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  1. lonesome crowded west

    SOLD: FS: SOtM SMS-200

    Pm sent with intent to buy. Thanks
  2. lonesome crowded west

    Hi from Adelaide

    Hi Pieter, welcome to the site. A lot of people seem to like Schiit gear. Never had a chance to listen to their amps or dacs like Yggdrasil/Freya/vidar but would like too. How do you rate the Aurilic aries streamer? I'm currently looking for a streamer myself. Dan
  3. lonesome crowded west

    New member Sydney

    Welcome Justin. Plenty of bargains to be had in the classifieds
  4. lonesome crowded west

    Hi, new member

    Hi I'm new to the boards. I'm looking for an amp and wanted to have a look through the classifieds
  5. lonesome crowded west

    A Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! Just joined StereoNet.au too.