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  1. Gremrock


    Comes with 24 nuggets for $10?
  2. This is in OPPO 105 territory without the hype great player.
  3. Hi Looking at something for easy digital playback and simple iPad control (got an iPad) for CD and above playback.. I like the look of the vault but does it allow you to also put on via USB, hi res files, what bit rates? Does it handle DSD etc? I want to be able to rip cds straight onto the unit like the bluesound, are there other/better options? Or can I just get a Mac mini and run an app to control it (without a monitor available) from the iPad and run audivarna or similar? One last idea is just to set up a small iMac at the other end of the room and run wifi to an Airport express? Would anyone recommend this idea or even with a streamer, can you use an iPad with any to control the music? Looking to keep it relatively low cost, and simple. Serious listening will happen via the meridian CD player or a nice turntable when I get to buying another one.. Cheers for reading through another ramble
  4. Unfortunately no, coaxial and hdmi.
  5. tem: Meridian G98DH CD/DVD Transport Location: Kingaroy Price: $1000 + Frieght Now $750+ Freight Firm Item Condition: Very Good - With box, Manual & Remote Reason for selling: Wedding fund raising Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% fee if not send as friends/family), Bank Transfer etc Extra Info: This had a new drive put in it November/December 2016, and has probably only played about 50 discs since then (Sold the dac, got the cd player and then simply can't use it). It's stored under the soft cover and is supplied with all original packing, manual, remote etc. When it got a new drive it had a full reconditioning of the power supply too, which pretty well makes it like new inside) Ignore the label on the top of the box, this is from sending the new cd player for repairs (It was given to me not working, and with no box) Pictures: I forgot to take a picture of it, but the remote supplied is the premium MSR+ in silver aluminium, its in good condition, and fully working. You can also program this to control virtually any device by its coded library or manual learning (I just added volume for the preamp and mute). Has worked with every device I've had except the Stereoknight preamp for some reason.
  6. Gremrock

    FS: Airport Express

    Item: Airport Express Location: Kingaroy Price: $80 Posted ($149 for a new one) Item Condition: Good used Reason for selling: Cutting down to 1 system, only need 1 of these. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer or Paypal (+applicable fees) Extra Info: Runs either 3.5mm Analogue or Toslink Optical (Digital) output, full resolution streaming via WiFi from Apple devices or any PC with iTunes. Also gives USB sharing, Wifi Range Extension (Or can be setup as a standalone wireless router) & Access Point for a Wired Device. (Handy if like me you buy a cheap Panasonic UHD Bluray that does Netflix only via Ethernet.) Pictures:
  7. Gremrock

    TT upgrade advice

    Well there is the option to get it without a cartridge too I think if you’re buying new you’d struggle to get another tat as good for 2k. second hand opens up the door to possibilities of course, but you have to be patient or lucky to land a bargain
  8. Gremrock

    TT upgrade advice

    On a side note, the threaded VTA adjuster mentioned earlier in the thread is ONLY suitable for the earlier RB250/300 etc with the single bolt mount, the new 3 point arms (Line the Planar 3/6) Require the shim, or theres one with 3 mounting positions for 3 heights in 1, but looks a bit ordinary.
  9. Gremrock

    TT upgrade advice

    I think i'm about to pull the trigger on a Planar 6 with Ania ($2800) but you can get it with the Exact (mm) cart for closer to 2k. big thing that's swaying me is the speed control/external PSU setup for motor, and shims are fine for adjusting, lets face it, how often do we really need to change cartridges?
  10. Gremrock

    Show us your tubes

    If it makes you feel better Daz the tubes I upgraded in the linear 1, sell for over $700, and the ones I’ll want for my Cortese aren’t much behind.. think of them as a 10year investment haha
  11. Gremrock

    Show us your tubes

    Okay I guess I’m wrong, we’re the spares provided Sovteks daz? That might be where the story comes in
  12. Gremrock

    The job of a pre amp

    Of course they have their own sound, but the general gist is that the most neutral measures the best. Whether we agree they SOUND the best is the issue. Some of us like a little added warmth and coloration.
  13. Gremrock

    PSVane/Treasure globe experiences?

    I don't need much convincing after the WE Replica 101's I tried, sadly I just can't afford to spend the $$ on everything, so they'll be a while away yet