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  1. Item: 15mm Bamboo Plywood, 2 full sheets Location: Seddon 3011, VIC Price: Free Item Condition: Unused, but in OK / Average condition Reason for selling: Shed clearout Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: I have two full sheets of 15mm Bamboo Plywood going free to whoever wants them. Take one or both. They had been left outdoors and are in 'OK' condition - discoloured on one side and not totally flat anymore, however in good structural condition. Could be good for equipment shelving or a workbench top? Pictures: Pickup only from Seddon, VIC 3011. You'll need a van or a ute as these are 2400 x 1200mm full sheets.
  2. The panels are laminated Victorian Ash, bought from Bunnings. I used 26mm panels for the sides, top and bottom. The shelves were thinner 19mm panels. They only needed a light sanding before applying sanding sealer, then 3 coats of furniture oil. Sanded down with 240 grit between coats, and the final coat was sanded down with 240 then 600 grit wet'n'dry paper.
  3. Here's a rack I completed recently. I wanted something to store records in, and to house the electronics. This meant I was aiming more towards a bookshelf type of unit, rather than an open rack, as I need the sides to keep records standing up! In the end I couldn't find anything ready built that was just right, so I went and made it myself. I'm very happy with the result, and have finally got my records out of storage and in the lounge where they belong! The rack measures approximately 1000mm square, with 2 shelves for records, then one larger equipment shelf and one smaller shelf. The TT sits on top. Cheers, -Al.
  4. Item: Toroidal Transformer 35-0-35 + Aux windings ~400VA Location: Melbourne 3128 Price: $50 Item Condition: Pulled from scrapped amplifier Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling a large toroidal transformer on behalf of a mate. It came out of an amplifier and weighs around 6-7 kg, so going on weight, I'd say 400-500VA rating Main winding is 35-0-35, with some auxillary windings (low current) Mains in Red-Red 35 - 0 - 35V Blue-Black-Blue 17 - 0 - 17V White-Black-White 0 - 5.2V Yellow-Yellow 0 - 26V Green-Green 0 - 13V Orange-Orange Asking $50. Collection preferred due to weight, from Box Hill 3128 during working hours, or Clayton 3168 on weekend Pictures:
  5. Item: 2 lots of CDs - British Pop-Rock-Electronic 1990's - 2000's Location: Seddon 3011 Price: $20 each lot of 5, or $5 each CD Item Condition: Used, Good to V.Good Reason for selling: Downsizing my CD collection Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Postage at cost Lot 1: 5 CDs - British 90's various Pop-Rock-Electronic $20 Apollo Four Forty - Electro Glide in Blue 3 Colours Red - Revolt Doves - Lost Souls Beth Orton - Trailer Park Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded Lot 2: 5 CDs - British Electronic 1990's - 2000's $20 Fortran 5 - Bad Head Park Chemical Brothers - Push the Button Chemical Brothers - Come with Us The Orb - Orblivion The Orb - Pomme Fritz Pictures:
  6. Item: 5 CDs - 1990's - 2000's Pop-Rock Location: Seddon 3011 VIC Price: $20 or $5 each Item Condition: Used, Good to V.Good Reason for selling: Downsizing my CD collection Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Postage at cost. The Hives - your new favorite band Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute Beck - Guero Beck - Midnight Vulture Shawn Colvin - A Few Small Repairs Kanye West - College Dropout Pictures:
  7. Item: 5 CDs - Aussie bands from the 90's Location: Seddon 3011 Price: $20 the lot or $5 ea Item Condition: Used, Good to V.Good Reason for selling: Downsizing my CD collection Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Postage at cost Regurgitator - ...art Regurgitator - The best of Regurgitator - eduardo and rodriguez wage war on t-wrecks You Am I - Hourly, Daily Grinspoon - Guide To Better Living Pictures:
  8. Price reduced to $750 / pair + shipping on the TD15H. Also selling a pair of TD6H mid-woofers 8 Ohm $250 / pair. Both pairs of drivers are unused, with original packaging.
  9. Nearly..! Raal 70-20xr ribbon tweeter, and Audio Technology C-Quenze 15 midrange, with the AE TD12S-8 woofer. Sealed box, 100 litres. Stands were custom made to suit the speakers. Would have been even better with the 15" woofer, hint hint - anyone?
  10. Item: Pair of AE Speakers TD15H-8 15" woofers and TD6H-8 6" woofers. Built in the USA Location: Melbourne 3011, collection preferred Price: TD15H $750 + shipping (These would cost approx $1100 incl air freight USA to Australia) TD6H $250 + shipping Item Condition: New, unused still in box Reason for selling: Design change, now surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Only Extra Info: These are 8 Ohm drivers, without the Apollo upgrade I bought these drivers with the view of building a large pair of 3-way speakers. I changed direction during the design and decided to go with the 12" TD12S instead, so these are now surplus to requirements. I'd prefer local collection from Melbourne 3011, however if the buyer organizes collection they could be shipped. Here's a few photos of the drivers, and a pic of the 3-ways I ended up building (with TD12S). I love the clean effortless bass the AE drivers produce, you really can't go wrong with them! To be clear, I am selling the TD15H drivers, NOT the finished speakers shown in the last photo, that's just to show what I ended up building (and am completely happy with!) Pictures:
  11. Hi Lusk, John at AE Speakers kindly made a custom version of the TD12-S for me, swapping the phase plug for a dust cap. It's purely for aesthetic reasons as I didn't like the woofer having a phase plug, and the midrange without one! As I'm only running the woofer up to 360 Hz, John agreed there should not be any disadvantage from removing the phase plug. The SBP-12 didn't match the other drivers in terms of sensitivity, but the TD12-S was 'just right'
  12. Hi Lusk, Yep, 4.7uF on the RAAL, running on the 9 ohm tap for ~91dB sensitivity to match the other drivers. I used an online calculator to derive the crossover values, and put a zobel network on the mid and bass drivers to make them a simple 6 ohm resistive load. The crossover is 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley.
  13. Also.. The cabinets are sealed boxes, not ported. I changed my mind during construction and decided to build them as sealed boxes, as this config has potentially better transient response (less group delay). The woofers are AE speakers TD12-S, so intended for sealed use. The bass is somewhat light, but you notice it when it's there. No boominess at all, just very clean. I expect things will change as the drivers run in, so will give my impressions after a month or so of listening. The other thing I've noticed is how much more efficient they are, compared to the little bookshelf speakers they replaced. I'm running a 70 watt class-D amp and don't need the volume much above 2 or 3 on most recordings. I'm estimating about 91dB/1W for these, vs probably 85dB for the old bookshelf speakers -Al.
  14. Just realised I never posted an update on my speakers. They're up and running with the first cut of the crossover, and raw cabinets. Here's the unfinished cabinet, cat not really helping.. Crossover, 12dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley: The cabinets are 'veneered' with a thin bamboo plywood I sourced from Plyco in Alphington (Melbourne). It's 2.5mm thick, and called 'laser ply'. It glued on easily with contact adhesive and looks fantastic. The front panel is made from 15mm bamboo plywood and needs a final trim to size and rounding over. I'm planning to finish the cabinets with a varnish or furniture oil. They were demo'd at the December DIY night of the Melbourne Audio Club and worked VERY well with Bob Field's triode amp: I'll be tweaking the crossover after they've got a few hours on them, but I like what I'm hearing already! -Al
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