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  1. EV Cali

    FS: Rega Planar 3 Turntable

    Looking for one of these for a friend. Can you check if the anti skate belt is perished. If you remove the arm, one nut, and then the one screw holding the belt adjusting knob you will be able to see the belt. Thanks
  2. EV Cali

    G'day from Brisbane

    Welcome Reggie Enjoy the site and the music. Robin
  3. $60 to Salvos and they said I could bring it back if it did not work, new cart $50, plus some time that does not concern me, as I enjoy bringing old TT back to life. There is a slight pop when it turns off that I am assuming is this cap. Anti skate weight and cord was missing but when I open it up to check the cap it was inside the plinth with a bit of cockroach poo.
  4. Just spent a couple of nights in Kingscliff and found this in the local Salvos. Wife was very impressed when she saw me walking back with it!!! 🙂 Gave it a clean up and lubrication, plus new cart and it works fine. At first I thought there was a problem with the arm lifter,as no mater if you had the manual lifter up or down, after moving the arm across it just hovered above the record. After some online searching and finding an owners manual on VE , it turns out it has an unusual starting procedure. you have to move the arm over the record, platter then starts to turn, then you move the play leaver. The arm then lowers, even though the manual lifter is already in the down position!!
  5. EV Cali

    Optonica RP-3500 turntable - eBay purchase

    How about some pictures. Please
  6. EV Cali

    Dual CS 505-2 Or Luxman PD 284

    Hi I have owned a 505 and several Luxman's. My preference would be the Luxman. The Luxman is much more solid in its build. As you say thought they are quite different in design so if you decide to change you will not just be going for more of the same. A lot depends on the price and condition of the particular Luxman . After all both TT are over 40 years old.
  7. EV Cali

    Cheap Records Crate/Box

    I used to keep all my collection in these crates, on tables ,so no bending down and really easy to flick through. Unfortunately they were thought too ugly for inside the house and I now have my collection in ikea shelving and only use the crates for Record Fair stock. ☹️
  8. EV Cali

    Cheap Records Crate/Box

    If they work for you that is great But IMO The 30 L Crates are the better than the 27L ones linked to for records. Much stronger and fit records in both directions. Colour: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green Volume: 30LT Size (mm: 355 x 355 x 290H ) http://www.plasticstoragedirect.com.au/d/products.html/190/192/Storage-Boxes-&-Crates/Storage-Boxes-Medium) They used to be available in most shops like Target but are now harder to find. They are more expensive, $13 cheapest I can see, but are better.
  9. EV Cali

    Hello, newby from Sydney

    Very nice. I have had four Cali's and am a member of the Queensland Guzzi Club But no bike presently ☹️
  10. EV Cali

    Hello, newby from Sydney

    Welcome to the site. In to Italian motorbikes as well as Hi Fi ?
  11. Picked this up at a Garage sale today for $10. SANYO 704 Seller said it ran a bit slow. The three rubber suspension mounts for the motor had perished and this was causing the motor to sit lower and the idler wheel to run on the wrong part of the motor spindle, so then run at the wrong speed. Replaced the mounts with some new rubber grommets, lubricated some parts and cleaned lubricant off some parts and it now plays perfectly. Runs on mains and batteries,auto start when you lift the arm ,plays 45's and 33's. Thought it may disturb too many members if I put it in the "Show us your Turntables" Thread. Actually does not sound too bad thought!!
  12. EV Cali

    Audiophile SL1200?

    I think the connector you are referring to is CN102 , the pitch gain adjustment. Perhaps dislodged when you removed the cover @rondine ? I though you just put a couple of drops of oil on the center spindle. Only the platter needs to come off for that.
  13. EV Cali

    Audiophile SL1200?

    Ok we give up What is it ?
  14. EV Cali

    Technics SL-1200 thread

    I was looking on Gumtree recently and spotted this, just round the corner from me. Thought it would be nice to go with my SL1200 MK2's, a SH-MZ 1200 mixer. Sounds great and the phono's are a big improvement over my previous mixer.
  15. EV Cali

    Technics SL-1200 thread

    I have used Silicon paste on plastic Turntable parts. Think I got this from Bunnings.