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  1. I had the same issue with a backwards motor ,it will be the capacitor.
  2. The damage is minor, so I think the minimum amount of glue would be best to achieve a repair that is not visible, plus less glue will also dry quicker. I don't think ,in this case, you need to strengthen the sleeve. It only got damaged because the record moved around in the sleeve in the post. Not likely to be that ruffly handled again.
  3. Well this is Alto's reply. Not that impressed. I have resembled the fader and will put it back to see if it is now ok. Costa, Michael <mcosta@inmusicbrands.com> 12:11 AM (6 hours ago) to me Hello , This MX-20 mixer s a discontinued item with replacement spare parts. Best Regards, Michael Costa Parts Administrator – Parts Department inMusic AIR | Akai Professional | Alesis | ▲lto Professional | Denon DJ | Denon Professional | ION Audio | M-Audio | Marantz Professional | Marq Lighting | MixMeister | Numark | Rane | SONiVOX e. mcosta@inmusicbrands.com p. (401) 658-3131 x 1403 f. (401) 658-3654 www.inmusicbrands.com Note: Due to the volume of email received, please include the complete contents of this message in any reply. CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE This message (including any attachments) contains information that may be confidential. Unless you are the intended recipient (or authorized to receive for the intended recipient), you may not read, print, retain, use, copy, distribute or disclose to anyone the message or any information contained in the message. If you have received the message in error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail, and destroy all copies of the original message (including any attachments).
  4. OP was referring to seam splits but with regard to the edges coming unglued I don't find over gluing an issue if you only use a small amount of glue But if you are concerned, you should insert some polythene sleeve, as once dry it will come away with no problem. Card or paper will have to be ripped off and may cause damage
  5. This is not a problem and I have repaired much worse splits than this. You need to wipe a small amount of PVA glue over the split. For bracing and to put pressure on the split and to push it back in to position, place the sleeve in a polythene sleeve and with out the record in the sleeve, put it on its edge so there is pressure on the split. After a couple of days the glue will be dry and the record sleeve will come away from the polythene sleeve. Don't rush taking the record sleeve out of the polythene sleeve, as if the glue is not totally dry some of the sleeve will come away on the polythene sleeve.
  6. Thanks @Muon N' I had found the same thing . I will contact Alto and make a road case to put it in before I take it out again!
  7. Thanks but the overall length has to be 60mm or it will not mach up with circuit board. Link is for overall length 75mm.
  8. Managed to snap a volume, slide, fader on my DJ mixer, when transporting it over the weekend. Have removed it from the board but after hours of googling can't find a direct replacement to fit the board. Hoping some one who has more of a clue than me, can point me in the right direction!! It is 60mm long and has B100K on the bottom and 7g3 on the side. It comes from a Alto mx20 stereo mixer.
  9. Would be interested to read this link not working for me.
  10. I was born in 58. My take on it is that what has changed is that we are now much more critical listeners and the equipment we use is much more reveling and more able to produce excellent sound, than the equipment most of us used in our youth. When I was about 15. the family record player was one of those all in one units with BRS deck and one built in speaker . To transfer music to my cassette player I just put the microphone in front of the speaker and press record. I now shudder to think what the sound quality must have been like, but at the time I was deliriously happy with my Black Sabbath and Led Zep recordings. I think we did need Record cleaners but we just didn't know it. But all is not lost as obtaining clean records is now a lot cheaper than it used to be. By getting one of Owen' kits Or making one like mine, you can clean records for between $250 and $400
  11. Noticed recently that the ripples on top of the water, in the Ultrasonic bath, were not quite the same and cleaning was a bit off. I assumed one or two of the three transducers must of failed. Not too bad considering I have probably cleaned 20 to 30 records a week for the last three years. Opened up the bottom of the unit to see if replacing the transducers was an option or there was an easily visible fault. Removing the bottom panel revealed that the transducers were wired in series and one had come un soldered, perhaps through a dry joint and vibrations. Re soldered the offending joint and it is now as good as new. Second picture is before soldering, wire just striped back and twisted round tab. 🙂
  12. Yes that is the Correct motor / engine. The screw thickness is Number 6 gauge, not 6mm, It is less that 2m.
  13. Board Length: 34 cm Width: 24 cm Thickness: 8 mm No 6 Gage screws Clean records equals good sound so go for it.
  14. Hi Max I use the whole board, including the hole. that is why the strip at the left end is thinner. 🙂
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