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  1. That's because power leads are the single most important part of your system... technically.
  2. I had one. Biggest fault is they don't last when someone lands on top of them while heading towards the ground... Sound is awesome. I understand they're now supplied with a Virtuoso or Maestro cartridge which is around $1k on its own
  3. If you can go integrated plus a pair of speakers you'll have heaps more options, I'd be thinking a nice luxman and a pair of ML2s
  4. Seriously cheap. I have this TV. Only the newer VT's beat it, or OLED. Should be more like $500-1000 I would think though... I wouldn't let mine go for less than $1k.. You'll note its made in Japan (Pioneer Factory they bought) all the cheaper models are out of their Thailand factory.
  5. It's a curious little creature to look at but they do sound brilliant. Cafad came over with his at one point and I was very impressed. It's not huge power on paper but it handles everything with ease just the same.
  6. If you have a big (and obscenely strong) desk id recommend ml2, I didn't really like the ml1 without a sub. If I hadn't been collecting bits for my speaker build I'd be all over these. Whoever gets these will be stoked.
  7. Best set up if you ask me but you can't run the high level input from class D amps.
  8. Hey sorry had to delete a few messages, They are still available and you should be able to ask any questions you like now:)
  9. But you can't run speaker level from class d Amps
  10. Yes, you can run speaker level for your 2ch and .1 out for 5.1, they recommend thus setup even in a single use room, as it gets ALL low level information not just the .1 channel. I'm pretty sure all rels are like this
  11. I've replied to the above via pm, but for all to see id do them for $400 plus post while the bike I want is still available. Otherwise they'll come off the market when the bike sells to someone who isn't me don't want to even sell these to be honest but I can't afford to keep everything (or much really haha but that's life innit)
  12. Item: 1m Lenehan Ribbonflex RCAs Location: Kingaroy Price: $250 ea or $450 for Both Sets Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Not in Use - Fund Push Bike purchase Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, bank deposit. Extra Info: Good condition, absolutely brilliant leads. Pure copper both in the ETI connectors and the leads themselves. Only thing I've found better are Mikes new Flat Foil leads at $750odd per pair. Don't want to see this go, but can't afford the Bike without doing so. Will add pictures tomorrow. Cheers Pictures:
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