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  1. I have sent you a message about one cover. Shayne.
  2. If you where seriously interested in selling them you would post them here.
  3. You would have to factor in the cost as it my be more expensive to go the passive rout. check out Adelaide speakers as they make a range of excellent subs as a guide.http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/subwoofers.html
  4. I have my two 15 inch subs mounted on a laminated base board with spikes on the bottom into a concrete floor and cones with aluminium bases between the subs and the base board.
  5. As always Andy the oracle questions every bodies else's opinion them apply's labels like delusional to anyone who disagrees , I always Wet clean my record with my vacuum RCM machine before use and found the nagoka roller cleaner better than ever other device i have used on my records, along with the use of a zerostat, , your recommendation for carbon fiber brush seems great and the pictures shown of the record in the original post bears out your recommendation.
  6. Disagree with you totally as my experience show other wise, even under a microscope . so are you recommending a product that you sell as a business.
  7. Blow them of with clean compressed air,
  8. The roller is a soft silicone that conform to the shape of the record grooves, so I guess my use of the roller for several years with excellent on some very expensive records does not count. all your carbon record brush does is rearrange the dirt and will never get to the bottom of the grooves and I stopped using them 10 years ago.
  9. http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/vinyl-record-roller-cleaner, these are great and leave no trace and can be cleaned under the tap. The one I use is the Nagoaka version and is considerably more expensive. the ones at Decibel Hi Fi appear to be a more inexpensive version and will clean far better than the carbon brusn. https://www.analogueseduction.net/rollers/nagaoka-cl-1000-rolling-record-cleaner.html
  10. I have a pair of custom build 15" subs from Adelaide speakers, they took a bit of effort to integrate into my system but they are fantastic, well controlled and very clean, ring Edward and see if he can build you what you want and would end up cheaper. http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/subwoofers.html
  11. I got a brand new copy of Sheffield Labs King James still in it's sealed loose fitting plastic cover, I paid about 80 dollars for this record and is worth every cent, I also scored a excellent turn table, I went onto Gum Tree and found a new add for a one owner Pink triangle Anniversary, complete with a SME V , complete with all tools and boxes down the recite, I bought it over the phone and had a friend pick it up from Perth and it flew back to Brisbane with him. I have been looking for one of these for years
  12. I run a Icon Audio valve line stage with the Halcro and it works very well together.
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