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  1. Hi, my name is Martin and I am into hiFi and all things vinyl. I have two TT's - both much modded and updated. An early Linn Sondek - new motor, Herc in a Mose case, new base and lid, springs etc with an Ortofon OM2 Blue into a SS phono stage, Mosfet pre and KT88 pwer amp run in triode mode - speakers are Tannoy Eatons with HPD295A Gold monitors all refurbished with new rubber surrounds and upgraded crossovers. My other system is a Luxman A522 - stripped out and rebuilt to rega P3 specs with new motor, pcb, subplatter and bearing and beautiful Rega RB300 arm completely refurbed by Johnny at Audio Origami. I use a small twin triode preamp, a phono stage based on NAIM boards and a Quad 303 power amp - all into a stunning pair of Altec Lansing 8's with the Mantra Ray horns. I am experimenting with a notebook, FLAC files and a nice little DAC from Honkers. I buy a lot of new and used vinyl.
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