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  1. Gremrock

    SOLD: FS: Hifi Rack

    Wait til it gets to me and I ask for free postage!!
  2. Gremrock

    SOLD: FS: Hifi Rack

    22nd in line!
  3. Gremrock

    SOLD: Ipod Classic 160gb

    I must know, what are the 3 games on it?
  4. Gremrock

    Ekco EV55SE integrated amp

    See if you can try it at home?
  5. Gremrock

    FS: KEF LS50 black Anniversary model

    Ahh, I'm currently using a set of the blue ones which are matte am over, gloss looks nicer I think but they sound exceptional for the money ($2000odd new?), not mine however just long term babysitting haha. Would buy a set but I'm starting a slow build on a big set of beasts and can't afford both
  6. Gremrock

    FS: KEF LS50 black Anniversary model

    Gloss all over? Writing on back, past that no idea sorry
  7. Gremrock

    SOLD: Audile tube preamp

    If you send me a pm I'll remember once I get them back, currently having a service but I probably won't pick them up til early next year after we move, if Mickstuh could hold this til January id have have a picture of the set to show off but it looks like it's spoken for.
  8. Gremrock

    SOLD: Audile tube preamp

    I'm selling the Supratek to fundraise for the house, but perhaps I wouldn't get in trouble for buying this out of the proceeds? Someone buy my Cortese so I can buy this🤓
  9. Gremrock

    SOLD: Audile tube preamp

    This would go nicely with my Audile 300bs. Too bad I'm broke for a few months:(
  10. Gremrock

    Which Mac next?

    Thread dropping here but I have a brand new 512gb MacBook pro going cheap if this suits, new 6 core model. Can't help with techy recommendations though sorry out of my depth
  11. Will do this for $3300 posted which is less than you'll likely pay for the 256gb model. $800 off and still sealed
  12. Gremrock

    AM RT-2 Preamplifier

    Ironically still 2 boxes but only 25kg or so. Why don't you just stack them?
  13. Gremrock

    AM RT-2 Preamplifier

    Supratek Cortese?
  14. If you're after a 15" hit me up, I got a 512gb model through insurance but id rather turn it into money to build speakers. Will be cheaper than a shop and sealed.