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  1. lloyd_borrett


    I’ve never had a reply
  2. lloyd_borrett

    FS: Denon DRS-810 tape deck

    Is this unit still available?
  3. lloyd_borrett

    FS: Denon DRS-810 tape deck

    Is this unit still for sale?
  4. lloyd_borrett

    Goodmans TwinAxiom 10 Speakers

    I now have a Dining Room sound system up and running. Some remodelling of the sideboard was required. I'm using a Sansui Seven AM/FM Stereo Receiver (36W per channel, Vintage 1972-73) with the Goodmans TwinAxiom 10 speakers, plus a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro as the network digital media player (Raspberry Pi 3B with HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro, Steel case, and 16 GB memory card running RoPieee OS to create a RoonBridge). Sounds really nice. I doubt many of my dinner guests will appreciate it though.
  5. lloyd_borrett


    Happy to buy the lot, and pay via PayPal or direct bank deposit if you can package them up for shipping. Either I can arrange a courier pickup, or you can arrange delivery, whichever is easier. Happy to pay the shipping costs.
  6. lloyd_borrett

    Knock offs/clones on ebay

    Does anyone have experience with the Chinese copy valve or solid state preamps? For example... https://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/Preamplifiers/1070003_271007253.html?spm=2114.12010108.0.0.c2413464J9yF5j or https://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/Preamplifiers/1070003_260720133.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.1b9c7898E3WL40
  7. lloyd_borrett

    Concrete Round speakers from Canberra

    I had a really fantastic day today. First I drove from Bowral, NSW to Canberra to listen to a pair of Audiosphere 2 concrete speakers made by Michael Brown in the 1970s. (See picture below.) Ed (edmac) was a magnificent host and we had a great chat. More importantly, listening to the full range, single driver speakers brought back my memories of working with a pair of the 3-way version of Audiospheres in a recording studio in the late 1970s. These single driver speakers sound magnificent. Eventually it was time to pay Ed and load the heavy speakers and their bases into my car. I then headed to Michael Brown's shop in Gunning, NSW. See www.sophera.com.au for more details. I was hoping to meet Michael and find out how he'd progressed with the sound of the speakers he makes in the last 40 years. Eventually I got to sit down with Michael and we discussed some of his latest designs and listened to them. They are very special. The detail is awesome. Michael explained how he worked on 12 different Sophera prototypes over 15 months recently using some new design principles. The stunning results of the final designs are certainly worth the effort. He's now negotiating with some different driver manufactures to secure reliable driver supplies and hopes to be able to go into more regular production of the new models soon. He might even make it to the upcoming Melbourne Hi-Fi Show. If he does, you need to do yourself a favour and make time to listen to them. We discussed how he could even bring my just purchased 1970 era Audiosphere 2 speakers up-to-date. I have mixed feelings about that. Anyway, first I just need to get them home and start listening to them. Updating or not is a decision for further down the track. Michael and I chatted for about an hour and a half and covered some wide ranging topics. He's a great bloke and strikes me as Australia's Burt Munro (World's Fastest Indian) of speaker design and production. The amazing product he's producing deserves a much wider global audience. I just love what he's doing and hope that he soon gets the recognition, respect and speaker sales he deserves. P.S. I'm still interested in finding a pair of the 3-way model.
  8. lloyd_borrett

    Knock offs/clones on ebay

    What pre-amp are you using?
  9. lloyd_borrett

    Knock offs/clones on ebay

    What DC trap do you use?
  10. Impressive. Which are your favorites and why?
  11. Today I've picked up a pair of Goodmans of England TwinAxiom 10 Speakers (vintage drivers) in custom made to UK plans, tuned port cabinets. The speakers are 15/16 ohms each rated at 20 watts. I'm told the speakers cost over $1,000 to import from England, and the enclosures were build by a past president of Melbourne Audio Group for over $1,000.00. These are wide range speakers, which should be great on classical music, records and reel-to-reel tape. I've always wanted a set of this style of speakers. Drivers like these were commonly used in UK recording studio monitors in the late 1960s and 1970s. I'm not sure which system I'm going to attach them to, or which room I'll put them in, but I'm confident they'll sound great regardless. I might try them with the Sansui Seven AM/FM Stereo Receiver in the dining room for the time being.
  12. lloyd_borrett

    Nura hype???

    I purchased a pair and they do what they do quite well. Being of a more advanced age my ability to hear bass is compromised. So of course it detects that and thus my profile delivers more bass. So I know I’m hearing what I should be hearing. Problem is I’ve never liked a lot of bass, even in my youth when I could hear it properly. So I have mixed feelings about using them. And yes, it’s an Australian company using technology developed at Melbourne Uni.
  13. Item: Yamaha Power Amplifier M-45 Location: Mornington Peninsula, VIC Price: Free Item Condition: Not working Reason for selling: It Blew Up! Payment Method: Not Applicable Extra Info: Not working and partly disassembled. Has blown up one channel taking a speaker with it. Maybe you can use it for parts. Case and interior has rust as if it was left outside at some point. A few months back I was given this power amplifier along with: Yamaha Natural Sound AM Stereo / FM Stereo Tuner T-420A Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Deck KX-500 Yamaha Natural Sound Compact Disc Player CDC-585 (5 Disc) Yamaha Natural Sound Digital Sound Field Processor DSP-E200 Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Control Amplifier C-50 Playmaster 300W Subwoofer Amplifier I hadn't gotten around to using it. Then my Denon Power Amplifier POA-2800 was acting up so I swapped it out and tried this amplifier, only to find it was dead. The protection circuit stayed on. Took both power amps in for repair. Repairer started on the Yamaha first. He fixed the protection circuit and a few other issues. It was then playing and sounding good. He left it running for an extended period. Midway through the second day there was an almighty bang. The amplifier blew a channel and took the drivers and crossover in the speaker with it. The repairer had never seen anything like it happen before. (Thankfully, it wasn't at home connected to my Yamaha NS-1000Ms at the time.) I was going to chuck it in the bin, but thought someone here might find it useful for parts. Free to a good home. Maybe you could make a donation to Stereo.net.au. It's located on the Mornington Peninsula. You could pick it up from my dive shop in Rye anytime from 9am to 4pm on any day except Tuesday. Or from my home in Blairgowrie at night. Pictures:
  14. lloyd_borrett

    Home Office/Study Stereo System

    G'day, My home office/study sound system has had a minor upgraded tonight. I now have a silver NAD Series 20 Stereo Amplifier 3020, connected to a matching NAD AM/FM Stereo Tuner 4020A, and a matching NAD Stereo Cassette Tape Deck 6050C. Sounds nice. The grey NAD Stereo Amplifier 3020e connected to a matching NAD AM/FM Stereo Tuner 4020A have been swapped out. They'll probably be used to replace the NAD 7020 in my office at work. I'd been looking for a NAD cassette deck to go with these units and found the above full silver amp, tuner, and cassette deck combination instead. Best regards, Lloyd Borrett.
  15. lloyd_borrett

    Chord Mojo + Poly Solution, or?

    I often wonder if numbers like that are a limitation based on the biggest card available at the time the product was released, or some limitation for technical reasons. For example, SanDisk now have 400Gb cards, Will they work in this older model or not? They are supposed to work in the newer model.