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  1. Spot on, it’s a Grace HS-3. I even have the original box.
  2. I took the plunge and dissected the turntable. I have to admit it was thoroughly enjoyable and it’s quite an interesting construction. So here’s a few shots. First look inside, how cool is that chassis? That’s the lift mechanism solenoid. It’s attached to a brass rod, through a bush which is spring loaded to assist lift. I had to remove the solenoid support frame. This was tricky, the tonearm wiring runs through the same support. But eventually revealed the brass damper which controls the tonearm lowering action. This is the brass damper shaft. I believe the machined grooves are meant to be the reservoir for the damping “fluid”, I guess grease. I’ve loaded these up with Vaseline, it’s all I had. The result is OK but not as good as it could be. Either the damping mechanism has worn excessively or I need something slightly more viscous than Vaseline. I’m hoping the latter.
  3. Thanks Hensa, I tried as you suggested but no luck. I think I’m going to have to attempt to get this thing apart.
  4. Hi All, I have just taken delivery of a Kenwood KP-9010. I love these beasts, I also have a KP-7010 and a KP-1100 (soon). I know I don't need to tell anyone here what happens when you get hooked on one particular brand or model The 9010 has just arrived and essentially it's in beautiful condition and generally speaking operates flawlessly. you know there's a "but" coming... But, the tonearm lift mechanism is not working as it should. My 7010 lifts and lowers very smoothly but this 9010 drops the tonearm like a stone. It's less than subtle. I've read through a service manual for a similar turntable but there's nothing specific about the mechanical servicing of this component. I'm just wondering if anyone on Stereo.net has had any experience with this particular fault on these Kenwoods or might have some suggestions please? And I'm sorry there's no pics, in my excitement yesterday when it arrived I spent all my time setting up the tonearm, headshell and cartridge and then listening to records I simply forgot. I'll post some pics tonight, I promise.
  5. It's a Viking invasion. Listening is an art form and remaining objective can be a tad subjective at times.
  6. Looking for an 8 ohm wire bound potentiometer for a speaker repair project. Item I am looking to replace is a Tokyo Cosmos CAT40 H Any thoughts where I would find a suitable replacement? Listening is an art form and remaining objective can be a tad subjective at times.
  7. Oh dear, there goes my New Years' resolution. Stunning, simply. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  8. Haha, now I'm disappointed they're not carved from a big round chunk! Seriously good work Al, they look schmick! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. A fine piece of advice, thanks Viognier. Up and running Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. This is one topic that seems like the King's new clothes. If the power cable does not run hot doesn't that mean it is capable of carrying enough current for the designated application, computer, amplifier, 2400 Watt heater? If so, what would be the benefit of a more expensive cable? Is there some form of noise that's transmitted via the power cable which the amplifier manufacturer didn't factor in? Doesn't all the sonic stuff happen later down the pipeline? Isn't that the job of the transformer in the amplifier? Serious questions BTW, not having a cheap shot. Enlighten me.
  11. Just a few questions. Luddite warning. When would you recommend using speaker stands? What would I be looking to achieve? What type suits certain speaker designs? What type suits certain room acoustics? How high? How robust, or how flexible? Is the tooth fairy real? Did Abraham Zapruder shoot JFK?
  12. Just wondering. I regularly use the iPad to view and post here but it's a pain because there are things Apple deem I shouldn't be allowed to do: upload pictures, attach files, incorporate flash etc. Or do I just resign myself to borrowing the wife's laptop? She'll know I'm having an affair for sure then.
  13. Oh, by the way TDD, we all know what you were doing at 12:18 am ......
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