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  1. Item: Musical Fidelity V Dac II (Version 2), Van Den Hul DigiCoupler Coax Cable, 4m Premium HDMI Cable Location: Kingaroy Price: $200 FOR DAC --- $95 FOR VDH Coax --- $75 for HDMI Respectively, including post. Item Condition: Very Good --- Good --- Brand New Reason for selling: Sold Transport (Buying CD player), never got around to needing the long HDMI lead, projector Idea fell apart. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Musical Fidelity V Day version 2, USB , COAX, OPTICAL Inputs. Very nice sound, honestly could have been happy to keep it for sound, but want a single box CD player for simplicity. Coax lead was used between transport and dac, and not needed anymore. Appears to still be a current model and is $189 new. - https://www.theaudioexperts.com.au/product/van-den-hul-the-digi-coupler/ - I think it's HDMI Lead is the platinum series from Crest, I've had it in a box for a while, box says it supports 4K, 3D ETC so should suit all current formats. These were Around $200 new, but I just don't need a 4M cable, so have invested in a 2M to go to TV (No space for a projector in our house). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. http://eng-au.faq.panasonic.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/34853/~/australian-free-to-air-networks-adding-mpeg4-tv-channels This shows where to look. I have a2011 model and had to do it,
  3. Are you sure this doesn't do mpeg 4? Panasonic have a setting you need to turn on for this and it started around 2009 for compatibility. It is somewhere in either tubing menu or setup
  4. Any idea if one of these can be used in stereo configuration? It has stereo inputs but does it have dual outputs?
  5. Physically the ML3's have foam fronts and a different tweeter, they're also bigger and heavier. Past that I can't help, there's a couple of people who've spoken highly of these, and I think they're a step under the ML3's but when I sold mine (ml3s to fund the wedding last year) They went for $6k and were much older, so reflected in the much lower price. Anything Mike puts his name to is well made, and ironically the smaller cabinets often tend to be more inert anyway (less resonance) despite the lower weight etc. These appear to be the same tweeter as the ML2 which many prefer to the ML3 anyway, which has a "cleaner" presentation, The ML3's had better midrange (IMO vs ML2, but I do have a thing for valves and what most describe as a "warm" presentation..), but a little rolled off in the top end. These would be somewhere in between I imagine as it'll have the bigger bass driver, and the tweeter most people seem to prefer. Hope my subjective thoughts help.. Killer speakers, would happily take them off your hands, but sadly, you seem to want some money for them, which I do not have..
  6. These are actually MLT3 not ML3. Good speakers but a different model
  7. Needs to do a matching CD player and amp just so you can say my hifi system is pretty gross haha
  8. So I just sold the Meridian on eBay to a gentleman in Tokyo (no interest here after 12 months so I caved and let it go across the water), catch is now working out the best way to get it there. I thought I could just use Transdirect, but they say they only take commercial shipments, and while I can use a work address, it's not technically MY company, so I don't want to open a can of worms should anything negative happen on its way.. Aus Post seems to be able to accept the parcel at a moderate cost, which I'm happy enough with assuming they don't refuse it when I get there on Monday. Question is.. Does anyone have a better suggestion on who to send it with and how? Cheers in advance
  9. I'll take it if it falls through
  10. Item: Meridian G98DH CD/DVD Transport -- OR PACK WITH Musical Fidelity V DAC MK2 Location: Kingaroy Price: $1000 + Frieght $850 Posted within Aus (Player) or $1050 Posted for Both Item Condition: Very Good - With Remote (couple small marks on top) Reason for selling: Various haha- Eyeing off a single box CD player mostly though. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer etc Extra Info: This had a new drive put in it January 2016, and has probably only played about 50 discs since then (Sold the dac, got the cd player and then simply couldnt use). Supplied with remote. When it got a new drive it had a full reconditioning of the power supply too, which pretty well makes it like new inside) Grab a bargain guys these are $1500+ on eBay Will Add pics of the Dac shortly. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. I agree with both sentiments above. You want a good pre or you're better off running from your (presumably good) dac direct. But if money is the limiting factor may as well just use Dac direct until you can afford a good one. I'd be looking at valves here as I've had brilliant results with ML2s running a big Magnus amp and either Supratek or consonance valve pres. Supratek offer a good phono built in for 5-6k new, or about half if you find a 2nd hand one. There's also a sonic frontiers pre on here at the moment which would likely be a nice match, but no phono.
  12. So, I'm finally getting to the point of building the speakers I've been planning for a while. I'll make a thread for them when I start so anyone interested can see progress, but hopefully it'll be all CNC and plasma cut FOR me so I'm not sure how Do-it-MYSELF I can call them... Anyway Basic run down of them will be AMT/Large Mid Range driver running full range off a 2x300B SET amp (9-16Watts depending on who's correct about their design) which will be in the range of 96db efficient. The bass drivers will be a single 15" OB Augmentation driver (I think.. I have 2 extras but 2m tall speakers in the small shared lounge room may be pushing the "GoodHusband" limits.. plus it never hurts to have spares..) which are around 89db efficient. So my brain says 10 times the power for the bass driver should be okay, particularly if the plate amp allows you to increase/decrease sensitivity. Problem is I'm not overly familiar with the different plate amps around, or where to get them, so what would people recommend and where do I look for them? I'm thinking 200+watts AB preferably, ideally with high level inputs too to run from the tubes. (not sure if this is better than straight from the pre, but would like to have both options, and class D generally rules out high level in I think?). Ideally would even love a single stereo model, but I doubt I'll be that lucky. Should mention I'm chasing Quality of bass more than volume, the only caveat being I need to be sure I can get enough out of it to match what the valves are doing on the top, The drivers will run around 30hz to 80-100 or so. I think the FS is 27hz, but not really sure how this translates into real world numbers, but I know its not a subwoofer, and that's not what I'm chasing anyway, just making up for what the Mid driver can't handle (Technically its a full range coaxial, but they're a bit lacking right down the bottom end)
  13. Would that Ortofon rondo red in the classifieds work? I can't seem to find a lot of info on its stylus. I can get a dl103 for similar price but have a sort of soft spot for the Ortofons
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