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  1. Buy these. I would if I could afford them. Lovely speakers
  2. Appears to be sold pending payment. Will update soon
  3. Hey,, Okay message box must be full, will empty it now. You could always post in the turntable section for advice, I'm not really in a position to advise whether it suits or doesn't suit certain turntables/arms, but they're a pretty good cartridge for not a lot of money however you look at it.. I'm keeping one, just don't need a spare really and could use the funds with the world going the way it is haha There we go should be plenty of space for the masses to message now :). Will fix title too, despite having possibly more interest with the mistake haha
  4. Price includes express shipping
  5. Extra Info: Bought a couple with the plan to use one and keep the other for future use on a second turntable, this project will probably be pushed further back than expected and I've decided to repair the Ortofon Jubilee I have for this. Cartridge is Brand New and unused, I only opened the packet to check for damage. Currently selling for $399-429 online from Australian retailers + Post, so grab a bargain :). Unlike most eBay offerings this is genuine Australian stock purchased through the local distributor. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Hey what sort of use have they had? Rough idea on age?
  7. Agree with the above, very good and better with the WE replica tubes
  8. It's only 6 screws to swap the drivers that's all that made the newer models more efficient. I'd buy these if freight wasn't a killer. Was eyeing off the big reference model that sold the other day too haha but alas also too far away from me:(
  9. These can have the newer bass drivers added for a reasonable cost which would increase sensitivity, with new cloth and a paint you'd have a killer speaker for a bargain. Some of my favourite speakers.
  10. Mike has never been known as a speedy designer.. But i've had 3 sets of speakers in that time, so agree Bills pretty crazy.
  11. Can you tell me how old it is, and possibly check the "battery health" thingy in settings?
  12. I would love them but I'm neck deep in a speaker build costing too much haha. I could offer a free babysitting service to get them out of your way if you like.
  13. Sanus make a tv stand that screws to the wall mount holes. $149rrp pick one up for $100 If you ask nicely I reckon. Harvey's stores should all have them.
  14. I would also agree with thomo you'd be better changing power amps. I have one with the latest line stage, and if only consider moving it to upgrade to the new LCR phono model. ($7500odd..). Someone will be happy with a supratek at a good saving.
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