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  1. EV Cali

    Greetings from cold sunny Brisbane

    I think I can see a Technics and perhaps a Luxman plus some idler wheels. I live in Brisbane and would be happy to look at them and give some advice regarding what direction you want to go with them. Robin
  2. Item: Bulk sale of 84 Classical LP's Location:Brisbane Price: $125 Item Condition:Excelent Reason for selling: Were part of a couple of collections I purchased and are of no interest to me. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Pick up only from The Gap,9k west of the City. I would be prepared to drop off in their crate ,at a local Pack and Send ,if all arrangements and payment were made by the buyer. Most look unplayed. PM me if interested. Pictures:
  3. EV Cali

    Wrappin a tt plinth with veneer tape?

    Yes worth a go. But the product you have linked to is only 21mm wide, so is only for the edges. You can get Iron on ,sheet ,veneer that is wider. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/IRON-ON-WHITE-OAK-WOOD-VENEER-STAIR-STRING-STRINGER-SHEET-4500mm-x-300mm/292058797911?epid=1131253892&hash=item44000f9757:g:KIEAAMXQUmFSnKqD And that is what you really need to cover the whole TT. The order for application to get the best look regarding seen edges, is back first, then sides, front and last the top.
  4. EV Cali

    The mechanics of ultrasonic cleaning

    Ah I can see that there could be a perceived advantage to going diagonally across, in that you could use a smaller and perhaps cheaper tank. But as the 6lt tanks are quite reasonably priced now, enable three or four records to be cleaned at a time and make the fitment of a frame / motor easier ,strait across is a good solution. Good to think out side of the box/ square sometimes though ThirdDrawerDown
  5. EV Cali

    The mechanics of ultrasonic cleaning

    They fit better that way. That's all.
  6. EV Cali

    80,000 record collection.

    I knew Ken.He was a really nice guy and a regular at Record Fairs. As his daughter mentioned, this was his personal collection and it gave him great pleasure and that is all that really matters. It would be nice to see the collection broken up, at least in to artist/ sections. Probably then the most chance of it going to other collectors who would appreciate them. Rather than disappearing in to a Museum.
  7. EV Cali

    JH Reproducers

    Welcome to the site. I have had a JH Turntable and have posted my thoughts on this site. You can't polish one.
  8. Been collecting for a long time. Love listening to an LP the whole way through but singles have a place to.
  9. EV Cali

    Rega Platter wobble

    So is it like an edge warp on a record and you are suggesting the platter may be warped? Although interesting to know the problem the main thing is it is not correct and should be returned.
  10. EV Cali

    Rega Platter wobble

    I agree, if only two months old this is not correct and should not be your problem and you should not touch it as you could void your warranty. Having said that the only cause I can think of is that the nut holding the sub platter bearing on to the plinth is loose.
  11. No Justin Bieber in my singles collection @audiofeline so fortunate that there were no requests for him. 😉 Around a hundred buyers and I think the music helped build the atmosphere and helped encourage sales. A few questions regarding who some of the singles I played were by and if they were for sale and hopefully people were encouraged to try some thing new to them. Tried to play a mixture of styles, with out them jarring with each other too much. Alternative - Sunny Boys ,Alone with you Rock - The Faces , Stay with me Reggae- Junior Marvin Police and thieves 60's- The Masters Apprentices , I'm your satisfier Soul- the Equals, Baby come back Over about four hours I got through 80 singles. Great fun and I got paid to.
  12. Just finished loading the car so I can spin some vinyl for punters at the Graceville Record Fair, 9am Sunday. See link below. Records in cabinet aren’t going but already have amp, speakers, stands etc loaded. More effort than DJ’ing with a laptop but more fun. Since stopping paid work a few months ago and having some free time , I have been going through my singles collection, that I have been accumulating and putting to one side for a number of years. The limitations of playing from a physical collection definitely bring on selections that, the almost unlimited digital world would not lead to. If you are in Brisbane come along for a listen and to build up your collection https://www.facebook.com/butter.beats.54/photos/a.584077068302983.1073741826.580499531994070/1869902199720457/?type=3&theater
  13. EV Cali

    Denon VL12 Prime

    The Dennon get's some good reviews but if you would rather get a Technics SL1200 than a Pioneer PX1000 ,why not get a SL1200. You should be able to get a really good one for between $700 - $800. It has a lid, not an option with the Dennon and the day after you purchase it ,it will still be worth $700 - $800 when the $1000 Dennon will be worth about $700. I have just had a pair of SL1200 MK2's refurbished by a guy on the Gold Coast and I am now using one of them in my Hi Fi system, instead of a Rega and do not plan to swap them back.
  14. Suggests that the thread in the arm socket has striped. You could probably use a slightly bigger gauge, self taping screw but the arm probably needs to be removed to try this.