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  1. I cannot find an overall weight for either arm, but I would think the RB300 would be heavier, I have fitted both so I know they work , when fitted with the Rega it sounds excellent.
  2. I have fitted many over the years with the Rega RB300.
  3. My current glider is older than your's and all it had was a retip at Sound smith, I think the wires in the SLR are a lot thinner.
  4. Thanks for that, this is the third time over 8 years with 2 SLR's I will send them to sound Smith or the above person before I will use Benz again as they refused to tell me why it failed last time, the one repaired by Sound Smith lasted 18 Months but only cost $200 to repair, he said it appeared to be corrosion.
  5. Thanks for that.I am trying to establish there reliability before i spend any more money on them.
  6. Hi Everybody, I am interested to hear from anybody has had issues with Benz cartridges dropping out one channel, I have a SLR I purchased in Germany, After about 18 months it dropped a channel, I sent it to Sound Smith in the USA and he repaired it and said it had dropped a wire of the back side of the terminal at the rear of the cartridge, I acquired a new a second one to replace the first one, and after about the same period it dropped a channel, I then ran the Sound Smith repaired cartridge and sent the Australian acquired SLR which lasted about 2 years to Benz were they rebuilt the cartridge and would not tell me about the channel dropping out. The Sound Smith repaired SLR lasted about another 18 months until it dropped another channel but understood that this repair which cost 200 dollars was a temporary repair, , I installed the overhaul SLR that Benz had repaired and had been in storage for about 2 years in an air tight container filled with desiccant, Well this one lasted about 12 months before dropping another channel, I have Sound Smith retiped Glider that I have installed and is up and running, the glider is nearly 10 years old, I run an Icon Audio PS3 as a phono pre amp, what do you think and has anybody had issues with the higher end Benz cartridges or the PS3 as now I have 2 SLR's with one channel out. The man at Sound Smith said the wire soldered to the terminal appeared to have corrosion present, like the Flux had caused the issue. Do you think the high temperature and humidity is an issue. All of these problems have occurred outside the warranty period. Summary of circus. 1/ Purchased SLR from Germany, lasts 18 months before one channel drops. 2/Acquired a new Australian delivered SLR and install in turntable. 3/ Send German purchased SLR to Sound Smith and repairs, corroded wire on output pin. 4/Australian SLR drops one channel after 2 years of use. 5/ install Sound Smith repaired SLR in turntable 6/ Send SLR to Benz for repair, no explanation provided why cartridge dropped one channel. 7/Sound Smith repaired SLR drops one channel after about 18 months of use. 8/ Install overhaul SLR from Benz in turntable after being in storage for two years in an air tight container full of desiccant 9/Australian SLR drops one channel after 12 months of use. 10/ Remove Australian SLR and Install Sound Smith over hauled Glider. I am very sorry for the length of the post but I have tried to give a time frame for these failures,
  7. I would have thought damping the stands would have show the speaker with out the stands effect. maybe the damping material is show up something else in your system.
  8. Can you please post another photo showing a better perspective of the amp so i can see the actual position on the amp were the damage is, if the panel can be removed, a new one can be fabricated and surface finished to match the original panel, then anodized black. I doubt any hifi shop can help you.
  9. I run a Icon Audio LA4MK3 line stage and a Halcro MC20, they work perfectly together, smooth, no harshness, a huge sound stage and detailed. I will never change either of these units.
  10. I looked at buying the Townsend Tweeters but ended up buying the Audiosmile tweeters and they are brilliant. https://www.audiosmile.com/products
  11. I will never sell mine as it the bargain of the century. A great amp and a well worth the money.
  12. I left out the schedule 40 100 MM black seamless pipe has a wall thickness of 6.02 MM.
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