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  1. Hey, Should have updated the thread, found an Esoteric amp to play with at least for the time being, but could still be interested in playing with one of these down the track a bit, as above thought, needs to have support for phono input, pre outs, and the usual coaxial/optical/usb etc, as I need to run active bass + the speaker outputs. Does the 140 do this? I know the 120 didn't..
  2. i have these, theyre not going to fit in the build but im 50 50 on keeping as spares, since theyre impossible to buy.
  3. typically listed 2 days after i buy a new amp. was going to try one of these too but none available.
  4. Sincerely hope you are right about being a good buy, and wrong about the import charges hah. Just bought it, if I end up paying GST etc it owes me more than I'd planned for. Silver 1 is $3500 in Classifieds, was hoping to get out of it closer to $2500...
  5. They look like a great little amp, I'm about to track down the bigger version as I need pre-outs. Outside of this you'll find it hard to beat. EL34's are a wonderful tube and hard to beat :). Also, I LOVE prima luna remotes, you could beat someone with it and it will still work.
  6. ortofon cadenza red for sale at tge moment. grab that
  7. Damn hot haha but we have aircon we can almost afford to run.. no biggie If I miss it I can get the new models at the right price,but it’s just a stop gap until I get an amp with a good phono.
  8. ill grab it if youre happy to post. pm me details and ill pay today
  9. Item: Devialet Amp Price Range: $2000-5000 depending on model Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Chasing a Devialet amp to try out. Aiming for something like the Expert 220 Pro, and could stretch the budget a little for this, otherwise Expert 200 seems a good plan B at the right price, but will consider any model, so long as it can be used with phono input and stereo preout's simultaneously.
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