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  1. I'll take them if that falls through just pm me,
  2. Great grinder for not a lot of money, I love the auto setting on it, makes it so easy even my wife who doesn't drink coffee makes a good one I'd buy it if I thought mine was ever going to wear out lol
  3. Gremrock

    USB Cable

    Surely they could throw In a pretty cable with a $70k day though..
  4. From experience with the reference 1800 (same ribbon but 2 forward bass drivers) the further the better. 1m from ribbon to wall is ideal starting point. If you had a crate for these to ship id buy them haha
  5. @buddyev sure let me know I'm happy with the older one if it's cheap, otherwise I may just have to bite the bullet for a newie
  6. I've got leftover Penfolds Shiraz from my wedding bottle of that for a spotters fee if you wanna come pick it up
  7. Item: Magnus MA300 Location: Kingaroy Price: $6500, $5500 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling: House Deposit, Downscaling audio to achieve this Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This amp has just been into Andrew at Audiofix, one of Queensland’s best repairers, for a full service and given a clean bill of health, so it can be sold with my mind at ease you’ll have zero problems :). I've decided its time to be an adult and buy a house, sadly that means toys have to go (or at least reduce in number). I’ve also committed to a new speaker build after selling the Lenehans to pay for the wedding. These will be around 100db efficiency which means I need only 3 watts not 300. Not much I can say as well as a review, so i'll just link one. Suffice to say this is the single best amplifier i've ever heard, and that includes a long list of prestigious names like PS Audio, Krell, Audio Research etc. It has drive, power and control like nothing else and unlike most other big Class A things, this runs cold. Even the Halcro DM series pales by comparison despite their ridiculous value (Though the Halcro does look really cool) It is however still a beast at about 75kg and about 70odd CM deep. It does however with a little platform fit nicely onto a Quadraspire rack, which holds the weight extremely well.. somehow (Specs say 120kg/shelf, but I didn't believe it till I tested the theory..) It also has one of the rumoured synergistic research blue fuses in it which would cost a couple hundred on top. Review: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/0311/mangus_audio_ma300.htm Specs: http://www.magnusaudio.com/MA-300.html Happy to organise audition, and can deliver around South East QLD (Brisbane/Sunny Coast etc) Also happy to look at a cheaper amp or turntable as a part trade (building some cheaper DIY speakers and need to run the bass cost effectively.) If picked up (or within delivery distance) I'll also include the little platform and isolation spring set up which Mike Lenehan developed for his ML5 speakers. Amazing difference. Pictures: These are pictures from just before it was packed last year, but for anyone interested I'm happy to get it out of storage and take fresh pictures.   
  8. Gremrock

    FS: Artwork

    Could be a good idea for sound treatment stuff.. Canvas on a deep frame, paint a pic you like and fill with foam :). Will have to hunt you down when I get into my own house and start getting serious on room stuff.
  9. don't suppose you have a trackpad hiding anywhere?
  10. Reckon the terra forma clock would go into the droplet CD player?
  11. If it's all 4 I'll take them and pay tomorrow:)
  12. Gremrock

    FS: Super Metroid (SNES)

    I could never get past mother brain and back out alive.. game is still saved at that point today
  13. Gremrock

    SOLD: FS: Dueland cable

    Odd, I'll fix it and pm you must be a full inbox
  14. Gremrock

    SOLD: FS: Dueland cable

    I'll take it if still available. Assuming it's still just a 6m length
  15. Gremrock


    Hey I'm no stranger than you mate