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  1. Nice looking ride Mr G. Happy miles!!
  2. A quick google search and forum read indicates 25mm will fit comfortably, and 28mm will probably fit but you may need to inflate the tire after fitting wheel.
  3. They look like Herbies gliders. I use them on my wooden floors. Fantastic product.
  4. Got my Tech21 case. It fits really well and looks great (on black phone). I also installed USB Audio Player Pro. Playing music from Tidal through UAPP sounds, to my ears, better than the Tidal app.
  5. The DAC in the V30+ sounds great btw.
  6. I don't see any better phones for that price. I have the V30+. I paid 399 at JBs. I got it for the DAC (and the space, 128GB) to use as a DAP. The screen on the V30+ is it's weak point - it's not a patch on my samsung note5, which i use as my daily phone, but i won't be buying another Note at current prices. I believe the screen, and camera, were improved over the V30+ in the V40. I didn't get the V40 only because it is a fair bit bigger than the V30+, if it where the same size, I would have paid for the V40.
  7. LgV30+ $399 at jbhifi. Got one for myself at this price today to replace my current phone which is on its last legs. Great phone for $400. Darko article about the lower spec'd none plus version https://darko.audio/2018/06/the-dap-days-are-over-part-3-lg-v30/
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