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  1. Hi to you Brett. I am also in Brisbane. The first LP I purchased was Electric Warrior by T Rex. Unfortunately I stuck the poster it contained on my wall so now it is not complete ☹️
  2. I Saw this movie on a plane recently too and loved it. Even made me appreciate Bruce a bit more as I never really got in to him at the time.
  3. Facebook market place https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3202146879814193/?ref=feed_rhc
  4. Sounds like you have worked it out. Bearing / spindle needs some support. There is one for sale locally and it looks like the spindle has dropped on this one too, so could be quite common.
  5. I like the Acos-Lustre GST Soundtracer tonearm and have one fitted to my Rega Planner 2. It did come with the sub weight but I would not want to separate it ,in case I need it in the future. And I would imagine you will struggle to obtain the two parts of the sub weight , with out purchasing the entire arm. But to add extra weight you could get some washers from Bunning's with a 12 mm hole. Add as many as required glue them together with supper glue and then fix them to the end of the original weight with Blue tac. This is then easily reversible.
  6. You can't get the Quadraphonic sound via a Pioneer SC-LX76 from your DSOTM, you need a sq decoder.
  7. I cut up an old TT lid for my repair so have plenty left that you could use and would be happy to send you some. I found ordinary Super glue to be fine but it does help if you can put the repair under pressure with a clamp or weight and leave for 24 hours. This is the glue, from Bunning's, that I used It was only a couple of dollars. Being thin it has the advantage that it will flow in to cracks. Ignore the Loctite GO2
  8. Super glue achieves a strong repair to TT lids. The best repair is achieved if some pressure can be applied with a clamp and left over night. Recently repaired the lid of a Technics SL Q2 . tab that fitted in to the hinge was missing and I made a replacement ,glued it in place and it was strong enough to cut and file the next day. Need to see some pictures of yours to know if this would work.
  9. Your last picture shows a large amount of fluff on the tip of the stylus. If you clean that off now and then on a regular basis it will sound a lot better. I use Magic eraser. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4X-Magic-Sponge-Eraser-Melamine-Cleaner-white-gray-multi-functional-100x60x20mm/252672703228 But you can use a tooth brush. Just be gentle and make sure you only brush towards you ,when standing in front of the turntable
  10. Good effort and applaud any one promoting the hobby but IMO a bit like watching paint dry. Perhaps give some info on the Fair ,how often , number of sellers , contact number for organizer , parking ect I did skip from about five minutes in, to the end, but appeared to be the same the whole way through.
  11. I recently re did my Technics SL1200 with 5,000 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RC-Silicone-Diff-Fluid-1k-500k-by-Team-Associated-HPI-Losi-PRC-Rovan-KM/362553660092?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=631701504763&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 But it still drops too quick and I am not sure what to go to next.
  12. Yes, thanks for your review and helpful comments. @April Snow I agree with other’s comments regarding visual grading. I test play, at least, the first 30 seconds of all the records I sell and then, if there are any marks, I play that area to see if it affects play back, sound. Nearly all the records I sell I clean with my ultrasonic cleaner, use a new inner and a new outer sleeve for. Not all sellers do this, and some sellers are not as conscientious as others. This does take time, but I believe a seller has an obligation to check their stock condition. Not just use the mint condition price from Discogs and hope for the best. I can see the appeal of a sticker with a grading on it, but if the seller has only visually checked the record it is quite dishonest to make any claims. I do buy the occasional; record off of Discogs. If there is something you are particularly after, it is an easy way to find it. But I too have heard some very bad stories regarding misleading condition descriptions and struggles to get a refund. At least at Record Fair you can visually check the condition before purchase. The postage is a big turn off for me, as it can sometimes be twice the cost of the record. Plus, most of the sellers at Record Fairs also sell on Discogs and vice versa, so a lot of the sellers are the same people. As for having Turntables set up for listening booths, unless the buyer was someone I knew well and trusted to handle a record correctly, I would be very reluctant to let them start dropping the needle on some of my records and less keen to purchase the records that a some Crossley owners had been let loose on a few times. You will soon get to know the good sellers from the bad. A number of people who regularly buy from me have told me there are sellers they never buy from and others they know they are safe with and always go to. Glad you will be coming back and if you are ever unhappy with a purchase from myself, I think I was your $10, 12’’ single purchase, I am happy to refund the next month.
  13. The West end Fair is in the Rumpus room Bar,in Boundary st and is on the second Saturday of every month and has now been running for seven years. DJ Nick providing excellent music and a nice friendly atmosphere. Plus .as mentioned by @candyflip, you are more than welcome to slide the records out and check the condition. I always manage to find something for my collection, a few English Folk LP's from Tam on this occasion, plus sell a few thing to cover my purchases.
  14. Not a big deal to have the 4 x 2 on it's side. I have added a hard wood top, from Bunning's, to mine, after the original top got marked and damaged quite easily. Also have two 4 x 1 and one 4 x 5 plus a few IKEA cd towers. Keeping every thing tidy helps the collection to be more acceptable. You will also notice I gained control of all of the 4 x 2, eventually 😊
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