cheap enough at $89 ( each I’m guessing) its just a piece of 18mm mdf with a piece of 25mm absorbant foam underneath. I have something like this already. A piece of 40mm thick Concrete paver with a piece of 12 mm absorbant foam underneath. Cost about $5 each. Maybe I just need to double up the foam? Still thinking.
  8. Sadly when I built the house I wasn’t thinking of Hifi,. If I did I would have definitely put 19 mm yellow tongue particle board on the joists first, then overlaid it with the tongue and grove polished hardwood floor. Had I done that, I probably would have cheated and used 12mm overlay instead of 19mm, probably not making things much better. Pit crossed my mind gluing particle board between the joists, but the 90mm timber boards need to grow and shrink with humidity, so I’m not game to possibly ruin the polished floor, which is in very good condition despite being 16 years old.. i noticed at the recent Lenehan Gtg he was using springs under his speakers. His springs wouldn’t work for me as his speakers weigh 70kg and mine are around 20kg from memory. i was thinking I could get lighter weight springs and mess about a bit?
  9. My listening room has 19mm thick tongue and grove hardwood floor on timber Joists. I believe the floor likes to sing along with the music. Im using Martin Logan Ethos Speakers that have powered bass and a downward facing Passive radiator. i placed the speakers on 450x450 pavers resting on 10mm thick closed foam and it changed the sound a lot. To re sort the sound, ( yes there are those that think Panel treble/ midrange won’t match cone bass, however, this to me suggests that it is not as simple as that) I moved the speakers further from the wall and adjusted the powered bass. ( my vague memory says I increased it). So I believe there is still more to be gained by isolating the floor. Maybe bigger pavers( to spread the load), thicker foam, or maybe springs under the speakers? Any ideas? Thanks John D
  10. Just got home. Good value. Sadly time was not my friend, so I didn’t get much chance to compare different speakers etc, but I believe that this is Mike’s best set up yet. Also nice to catch up with the boys. Thanks Mike.
  11. See you there just after lunch
  12. I’m sure that this won’t help but I’m running ML Ethos on an Integrated Mc inkintosh Amp. It has 8 ohm, 4 ohm and 2 ohm speaker terminals. Just use the one that sounds best! Maybe look for a 2nd hand one?
  13. Hi Aibynn! At least the Source doesn’t have a in built Amplifier to complicate things! And they really sing with an amp capable of driving them! what you could buy for the cost of repairs that would sound nearly as good? Can’t think of anything! Most other things will sound Muddy and boxy! I’m a bit of a fan of Lenehan stuff, but it’s not in the cheap department. ( unless you build his DIY kit) ( there is a Get together 4 th of August at his shed on the Gold Coast you might find interesting) Magnaplanas are also very likeable, but you’d need to spend around $5k and need to audition in Gosford NSW.. As usual, I’m less than helpful,! Give TT a ring and try to get a cost for the repairs that you can understand! Good Luck! John D
  14. Hi Aibynn.. I used to Own Source and a mate still has them. I believe Totally Technical at 2/34 Campbell street Bowen Hills may be able to help. I had some warranty work done on an Ethos there.. no idea what it will cost you.. you may want an Quote before yo go forward. ML keeps spare parts for everything, but we are a long way from the US. Probably 2nd hand value is only round about $1000 now at best, so factor that in. Thanks John D
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