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  1. I hate to ask, but what was the cost.
  2. Hi I have a pair of these and love what has been done. Is it a vinyl wrap finish.
  3. One thing that may be worth checking first is that the belt is not slipping. Take off the plater and the belt and see if the pulley on the motor turns ok when turned on. If not back to replacing caps but is pulley turns ok my just need need new belt
  4. I think it is likely to be either of the two capacitors that need replacing, rather than the motor. And as mentioned only cost a couple of dollars. If you don't own a soldiering iron a local tec is probably the best bet. Simple job, probably only needing cheap parts so should not cost much.
  5. Afraid I am not from Melbourne, so can't offer advice about local service Tec. But I do own a Rega Planar 2 and have owned a couple of other Rega turntables and the good news is that you could hardly have a simpler turntable. The Planar 2 consists of a motor, a couple of capacitors ,a switch and a tone arm so any repair should be quite easy. Perhaps you could post a picture.
  6. If you bridge three studs with 1/3'' ply ,you can then mount a bracket in any position.
  7. I have owned an RP850, the next up from the RP830, and think it is a really under rated TT that can be picked up for bargain prices. I sold mine when I brought a Rega Planar 3 and that was probably a mistake. The Rotel TT are not quite the same design principle as a Rega , having a heavy metal plate, sandwiched between the layers of partical board. They also have a hole in the platter ,so that you do not need to remove it when moving the belt, when changing speed.
  8. What Technics are you referring to and how does the anti skate work to achieve this "varies depending on the arm position" ?
  9. The rubber on top of the arm lifter is meant to provide the friction to stop the arm moving but over time it can harden. You can some times fix this by rubbing it with some sand paper or replacing the rubber.
  10. For the reasons given by the others, you will not achieve 'correct' anti-skate, ie equal forces on either wall of the groove by the method you used. As with out the stylus being on the record when it is rotating, there is no inward force to balance out. Your method will end up with too little pressure , when the record is turning and the arm lowered, with the result that it will have too much pressure on the inner groove. One easy way to check anti skate is too get some vinyl with no grooves, such as a test record or a one sided DJ record. With the arm lowered and the record turning, by adjusting the anti skate you should be able to get the tone arm to stay still in one position. When this is the case your will have equaled the forces. It is some time said that setting the number on the anti skate to the same as the counter weight will equal the forces but this is unlikely to be correct. The friction on the arm that enables the forces of rotation to be equalized is achieved in a number of ways, such as magnets, a weight hanging by a thread or a spring putting pressure on the arm. In fact you could have two turntables the same ,with the same carts and the same tracking force that required different anti skate settings if say the magnets or the spring had lost some of its force. Below is a picture of the anti skate set up on my Technics SLQ2. When I first got it it was not possible to stop the arm going to the center, using a test record. I was able to correct this by bending the arm attached to the spring back a bit and this made up for the tension that the spring had lost over time.
  11. I would say that the given that the app may not be totally accurate that is pretty close and nothing to be concerned about. Your TT has a Stroboscopic platter with speed indicator. is the red dot stationary? If so it is ok.
  12. Agree that earth is unlikely to be the problem. If you have the gain control on your mixer low and the headphone volume high, to make up for this, you will get hiss and distortion. The gain should be high enough so that the all the green lights , on the meter, light up and then the headphone volume up to the level you require. I am assuming the Turntable is in the phono input, as you say sound is ok through speakers. Mixer owners manual https://www.allen-heath.com/media/AP9250_4_X23_UG.pdf
  13. Here are a few of mine. They have always been a minor format and I have not seen any for 70s Rock bands. My most recent is the Cramps, 2014 The Billy Fury is a reissue
  14. - Should I use Line or Phono switch? You should use the line switch when connected to the speakers Edifier R1000T4
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