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  1. No worries I have an imported 93 special model, but same thing, figure id buy this an sell mine if that would help. This is a sweet player by the way and trumps a budget CD player for audio, and gives balanced outputs, along with analog and volume control so if you only want home theatre for what this handles they make a great processor straight into a power amp. They even allow you to set ok distances and levels and crossover etc for speakers. Hard to beat for what it does and for sale well under value here
  2. Does it have Netflix in this model?
  3. Item: Space Grey 15” Touchbar MacBook Pro brand new Location: Price: $3800 posted ($4099 retail) Item Condition: brand new Reason for selling: Insurance replacement, now not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This arrived yesterday as an insurance replacement, through my work. Unfortunately Apple have month long wait times on this model, and I needed to have a computer for Wedding planning so bouggg a different one in the mean time. I can alter the docket for the buyers details for warranty, and save you waiting for one at your local store, oh also save a few hundred dollars too Please note this is the bigger model with the larger hard drive, and the new 6core processor, 16gb 2400mhz ram etc, you’ll find the old models around this price but they are old quad cores. Pictures: Pretty generic but this is the actual item, not opening it for pictures.
  4. Gremrock

    SOLD: FS: Dynavector DV505 Tonearm

    But out of budget at the moment
  5. Gremrock

    SOLD: FS: Linn Sondek LP12 turntable

    Haha lazy bugger but willing to machine Delrin collars, love it
  6. Gremrock

    SOLD: FS: Linn Sondek LP12 turntable

    I’d have bought it for fun if he’d post haha
  7. Gremrock

    SOLD: FS: Linn Sondek LP12 turntable

    Rb303 cheap is a killer arm for these.
  8. Gremrock

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    They aren’t the original EH tubes In daz’s Pre though, and I feel like they have a couple of versions of the 6922s? All tubes were removed when it was thought to have a fault, since they were cheap, just putting all new tubes in made sense lol
  9. Gremrock

    FS:Audiospace AS 300B MK ii SE amp

    True, bit of a difference between 84db bookshelves and 100+ horns, which tend to compensate for the 300bs if I could use an integrated I’d be all over this
  10. Gremrock

    FS:Audiospace AS 300B MK ii SE amp

    Unless you only listen quietly you’d probably want more like 30watts+, this would be sweet and hard to match at lower volume but won’t get up and boogie (300bs aren’t really designed to)
  11. Gremrock

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Haha can you spell f***wit? I can!! i promise I wasn’t even marketing the thing to you before you bought it, just describing it, and I think now you believe me :). i made the decision I wanted a Supratek so I poured money in and made it happen. It’s nice, it’s different and it’s quirky as hell, so I guess it suits me 🤪. Plus the Missus doesn’t like the knight carved into it for some reason. I think I should have charged you more seeing you’re so happy hahah
  12. Gremrock


    Sweet Subs, not sure you need the output levels of the SHO range, but few subs will integrate like a REL, or look as nice 👀, and I suppose there’s no replacement for displacement
  13. Gremrock

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Seems like you’re still having fun with the beast? I can safely tell you it’s the most suited pre for your heavier music that I’ve tried. This Supratek is nice, has an interesting sound about it, lively but nothing like the presence of that Stereoknight
  14. Item: Meridian G98 transport Location: Kingaroy Price: $750+ freight firm Item Condition: great Reason for selling: have CD player and no dac Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal(buyer pays fees) or bank deposit Extra Info: Please see previous listing, relishing from phone and struggling.. Pictures: