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  1. greigw

    Help with getting back into cycling

    Perth is good for bike riders. There are bike lanes and shared paths around the river, in kings park, and along the cost, freeways and train lines which any type of bike can use - even ebikes! These paths easily accomadate 30+kph (not that you have to ride that fast on a road bike of course). Sensible riders will slow down for walkers and when passing slower riders. I'll assume the OP is sensible. Commuting hours can be hectic and fast and some group rides have a reputation for being carelessly fast. And there's the occasional idiot. But the majority of riders that use these paths are sensible, at least this is my experience.
  2. greigw

    Help with getting back into cycling

    Keep the mtb for offroad rides and riding with the kids and get a road bike for faster rides around the river and kings park loops. Join Bicycle Market on Facebook for secondhand options. Go 700c not 650b.
  3. greigw

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

    If you can stretch to about $1000, look out for a secondhand Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE . They appear in the classifieds from time to time.
  4. Or Lenehan ML1 Ref with proximity switch.
  5. greigw

    My Room Of Audio

    I like the look. Look foward to some reviews.
  6. greigw

    My Room Of Audio

    What brand are blue speakers @Cafad?
  7. greigw

    Getting out of hifi

    You've likely got until they can crawl to decide. So plenty of time (or not) to think about it. 🤔😃
  8. greigw

    Light suggestions

    I use Dinotte front and rear. They've been very reliable. Mine are older versions of what they now sell, so i assume their new lights are even better. http://store.dinottelighting.com/mobile/road-lightsnight-white-headlight--red-taillight-c6.aspx
  9. Do it! We got one for the kids too. I, I mean they, love it. 👍☺
  10. The Lenehan ML1 Refs in the classifieds. I heard a pair a few years ago and still want them. I'm using Revel M22s which are also excellent, but as not excellent as the ML1 Ref in my opinion. However, a pair of Revels sold here recently for $950 i believe, which was a steal for somebody. Dynaudio Focus 160s also have a good reputation.
  11. Holton at HiFiDeluxe 2018 on AVShowrooms Sounding great👍👍
  12. Grandinote, Grandinote.... Sorry couldn't resist. ☺