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  1. Further information: This DAC needs no introduction. Very natural and organic sounding. A good pickup for anyone wanting to upgrade to Directstream or just wanting a damn good 2nd hand DAC at a great price. Lots of inputs - I2S, Coax, USB, Toslink and of course the Network Bridge. It is the Bridge V1 so needs a UPNP server to use properly. History: I am the first and only owner. Purchased from Carlton Audio Visual in 2013 as a 240V unit, then when I moved to the US, it was changed at the factory to 120V. I moved back here in 2017 and changed the voltage myself back to 240V. This only required a few jumper cable changes and is exactly what the factory did in reverse. Note there is a slight scratch in the glass top near the power inlet. Also, one of the screws on the bottom panel is stripped. However, it doesn't prevent the unit from being opened. (I accidentally stripped the screw when converting the unit, but later found out that there are 4 other screws that hold the top panel in and this specific screw doesn't really do much at all). Will ship Australia-wide at my expense. Photos:
  2. Hi, the standard cable is 5.5ft long and is flat ribbon - https://www.zmfheadphones.com/zmf-cables/zmf-stock-cable Both the stock and PlusSound are 1/4in terminations. Let me know if you need better pictures.
  3. Further information: Purchased direct from ZMF in October 2018 for $1,399 USD, selling because I've moved to ZMF Verite Closed and no longer need the Eikons. They are in excellent condition. Will ship Australia-wide at my cost. They come with stock cables 5.5ft 1/4in and custom PlusSound Echo+ 4ft 1/4in copper cables valued at $399USD as well as original Seahorse case. The headphones have a neutral signature with a hint of warmth for a fun, musical signature. There are plenty of reviews out there that state simply how good these cans are!! Good match for both valve or SS amps/DACs - though they are something special through valve amps. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. I was probably comparing the Crackatwoa build to the Crack... 😀 the former being much harder and in more recent memory. Anyway, PM if you're still keen..
  5. Me.. 😆 It was a pretty simple build (skill level 1). (just edited the listing to reflect)
  6. Item: Bottlehead Crack with Speedball Upgrade and Tube Upgrades (Chatham 6080WA, Brimar CV4003) Location: Melbourne, VIC. Will ship ($20AUD Australia wide) Price: $700 ono Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to Crackatwoa Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This headphone valve amp was built by myself in December 2018. I've used it up until November 2019 when I upgraded to a Crackatwoa. An excellent amp for high impedance cans such as Sennheiser HD650/600, Beyerdynamics and ZMFs. This will come with the stock tubes (RCA 6080s and GE input tubes) as well as tube upgrades for both the output and inputs: Chatham 6080WA and Brimar CV4003, all NOS when purchased. This combination of tubes gives a punchy and musical sound with a little bit of sparkle, yet losing none of the rich mids that valve amps are known for. The Chatham 6080WAs are sonic equivalents of Tungsol 6080s, which are ridiculously hard to find and are one of the most popular tubes used on Bottlehead Cracks. The finish is a Scandinavian Oil with a spray painted dark grey metal top plate. (There are some imperfections in the spray painting). I have other tubes that can be sold either together with the amp or separately (not included in the purchase price). All NOS and used briefly for testing. GEC 6080 - +$200 - a much warmer, sweeter tube than the Chatham 6080WA Tungsol 5998 +$200 - enough said... Tungsol 6080 +$100 - punchy, musical Photos:
  7. Item: Chord Mojo and Moon Audio Black Dragon USB Cable (22cm) Location: Melbourne, Australia Price: $450 AUD Item Condition: Perfect working condition, some visible scratches . Reason for selling: Not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, Free shipping with tracking in Australia Extra Info: This DAC needs no introduction. Only selling because I now use a Hugo TT and a Sony WM1Z and have no need for the Mojo. It comes with a Moon Audio Black Dragon USB Cable worth $85 USD. Will ship with tracking for free Australia-wide, or pickup in the South Melbourne area. Photos:
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