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  1. Thanks all for the responses. Re the MQA debate, is it / isn’t it for real ? While I really love my music I’m also looking to appreciate even more about it. Keen to find out for myself what all the MQA debate is about. I don’t have a particular position in relation to it and I’m subscribed to both Tidal and Qobuz. The whole exercise is about my enlightenment and I wanted to be sure I will be getting the fully unfolded version without any further digital shenanigans from an internal DAC. Looking to let my ears be the judge against all 3 formats. Depending on what I’
  2. Thanks for coming back to me. Yes, that’s how I’m running it currently. I’m wanting to have the second unfold which was why I was looking at the MQA compatible DAC. Given I no longer require a 7 channel setup as I no longer have my theatre room and am spending more time listening to music I’m reverting to a dedicated 2 channel amp. Have pulled the trigger on a CXA 81 amplifier after listening to a few over the weekend. The analog inputs on that amp will bypass the internal DAC. Looking forward to getting it all setup this coming weekend.
  3. Hi all, I currently stream Roon from a CXN V2. Currently directly into a Marantz 6004 AVR. I wanting MQA unfolding capability and unfortunately an MQA DAC into the Marantz will still be routed via the internal DAC rather than bypassing it which from everything I understand will negate the MQA unfold. I no longer require multi channel functionality and am reverting to a stereo set up. I’m considering the NAD C 388. It gives me the connectivity options I need. It will also decode MQA. All the info I can find on it though keeps referring to its Blue
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