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  1. Further information: Purchased Brand new from Living Sound 12/08/2020. Presents as a new amp, looks and sounds perfect. RRP is Currently $10999. Best Integrated amp I've ever heard/owned and I do love it, however I may need to clear a personal loan to gain approval for a large car loan, if this happens the amp will go for now, and I'll just buy another one of these soon. Sounds much better than any of the class AB amps from Luxman and despite the relatively low rated power, they have very good control over the speakers and sound brilliant at any volume.
  2. have you thought about good spund treatment behind these? you can place open baffles fairly close to walls if you treat the room correctly.. i have had Hawthornes in a small room with good results and theyre just as big..
  3. i used to run the smaller G1 (never thought i'd refer to it as smaller haha) and it was awesome. I imagine this offers more of the same. properly setup though, it may be disappointing to some as set correctly they dont intrude or sound "sub like" they just breathe life into the music.
  4. put on hold again haha. anyone able to custom cut steel around here? have the mdf as a stencil
  5. my reference is on a Rega rb300 and sounds good. not sure what the numbers suggest for matching but im pretty happy with it.
  6. i have the reference and its pretty special. it just does something different to any other cartridge.
  7. 590AX2 is awesome, just got mine going. Much better than older generations, but you'll struggle to find one second hand. They go for $7k+ too, so I figured bugger it I'll just buy new. 509 is meant to be a better amp in most circles, but I love the class A sound, and its also a question of power? If you don't have hungry speakers or play really heavy stuff I'd be going the 590.. like I did haha, I'd ring dealers and see if you can find a demo unit or stock from pre price rise.. some might be very eager to clear considering current economic climate.
  8. Bump> Bought a Brand new amp as I couldn't time it for a second hand. Still looking at CD Preferably D06U or above? Would like the better DAC Chip and SACD capability if possible. But open to any current model at the right price. MUST be a model with digital inputs though.
  9. @Hydrology has an Ania would be a perfect fit for a good price. Express postage might make it 48 hours?
  10. Item: G08.2 cd player Price Range: $1000-2000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: preferably silver, would also consider g08, or possibly g06/7 variants, but would be at the lower end of my price range.
  11. brilliant for the money. i have the 607s running with a luxman integrated and they dont dissapoint. despite being 1/5 the price of the amp they keep up nicely. (ill admit im mid project building something better, but the Jamos will never be sold)
  12. if theyre available ill grab them. pm me if they are
  13. I Assume these are sold before we hijacked your thread by the way. Apologies if not. To make up for if however, if your other 13 (At a guess?) buyers fall through I will stand by my offer to purchase
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