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  1. I would get back to Michell Engineering and let them know the out come. They may be able to help further.
  2. I like the way the wood grain still shows through.
  3. Up date In line with @davm and @andyr suggestions I finally got around to unplugging the Power line AV and connecting the PC to the internet using wifi. And the result is total silence and no more interference. If only I had asked members advice, before sending Nighthawk phono back to USA and paying out for the postage both ways. ☹️
  4. Welcome Ben Yes the site is a great source of information. I am also a vinyl lover from Brisbane. Regards Robin
  5. Hi James I think it would help us provide an answer if you tell us what make and model the turntable is.
  6. This appears to fit the bill. Yamaha TT-N503 MusicCast Vinyl 500 Wireless Turntable $880 https://www.selby.com.au/yamaha-musiccast-vinyl-500-wireless-turntable-black-ttn503b.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw7sz6BRDYARIsAPHzrNIPhOvLTCPliGeQavuWLbUvSVtHuaHieLGnR_VMQQmTobNcbTC8_VAaAhMBEALw_wcB
  7. I will be spinning some vinyl at this event tomorrow , so come along and say hi. You never know what you may find. Valley Record Fair every first Saturday of the month. Sponsored by Brisbane City Council and Butter Beats. Chinatown Mall from 9am. Finishes at 3pm. Parking station right in front of the event. Free tables for first time sellers. DJ Reckless Robin rocking 7" all day long!! 1 Crate sellers free!! More info call Jason 07 3257 3257 Covid social distancing applies Of course after loading the car I realised I had a slow puncture. Luckily I was able to get it repaired with out having to take every thing out of the car !!!
  8. You were correct Andy , it did not solve the problem but did alter it. See above my addition to my previous post. It took us a long time to get the NBN setup working and in the end got the young son of a friend of ours ,who is an IT tec, round to solve the issues. Not sure now, why we are not using wiFi to take the internet to the PC but think there was some good reason. Phono is battery powered so not plugged in to mains power. Noise from internet must be being picked up in some other way?
  9. You may have something with this suggestion. One recent change has been getting the NBN and starting to use a Power line AV , passthrough adaptor to take the internet to my PC. I then have the stereo equipment plug board piggy backed of of it. I will try plunging it in to a different socket, on its own. Update Plunging Hi Fi equipment plug board in to a different socket, made no difference. But turning off the Power line AV , passthrough adaptor, that sends the internet around the house has removed the sound from left channel and turned it in to a continuous popping noise from the right channel.
  10. Thanks guys Simultaneously in both channels The battery and charger were replaced by Ray Samuels last November when the on / off switch was replaced.. Making sure the battery was fully charged was one of the things I tried but it made no difference. I will admit the sound is only just audible at normal volume ,between tracks and after the record is finished and the actual sound is great, but now I hear it it is hard to ignore plus my concern is that it could lead to total failure.
  11. I am the proud owner of a Ray Samuels Nighthawk, battery powered, Phono that gives excellent sound. I purchased the phono a couple of years ago and apart from the on / off switch, that Ray repaired ,I have had no problems with it until a few months ago, when it started to make a consistent, random, popping noise. The sound is only just audible between tracks and when the record is not playing but is quite noticeable. I did some swapping around and established the phono as the problem. Ray asked me to return it but he was unable to replicate the fault and suggested I try different interconnects. Phono was returned yesterday and I swapped rca leads and the sound is still present. I also tried it with a different TT and the sound is still present plus I have tried two other phonos and the problem noise is not there . The actual sound from the Nighthawk is fantastic so I am finding this quite frustrating. I would be grateful if any one has any suggestions. I have recorded the sound with my phone but not sure how to up load it to this post.
  12. @Raffinator I think wen is trying to indicate to you that you already have a Rega turntable with a 24 volt motor. That is probably why the kit will not fit your TT. I think the kit is for the earlier Regas, like my Planar 2, from the 80s.
  13. 5Ohz is correct for Australia, America is 60hz. As far as I am aware there is only one Rega motor upgrade kit and it states in the adverts "Designed with a simple fixing solution to fit all previous Rega turntables that do not already use 24v technology." So I do not think you have any thing to worry about. Does it come with a Australian power plug fitted ? And perhaps you could let us know your thoughts when installed. A big plus is you can now use the Rega power supply and not have to move the belt on the pully to change speed.
  14. Bit earlier than Eskimo Joe but could be this.
  15. I agree with @lumholtzii and vacuum after Ultrasonic. Made my Ultrasonic and vacuum so not too much spent.
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