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  1. I have the CA CXA81, It a well rounded amp, I had mine over a year and no problems with its the Bluetooth works well although I run a MacMini into it running Roon or Audirvana. Sounds great for a all in one amp at that price point. It's sound isn't muddy but it's also pretty easy to listen to. Not as open as other amps I've listened to but they were also much more expensive. I run a small set of Denton 85's off it. This works very well for acoustic music, I listen to a lot of Bluegrass and Folk. If you listen to heavy rock or metal, this combo probably won't work
  2. What software are you using to play your music, I run a MacMini into my Dac and have Audirvana, although trialing Roon as I like its Tidal integration with local files so it's just one big library.
  3. One persons experience straight from the box, my CXA81 was a little harsh straight from the box but it sounds so much nicer now. CA themselves recommend a burn in time and my experience agrees with that. But like I said I'd check out the Rega as well around that price point if a internal phono is needed
  4. Well this comes down to how much you want to spend, that amp is around the $700 mark. I wouldn't expect the phono stage to be anything special t that price point but as I said how much do you want to spend. I use a CA CXA81 and no phono stage is built into that amp at all, CA thinks that someone wanting to spend that much will most probably use an external phono. I agree with that thinking. If I was looking for a phono built in around that price point I'd look at a Rega. The Rega io is around the $850 mark or you may find a Rehabilitations Brio around that price S/H, new the Brio
  5. Thanks, seems like it’s not worth it. I’m happy with the little system and was just curious. As we are with everything Hi-Fi
  6. Sorry didn’t exactly know what you meant, all good
  7. What do you mean, not for those speakers, they are bi-wiring capable, just asking if it’s worth it.
  8. Cambridge Audio CXA81 and Wharfedale Denton 85th Anniversary
  9. Just after opinion on those that have and those that have not. Is it worth it or not, both my amp and speakers allow for it so just asking the question
  10. That was the answer I was expecting, but I got denial and to log out and log in.
  11. So got an email to rate Tidal tech support, now I’m a coffee machine technician and I’ll answer a call from a client the way Tidal answered mine. Hello thanks for your call, Could you please lock up the shop and then re-enter and if you still have problems with your coffee machine feel free to contact us again. Now in the original email they told me the problem, showed me the problem so you would think I’d know I need to call and arrange to fix it, But not Tidal. According to them it’s somehow everyone else’s problem. So they asked for my feedback an
  12. Subscribed 8 days ago and so far 4 days not working, plays a song then starts having issues. Glad I still have all my own music in Roon
  13. Ok I'm trying this out and now wondering what's the best way to set it up. I'm running a MacMini into my Dac inside my Cambridge CXA81. The MacMini has a SSD drive attached with my music on it and runs out into a Mad scientist Black Magic USB Cable. Roon sees the Cambridge no worries. But should I run Roon Server or Roon Bridge and then the Server on my main computer. Just wondering what the optimal setup is, Ive heard different things so while on the trial I'd just try to get it right. Thanks
  14. Fourplay : Espirt De Four Keb' Mo' : Oklahoma Mark Knopfler : Sailing to Philadelphia Melody Gardot : Currency of Man Steve Martin and Edie Brickell : So Familiar Paul Weller : On Sunset
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