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  1. I have been finding the same thing lately. I think it is the dry weather causing static, that attracts dust while the record is playing. It happened with some records I had cleaned so I tried a brand new record that had not been cleaned and the same thing happened. Hopefully will not be as bad as summer kicks in and the humidity rises. 😊
  2. US produces a much better result that a manual spin clean type method. Having previously cleaned my records manually I changed to US cleaning. I cleaned about thirty LP's with the US cleaner ,that I thought were already clean and when I checked the bath the next day a film of brown dirt had settled on the bottom of the tank. I now use a 1 micron filter to clean the water ,with a rinse cycle after US cleaning. There are now a number of kits around and my set up cost about $350. It will not dry the records as the KLA Audio cleaner will, but in a rack, with a fan on them, records are dry in about 15 minutes plus this set up is about $5000 cheaper than the KALAUDIO US cleaner. If not confident in making your own , Owen's kit is very reasonable My set up
  3. These are mine. I think the oldest one is 1961 More curiosities really, as I am not fanatical about set up, but find them invaluable for setting antiskate
  4. Question If tap water and distilled water, with out wetting agent is too thick to get to the bottom of a groove, why would that matter ,because surely a styles would not get as far down in to a groove as any liquid.
  5. Hi @andyr Bunning's is Steam distilled but you get 10L for $12.99 at Auto barn, rather than 5L for $4 at Bunning's so not a great deal of difference in price. https://www.autobarn.com.au/refresh-industrial-steam-distilled-water-10l I have now installed a 1 micron filter system and started using distilled water ,on the basis that it is better than tap water ,I can use it for an extended period and it is cheap.
  6. I have a Rega Planar 2, with the same motor and have never had any problems with spasmodic vibration buzz . Mine has a new bearing and subplatter. I did have a problem with the motor running erratically and I solved this issue with a new motor capacitor. Cheap so could be worth a try. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rega-Planar-Motor-Repair-Capacitor-For-Earlier-220V-240V-Models-0-22uF-220nF/152563390608?epid=19009184641&hash=item23857c9890:g:CA8AAOSwe25bGBJg&frcectupt=true This is mine
  7. It would be an easy task to place modern components in side the original cabinets. On the model I and the original post refer to the speakers are separate from the TT and amp, so there would be no problem with isolation from the TT. If you use an amp with a remote control it would not need to be seen and the TT could just sit in the place of the original. Plus modern speaker cabinets could be placed in side the originals, after the original drivers have been removed. Not saying I would do it but quite possible with no need to touch the electronics, just a bit of carpentry.
  8. Afraid IMO people are just buying them for "their aesthetics" Sound reproduction has progressed a long way since this type of radiogram was thought to sound acceptable. You could buy one and fit modern components and speakers in it. One near me for $150 although restored can go for $1500 especially if they have the "scandi" look. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-Old-School-AWA-Record-Player-Radiogram-Phono-Retro-Music-Vinyl-45s/273771361825?hash=item3fbe0b7621:g:18MAAOSwj6lb70k4&frcectupt=true
  9. The BSR deck uses a ceramic cartridge and they are high out put but low fidelity and need the high tracking weight to stop them skipping and sticking. You can't fit a Moving magnet cart, as it will have the wrong output for the built in amp. As a serious record player an AWA would not be worth the effort but if it is cheap enough and you want to stack a few singles, watch them drop, go for it.
  10. IMO this could not be more than a curiosity and with a tracking weight of between 4 and 6g is likely to destroy any records you play on it. I would only play op shop finds that are already too far gone for a decent Turntable. If you really want to play records a more modern Turntable would be better. Also posting in the Vinyl / Turntable thread may get more responses.
  11. Yes it does . The owners manual, I down loaded from Vinyl Engine , points out you can use it in your car!! ve_technics_sl-10.pdf
  12. Hi @Marc Any update or response in relation to this matter yet.
  13. Just purchased the Bob Marley LP. Excellent recording and some great playing. Appears to be widely available on the net. https://www.discogs.com/Bob-Marley-And-The-Wailers-Live-Boston-Music-Hall-June-8th-1978/release/11950881 And looks like it was first released on CD by Island as Easy Skanking in Boston 78. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easy_Skanking_in_Boston_'78 I would not buy a Pirated copy of a standard Lp but I do own several Bootleg, Live recordings ,so if this is a Live Bootleg I can't say it bothers me that much. Will probably buy the CD now to get the extra tracks.
  14. Hi @benny Do you know the exact size of the hose fitting you have fitted in to the tank tap, as I want to purchase one and am not keen to take the tank in to Bunnings to try some. Thanks Robin
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