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  1. Hi I'm afraid its just this one. I have the CD though and will definitely buy a copy on LP if I see it.
  2. Haha I was just considering the same thing, you'll love them, they're a steal at this price .
  3. Heres a couple of pictures I'm not going to bother taking the discs out, as I can't get a clear enough picture to show they're pristine anyway. As per the OP it is Number 18 from the very first print of this album. (It was repressed a further 3 times I believe after the first run, maybe 4?)
  4. Item: Diana Krall Live in Paris - 45rpm ORG 1st Pressing Location: Kingaroy Price: $160 Posted Item Condition: Like new Lets say 9/10 as its been played 3 times Reason for selling: 45RPM not useful with the Linn/Valhalla or fundraising whichever you prefer Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Like new pressing of this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DIANA-KRALL-Live-in-Paris-Audiophile-1st-ORG-US-2-LP-Limited-Edition-661-SEALED-/292001916234?hash=item43fcaba54a:g:cmwAAOSwo4pYcl-O I believe its number 18 from the first batch but i'd have to go and check that number for sure (its at a friends place as I couldn't play it here, we listened to it a couple of times and its just stored currently. If I don't get a chance to go pick it up today, it'll be a couple of weeks before I can get it as the person who has it is off on holidays from tomorrow, happy to hold if someone wants it though Pictures:
  5. So, I had to reformat my computer a little while ago, which I'd copied the iTunes library which is ripped off my CDs as WAV to a HDD. From there I copied it back onto the computer and told iTunes to use that folder, but for some reason everything is just labelled by track number and song title, with no information on artist/album etc, so all of the 01.affirmation 01. bat out of hell etc are followed by the 02. songs and so forth. Question is, does anyone know of a way I can get iTunes to some other software to sort this out for me to save having to rip all the CDs again... I really just want to get it organised so I can fill my phone with music for running the dogs, as I don't use the Mac for music anymore in the big system. Thanks in advance Dan
  6. The idea of a forced Tag to identify would be good though, so if its all mixed theres a bright orange tag to say "Speakers" "Headphones" "CD Player" etc
  7. FS: Ambience Speakers

    These are nicer speakers than the B&W's sitting next to them Someone will love them. PS. The new Reference 1800s are $14k new.
  8. Recommend Me Some Headphones

    Yeah, HD800/s is where I'll go if I start to use them enough, but for the price I paid it's like a term deposit, if I don't mutilate them I'll sell them without loss easy enough so far they've had maybe 45 minutes use in 2 weeks, so spending big may be wasteful, but spending too little is genuinely painful (poor ears)
  9. Recommend Me Some Headphones

    Hi, thanks for everyone's input, I've decided to pull the trigger this morning on a second hand pair of hd700s that I've been borrowing, not bad headphones and a good price. Now or I just need to actually pay him haha
  10. Mate I'll buy that level 7, even if I have to drive to Perth and pick it up at that price
  11. I'd agree about keeping commercial classifieds separate, however the donations aspect is optional @Dave O))) and probably depended on more than we realise. If you sell something for $2k on eBay you only see something like $1850 of it if your lucky, so a small donation is not unreasonable. past that I'm happy with all the gear jumbled but perhaps hifi and visual sections would prove useful, I only scroll through on a whim and if I see something I like I enquire, but I wouldn't spend 30 minutes checking each subsection if broken down into 10 or 20 categories
  12. ML5

    First I owned some lovely Ambience which I LOVED! I then owned that pair of ML2 LE's and I tell you i LOVED them. Then I heard the ML3 Reference, and for some music I Loved them more, Then I tried a nice Valve Pre, and got the best sound i've ever heard. (Sadly admiration alone didn't allow me to afford it though) If you could combine the 2 speakers you'd have something nearly perfect, and I think thats the goal with the ML5's... But unless someone can loan me $6-7k for the upgrade i'll have to suffer along with the ML3s for a while longer.
  13. SOLD: OPPO BDP 103D

    They appear to have HDMI in, and yes on all other counts @stever
  14. SOLD: FS: Velodyne CHT-8R

    I'm happy to pass up for someone local, shouldn't be spending too much before Christmas haha
  15. SOLD: FS: Velodyne CHT-8R

    Could be interested after I see it