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  1. In the Acoustic Sounds listing https://store.acousticsounds.com/index.cfm?get=detail&title_id=32085 it is described as ,Finish Solid ash black wood trim. This probably means timber veneer ie very thin timber. You could remove small amount of the coating from the back, with paint striper, where it would not be seen and see what it looks like underneath but you could probably end up with a result you are not happy with and loosing some of the value of the table. Probably not worth the risk on a table with some value to it.
  2. A couple of mine 2 by Madness, INXS, Level 42 and Brisbane bitter. Plus a Holden review from Modern Motors 1971. Some Flexi's have value ,if they are by a collectable band ,with a song that is not in any other form. Holden one goes for $35.
  3. There called Flexi Discs and were quite often used to promote actual records or just for advertising and were normally given away. I found one tucked inside an Abba record sleeve the other day promoting Brisbane bitter it featured a funky little advertising song. Will post a picture tomorrow. I have a number of them.
  4. Your in luck, unless you are looking something special , Glenn Miller and anything classical, should be available cheep in op shops. The market for either is small.
  5. @Billy Shears It appears to me that your "Mrs'' is making a valuation that the person is "hot" and that "It is needed". And then putting that valuation on to the Admin of this site. To me it is a female holding a stop sign that is covering most of her face. Fifty percent of the population is female so why should a woman not be holding the sign.
  6. What has that got to do with the **** program
  7. Well worth watching. Saddest part was, people who think listening to records on a Crossley suitcase record player is a good thing.
  8. If any one can pick these up, will not post. You can have the pair for $50 or may swap for some vinyl. Motors on both TT turn, when powered up, both need refurbishing. What you see is what you get 🙂
  9. This is one of mine made from a IKEA cork place mat. They were slightly larger and I used a 6mm hole punch to form the hole. The main reason I used them was to raise the arm at the head shell end to make it level. I use a rubber mat on top of this. I remember the mats being round but this is the closes I can find. https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/avskild-place-mat-cork-10281655/
  10. I would be interested to hear other more knowledgeable members opinions with regards to this mod, as I have a pair of SL1200 myself and electronics are not an area I have much knowledge of. @fazisoundsWith regard to your first question. KAB in the USA offer a Power supply for about $390 AU https://www.kabusa.com/frameset.htm?/td1000.htm Sound Hi Fi, http://www.soundhifi.com/ ,the ones you mention, claim theirs is better and it is about $895 AU There may be others plus some have made there own. With regard to your 3rd question The Sound Hi Fi
  11. I think I admire what you are doing but in answer to your question, I am afraid my answer is, I don't really keep thing under control and my thinking is, just because I have not played some thing for five years dose not meant I will not want to play it in the next five years. I do sell things but i have to think that I would never want to play them. Also in Queensland so may be interested in buying something. Presently about 3500 lp's , 2000 cd's and 1500 7'' singles.
  12. I have had a similar experience. Although on scratched records, some crackle and pop remains, because the cleaning brings out a depth and clarity, they can be ignored a lot easier and the music still enjoyed. Can't recommend Ultrasonic cleaning enough. I have just unsealed a brand new record and it too sounded fantastic after cleaning and average before.
  13. I would have been happy with the SL1500c but it was $700 more, than what I purchased the SL1200 Mk 7 for and I did not require the internal phone and cart. I believe all internals, arm, to be the same. Would have been nice to have the hinges on the lid though. Mine was open box but it arrived with a crack in the lid . No problem I was told, take it in to your nearest branch and we will swap it. So in I go, they bring out a new one ,we open it to check the lid is ok and I am on my way again.
  14. Would also prefer it to have hinges I think it would not be too hard to come up with a bracket for hinges ,perhaps attached by the bolt for the feet. Will try and work some thing out when it is out of warranty.
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