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  1. Hopefully sent you a PM. Just some logistics to work out but keen keen jelly bean.
  2. Thanks. Do you mind saying what you replaced the TM with and why? And any noticeable differences? Also did you have any trouble with microphonics?
  3. Double posted! Oops Ah wel, let’s use the opportunity to ask when the pre would be in Brisbane?
  4. Hi, so no speaker outputs then? That’s ok if not as I want this as a pre. What about headphone out? That bit I do need! Maybe be a couple of pics from the rear and top might help? Did you ever try with 6SN7 input valves for lower gain? Ta Rob
  5. Strange there’s no interest in this. I’ve had them all Paul Pang = unreliable garbage, SoTM good card but a bit edgy, the original JCat awesome and analog. The Jcat was so good I upgraded to the femto, which keeps the same signature as the original with just a bit more resolution. This card is a bargain at this price. GLWS
  6. Redirects have stopped for me also, Aussie all the way now and I've got to say I'm happy.
  7. Frustrating for sure, and Marc hasn’t replied to me or given me a workaround. I’m sure he’s busy, but it would be good to get more info. I totally get that a website generates revenue by ads, and that local targeting can be good. But honestly NZ audio discussion and sales are very small (read dead), and I’d rather peruse and talk with a much bigger play pen, Australia! vpn’s wpuld get around the situation, but that’s a hassle. I’d rather select where I browse. Ta Rob
  8. Hi, has any other NZ member been having issues with the stereonet.com.au defaulting to setereonet.co.nz, then not being able to sign in? I have!!! Whenever I go to .com.au, it auto redirects to .co.nz, which shouldn't matter, but my user and password will not let me log on. If I go to the .co.nz password reset it says my email is not known. I have to quickly, and I mean quickly, go to the .com.au logon before the redirect happens, then login. Once logged in, if I open a new .co.nz website it does let me login. But next day, same hot potato juggle. This is seriously restricting my daily hifi porn Any clues or methods welcomed ta Rob,
  9. superb craftsmanship, and now you even have homebuilthifi giving you props on facebook (hopefully good advertising)
  10. Wow, great job on the cabs. Awesome to see such rare speakers. Love JBL. GLWS!
  11. Great price as it does have all the bells and whistles indeed. Love my amber2, but I’d have been all over this if I hadn’t already spent. GLWS
  12. Very nice looking amp, luxman quality too. Super versatile also by the looks. Another time I would have been keen as mustard, but other priorities atm. Good luck!
  13. Yeah the selector can get dirty if you use big tubes and have the top off, had a can on mine too [emoji6]
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