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  1. No worries, let me know if you change your mind, it’s just sitting there til I get motivation to sell.
  2. I have an older SR6005 you could have for $500 (+post)if you don’t need it to support atmos etc.
  3. Never heard the evo but the old models were pretty good. I borrowed a dialogue premium and it had all the soul of my little EL34 amp and extra guts. Great performer with the option to run KT or EL tubes, (id take EL34 everyday)
  4. If it falls through with the above, pm me and I’ll take it edit, never mind skimmed ad didn’t read re postage, glwts
  5. One of those things you know you don’t need, but want anyway. Never have had a chance to try one yet
  6. Don’t give away your hobby because of a Bub, if you love music teach bubba to. We have a 16month old, I’ll admit we use streaming more than vinyl, but Bub picks the cds to listen to and I put them on for her, she loves it. It’s exactly how I learnt to love music when I was her age
  7. If you don’t have the cage for it i would pack the tubes seperate for freight.
  8. You’ll flog it back off without losing much if anything if you don’t like it. They’re something like $7k new now I think, I’d buy it for a spare if I could afford to. if you create an account with trans direct you get 10% off freight, very reasonable prices anyway.
  9. Would be under $100 I reckon
  10. They can be finicky, but setup properly are just wonderful. They just add character to your system in spades. Biggest thing is to keep the power supply away from big transformers etc. they last very well too, have had one that was over 20 years old and still worked and looked like new
  11. Pm me if it falls through I’ll take them immediate payment
  12. It’s the basic non phono version, only difference if it has the new circuit is the phono stage, line stage is standard across all models unless you custom build with Mick.
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