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  1. JD master distiller series and Amy Dickson. Both really very good.
  2. @mondie you never reported back with your experiences? Do you still have it?
  3. Best kind of ford (built by someone else for them!) Probably what I'll replace the patrol ute with if we stick to a fourby, stepfather has one and loves it.
  4. Sounds interesting, but I'm under strict instructions not to molest the thing haha, wonder if an rb300/330 Would drop in on the standard plinth? Good budget option for sure for a replacement arm.
  5. The Con is a very short arm, so doesn't leave much space to go longer. If the DL103 is going to suit the original arm, This may be the best way to try things first once I get the donor table. If it doesn't work well I guess I can just resell the cartridge and then get serious later about a whole other turntable.
  6. Haha love the story. The theory is to just put the good motor and tonearm (or possibly even just headshell there's really nothing wrong with the one on there it's just lost the headshell in storage) and get a new belt and it should be just about good to go. Was hoping I'd be told the Jubilee would suit it with the arm it has, so it can then be used down the track. Even buying a DL103 though is not a bad investment, as I could likely use it for a few years and still resell it for 80% of what I pay, particularly if bought second hand.
  7. Hey, I get that, I mean more that it needs to suit the table, before the cartridge suiting the arm is important. Needs to suit both
  8. Hey @blybo sorry, multi-facetted reply. The Supratek is a Low Output MC only stage, with very high gain, so I can't use a Magnet cartridge with 3+mv output as it will blow. you out of the room (and probably have ridiculous background noise too) That part was aimed more towards @mloutfie. (Also @eltech says you shouldn't use the fine eliptical stylus with the connie tonearm as it's no quite straight with the groove... not sure how this would be with the grace?) If it's going to cost $300-400 to get a DL103 I'd rather spend a little more and get the Jubilee running as its simply in a different league. Cheers @andyr, but I think that's only part of the story, tonearm picking I suppose has to do with the angles and length etc involved and I have no clue how to work out what would suit it haha. The Grace obviously fits it if it was supplied as part of a kit, so I guess ill look into its mass specs Looks like I won the auction for the donor table for $75 + freight. If I get a table running out of it (minus a cart) with standard tonearm, I guess I'm not doing too bad. Does anyone know of a really cheap Low output option that could work, or is DL103 really where it starts?
  9. Thanks for the advice and the offer @blybo, how's the tonearm sit with it? I understand they're a lot longer than the original, does this suit properly and would it suit the Jubilee? I have one needing a repair which would cost me $500, so it would be nice to make use of it.. I'm be getting a supratek with a mc phono, so it really needs to be low output not a magnet. Will know after tonight if I have a donor table for motor etc, but even if I do I may still be on the lookout for a better (cheap) arm to put on
  10. You're saying not the jubilee?
  11. Hey, My measurement comes in around 200mm, is there any better arm that can drop in without mutilating the plinth? I found another one cheap with the bits I need, so that could work, but is this table with its original arm comparable to say a rega Planar 3/6 ? I want to get/keep it running properly for nostalgic reasons but also want it to sound good. Would plan to put a DL103 or Ortofon jubilee, would either of these options pose problems for the bd2a in it's standard form?
  12. Item: Meridian G98DH CD/DVD Transport Location: Kingaroy Price: $1000 + Frieght Now $750 Including Freight Item Condition: Very Good - With Remote (couple small marks on top) Reason for selling: Medical Expenses Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% fee if not send as friends/family), Bank Transfer etc Extra Info: This had a new drive put in it January 2016, and has probably only played about 50 discs since then (Sold the dac, got the cd player and then simply can't use it). It's stored under the soft cover and is supplied with remote. When it got a new drive it had a full reconditioning of the power supply too, which pretty well makes it like new inside) Grab a bargain guys these are $1500+ on eBay
  13. I think my father in law said the little plastic thing is broken, but he couldn't fix it, but to be honest I hadn't thought about just starting it manually, Being a DC motor I understand they run as freely both directions, so if it's an electrical fault would the manual start of the platter give enough momentum/force to override the motor issue?
  14. Sorry, Been to busy to get to pictures haha. Its the original tonearm I believe to be a connoisseur piece but you guys would probably have a better idea. The head shell may not be lost, but if it is I take it your suggesting replacing the whole tonearm with a 707? What other arms would fit? SME3009 seem readily available, or would a Rega suit?
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