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  1. Yeah I ended up getting it in exchange for an esoteric amp, I’ve had a couple and they’re excellent, would love to have a supratek as well to swap in and out but $$$$&. OP will get the new version, not that I can see what’s different other than the cosmetics
  2. I have a set of bel canto branded 50cm ones I believe made by cardas. Were over $500 new, yours for $200. Won’t be able to post for a week though
  3. Well I need 4 for one amp , and was going to borrow alternating pairs for the other amps (to provide even wear) if they’re cheap I could be interested, but will still need to buy a quad later anyway...
  4. Item: Psvane We Replica, 101D, 2a3 (pairs) and 300B quad. Also EL34PH replica Price Range: fair used Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: hoping someone may have tried some and either not liked or upgraded to the legitimate versions. can’t afford to spring for new ones now so seeing if there is anything around. would also be open to other high end 300b options at the right price, but hard bit is I need 4 Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. Yep, lovely sound, not as dynamic as the Supratek, have owned both, could live with either, but would take the Supratek, they can be a little quirky though
  6. i dont even need it but would give it a try for that price haha
  7. This is my old player and is a beast. i ended up buying another. this is the better model with the better Dac and digital input. awesome machine, cost you $4000 to beat i reckon. Better bass from this than my more expensive meridian player.
  8. Hey, Should have updated the thread, found an Esoteric amp to play with at least for the time being, but could still be interested in playing with one of these down the track a bit, as above thought, needs to have support for phono input, pre outs, and the usual coaxial/optical/usb etc, as I need to run active bass + the speaker outputs. Does the 140 do this? I know the 120 didn't..
  9. i have these, theyre not going to fit in the build but im 50 50 on keeping as spares, since theyre impossible to buy.
  10. typically listed 2 days after i buy a new amp. was going to try one of these too but none available.
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