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  1. apologies, I really just meant it’s criminal to use the tube cage
  2. Great amp, but it would be blasphemy to replace the grommet in order to fit the tube cover
  3. Gremrock

    WTB: Ipad Air Onwards 32gb+

    How much were you hoping to get for it? Probably out of budget but I’ll ask the boss jus the same 😛
  4. I have a Magnus MA300 id swap you just for something different, which id say is as good as any Other top end amp I’ve heard, but $$ wise it’s not quite up there 😛
  5. I assure you it doesn't haha.. Off Topic (non Hifi) however selling fridges and washers for example, people come in all the time with X price from appliances online or 2ndsworld for said item, and ask me to beat it. This price of course not including freight for the 300km trip, and regularly being 2nd hand (factory refurbished etc) when we have it on the floor ready to deliver. Also they need it immediately and can't wait 3 days or they'll lose $500 worth of meat in the freezer. But these are still "reasonable" requests apparently.
  6. I assure you that’s correct margin for most Apple product, some accessories (cables etc) have more, but actual product averages around 8-9.
  7. Other than products which are sold direct I.e Miele, Asko and other high end direct purchase things (you pay them and then the store gets paid based on written sales) everything can be discounted pretty much. But people struggle to understand the costs behind business.. There can be $10000/week or more which has to be paid out of profit (not selling price) before the business begins to make any money.
  8. You can discount Apple products as much as you like as a retailer. But factor this, when you are paying 8 staff $700+/week and paying $10000/month in rent & power and you are starting off with 4-9% margin... How much can you afford to discount it?
  9. Gremrock

    FS: meridian 508 CD player

    Thats at least a genuine remote and suits the next series after this, but I assume coding is all the same. ITs also universal if you have motivation to program everything else into it (I have 2 of them) and if you mean you push the button and track * pops up on screen and takes 2 seconds or so to change, this is normal with meridian. I think they do this incase you are skipping past a few tracks rather than one so the music doesn't skip a lot. I'd be curious to try the highly regard 500 series, but I already have 2 of their spinners haha. Good luck with the sale, but I can say I won't be replacing my current meridian player till it dies.
  10. Gremrock

    Primaluna int vs seperate

    That’d be worth a look.
  11. Gremrock

    Buzzing toroidal transformer

    More than the cheap one maybe
  12. Gremrock

    Primaluna int vs seperate

    It's probably the least repulsive i've seen, but its like covering up a good looking woman.. Why do it?
  13. Gremrock

    XLR or RCA for Chord DACS?

    Honestly i've found on most things that the Balanced isn't as nice as the RCA option, even in correctly designed fully balanced gear. The balanced will offer higher output and is probably a little more dynamic, but i've always found this to be a little harsh for lack of a better description. It just seems to grate on the ears after a few songs and I always go back.
  14. You can push the bottom dollar and have a cheaper on a lot of things today if you want, the catch is level of service provided to this sort of person is much lower. I'd happily offer you a 1300 number to call yourself for problems rather than helping to organise the repair after you offer me a less than fair price. "Best price" is a price that is fair to you as the customer, and provides enough profit to keep in business, and allows the staff a reasonable wage to come keep your business running too. If you want to hear things before purchase or have in home trials, and spend time really getting a feel for what you are going to buy, its only fair you are happy to pay for this privilege. If on the other hand you are happy to buy blind based on the review someone was paid to write about how awesome it is, then go nuts and but it on ebay and hope for the best, but don't ask to borrow mine and spend hours of my time and then tell me you're going to buy it from someone else. Orrr do what I do and buy things second hand from people in a good community minded place, and pay a fraction of the new price, and enjoy better gear