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  1. Many thanks. Any idea as to where I could get such a design and someone to make it for me?
  2. I loved working with the Yamaha NS1000M speakers in recording studios in the late 1970s and so always wanted a pair. I finally purchased a pair in 2018 and they are now the speakers I listen to the most in my bedroom Hi-Fi setup. Powered by a Denon DAP-2500 Pre-Amplifier and a Denon POA-2800 Power Amplifier. The recording studio I worked in the most had a pair of Audiosphere 3-way concrete enclosure speakers made by Michael Brown (www.sophera.com.au) in the 1970s. They were magnificent. I haven't been able to find a pair, but I do have a pair of the smaller Audiosphere 2 which use a full range Coral driver.
  3. So I've managed to purchase a pair of Celestion CX 2012 Co-axial De Luxe Studio Series speakers made in England in the 1960s. 12 inch, 20W, 15 Ohms. I had hoped to be able to use these speakers to replace the Goodmans TwinAxiom 10 Twin concentric speakers in a custom made tuned enclosures. But the Celestion drivers are too big for the enclosure. Thus I need a design for a suitable enclose for the Celestion CX2012 speakers. Celestion published two designs for speaker enclosures in the 1960s, but I suspect there would be more appropriate enclosure design for the Celestion CX 2012 Co-axial speakers that could be used. Does anyone know of where to look, or who could help me out, coming up with such speaker enclosures.
  4. Yes, Roon is worth it. I have two Roon setups with two lifetime memberships. One at home, one at work. Both use an Intel NUC with SSD running ROCK as the core. Each is backed up daily to a second SSD and a USB3 stick. The work setup has the music library on an USB3 attached 4TB external drive. The home setup has the music library on a Synology NAS. I mostly use an iPad at each location as the control device. The music stream is delivered to Raspberry Pi devices with various DAC hats. Three at work and five at home. I don't use Tidal or any other streaming service as I like to own the music I listen to. I haven't bothered to use Roon's radio streaming capability much. My main downside with using Roon is that it doesn't have a proper security system. You can setup users, but every user has complete access to the entire library and can read, play, edit and delete stuff. There is no read and play only option to allow guests or customers access to the setup without the danger of them stuffing up the library. The other downside is that the connections it makes expends my musical knowledge too much. Thus I need to buy more music, resulting in my collection more than doubling to some 2300 albums since starting with Roon.
  5. G'day, Sadly the volume was cranked up too loud and my pair of Goodmans of England TwinAxiom 10 Speakers now sound damaged. So I'm looking for recommendations. Should I try to get the speaker drivers repaired. If so, who in Melbourne would you recommend. Should I try to find another pair of the same speaker drivers. Any suggestions or offers. Should I just replace the speaker drivers. I wanted this pair of speakers because I was attracted to the sound of twin and tri axial speakers as often used in UK recording studios in the 1960s and early 1970s, and I liked the sound of this driver and cabinet combination. So ideally I'd like the replacement to be along these lines. But I'm also open to other suggestions. Best regards, Lloyd
  6. Today I've picked up a pair of Goodmans of England TwinAxiom 10 Speakers (vintage drivers) in custom made to UK plans, tuned port cabinets. The speakers are 15/16 ohms each rated at 20 watts. I'm told the speakers cost over $1,000 to import from England, and the enclosures were build by a past president of Melbourne Audio Group for over $1,000.00. These are wide range speakers, which should be great on classical music, records and reel-to-reel tape. I've always wanted a set of this style of speakers. Drivers like these were commonly used in UK recording studio monitors in the late 1960s and 1970s. I'm not sure which system I'm going to attach them to, or which room I'll put them in, but I'm confident they'll sound great regardless. I might try them with the Sansui Seven AM/FM Stereo Receiver in the dining room for the time being.
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