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  1. https://www.northwestanalogue.com/ I have just had my Benz Gulwing rewound by https://www.northwestanalogue.com/ , Give Doininoc Harper a call on 01524 236215
  2. I have a pink triangle Anniversary that I have just rebuilt using parts from True point, You cannot get a better turntable than this particular one and I would put it up against any turntable made today, including any upgraded Linn. This is truly a bargain for any person looking for a world class unit. I will never sell mine and will be buried with it.
  3. The Icon audio gear are different to he Ming da, they use their own designed circuits and component, I own there top of the line phono pre amp and a LA4Mk3, I asked the Icon Audio designer that question and he said they have them made to his design and modify them back in the UK if you up grade them at the time of purchase.
  4. I just had the bearing rebuilt by Charlies after 32 years of operation, he did a great job, I also bought one of his light weight arm boards and a set of springs, I gave the old girl a complete birthday and it is sounding fantastic.
  5. It is a Anniversary, the final development of line. it sounds excellent and sounds far more neutral without color or harshness than a Linn. the wiring has made an excellent improvement.
  6. Mine has no issues as it is shielded correctly. it is actually quieter than the original cable and sounds better than the original cable..
  7. I have just completed a rewire on my SMEV tone arm, I used Van Den MC Hul 150S cable, I removed the din plug and replaced it with a new piece I machined up, I used 1.2mm braided shield with a thin flexible inner liner, the cable goes from the phono plugs to the cartridge terminals without a break, this is the arm in the jig I made to hold it with a mock up of the braided outer cover with the phono plugs in the position as on the turntable, The arm itself is easily removed by taking of the bridge and then the 2 socket head cap screws that holds the arm to the cross shaft, there are no changes
  8. Yes, it has the original pink lid, I have all of the boxes, manuals and tools along with all of the SME 5 boxes, tools and set up templates. the Turn table is in excellent condition.
  9. It is 30 years old and the jeweled bearing is quite fragile, It is not your average bush with a thrust ball, I bought it second hand from the original owner and have no idea what imbeciles have handled it, they do wear out. Quite cheap to replace for such an expensive turn table.
  10. I have a Pink Triangle Anniversary Turn table and have decided it needs a birthday, True point Audio manufactures all new parts along with a the jeweled bearing refurbishment service. The cost for the bearing rebuild is 95 pound's. I have sent my bearing over for a refurbishment. True point site address. http://www.true-point.audio/index.htm http://www.true-point.audio/tpa-pink-triangle-suspension_springs.htm
  11. I have had the coils rewound by them, Garrots had no way of doing any of the work and I found the services they offered very limited, were as Doininic actually makes a complete cartridge in house and can do any repairs, My Benz had failed and went back to Benz and failed again, all out of warranty..
  12. I am currently waiting for my Micro Benz Gullwing to return from them.
  13. I managed to find a one owner Pink Triangle Anniversary turntable fitted with a SME 5 arm, it came with it's out board power supply, all tools, boxes and manuals including for the arm. I would put this table up against any modern turntable available today and it would give them a run.
  14. I cannot find an overall weight for either arm, but I would think the RB300 would be heavier, I have fitted both so I know they work , when fitted with the Rega it sounds excellent.
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