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  1. Gremrock

    FS: Rega Planar 25 Turn Table, TT PSU, Denon DL-103R

    ooooh I like the look of that.. Interested in a trade for a nice CD/DVD Transport?
  2. Gremrock

    FS: Stereoknight Enigma Reference Pre

    Unfortunately the phono option was going to be an add on they never developed, it’s just another RCA input
  3. Gremrock

    FS: Stereoknight Enigma Reference Pre

    Price drop to $2750.
  4. Gremrock

    Upgrade path for my system

    I didn’t really read it as a complaint more a comment and wanted to offer an opinion so you didn’t think it’s something wrong etc. you appear to have them well into the room, if you push them back towards walls you’ll get a boost in the bottom end, but it may not be positive overall, can certainly try though, and if they’re downward firing you can get away with it better than front facing rear potted speakers wil. Few commercial produced speakers have exceptional bass without a sub, but you need a good one or don’t bother
  5. All good i'm home sick so perhaps a tad snappy, but heavily medicated
  6. That looks like a standard Linn mounting? Ekos Ittok etc?
  7. Gremrock

    USB cable recommendations

    Id second the Curious USB as is made a bit difference over the $8.95 jay car once I had previously. But I haven't tested any others.
  8. Gremrock

    Best Cheap Way to Run Digital Music

    I'll have a look at that @MarcShould have been clearer with budget as the word cheap means so many things on here..
  9. Gremrock

    Best Cheap Way to Run Digital Music

    Hey, THIS certainly changes things.. If I can leave my laptop closed and connected by USB to a DAC and control it through an iPad, it sounds like I could be best off just buying a decent dac and another good USB lead. I agree regarding a lot of the cds being rubbish, but i'd be surprised if other countries are much better. Are you aware of http://dr.loudness-war.info @BATMAQN? Provides a bit of an indicator between different pressings etc. Not perfect, but its a starting point
  10. Gremrock

    Best Cheap Way to Run Digital Music

    I should probably have mentioned a budget, but it's hard I just allocate what I have to to achieve what I want. I don't mind spending say $1k + iPad as a starting point (would be looking 2nd hand if going a streamer etc). I just don't want to spend a fortune If I can get something better sounding than my CD option. But it needs to be reasonable. How would the NAS connect to the Squeezebox, ethernet or usb? And where would I look for a squeezebox, I understand they're long discontinued?
  11. Gremrock

    Do Rooms Break in?

    Interesting concept and i'm actually surprised it's taken this long to come up (or have I missed previous threads). I've noticed the same thing from time to time, when you stop frigging around with gear and just listen to the music it seems to sound better with time, but I think it's just a placebo when you stop analysing your system every time you listen to it. Unless of course you have big subs and each time you play it the house foundations move a touch, but this I believe would be called break-up not break-in.
  12. First I want to point out I read 2 pages in and skipped to the end. I can't talk from a measurements perspective but Rob's old Lenehan ML2s sitting in front of me now don't sound "fudged" in the bass and is very good (though not perfect without a sub for the bottom 15-35hz range) but the midrange is the BEST feature about them, so I find it strange the consensus that 2 way suck in this respect. The ML3's sitting next to them are even BETTER in the midrange and miles better bass wise, but then it is an 8" 2way floor stander, not a monitor..
  13. Apologies for offering a bit of slightly off-topic information in my post. You did however miss quoting the first post to have brought power cables up.
  14. The old adage applies though, let your ears decide. Agree with @Ittaku and the power leads debate mostly, but if you have a noise (mains interference) issue a "good" lead will be better as the more expensive designs tend to reject these things better. But if you don't have a problem just get a decent gauge lead for the power amp and you'll be fine.
  15. I think things like leads do make a difference in a small way, but don't go buying $2000 sets of lead for your $2000 components? A lead might make a 1% difference, and extra 2 grand on an amp will make a 10-20% difference. The best trick is to "borrow some leads" and just never return them