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  1. It is with great sadness that Owen has passed away after a cycling incident. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
  2. Does anyone know how much Qobuz pays the artist cf to the other streaming music services? I know there are many ways to calculate these payouts, as there are many factors to conside but generally they all put Tidal near the top end, and Spotify at the opposite end of the scale. So where does Qobuz fit in?
  3. Great product at a great price! Retail for the PSU1 alone is about $400
  4. Gradually working my way through my Nick Cave and Warren Ellis albums.
  5. Dyn 20X2H and 20XL with the DV P75 is a superb match.
  6. The 505-2 was the first turntable I bought with my own money. Wouldn't mind another one just for the nostalgia. Didn't sound as good as the Rega Planar 3 but at the time the auto functions won out!
  7. Martin v R will probably kill me for all of this libel! High on life?
  8. I have a suspicion they were on drugs
  9. As if I have to tell you, of course on my face. And in plain dark colour, it is just SO wrong.
  10. Perreaux Classic series amps, with dog bone faceplate - truly awful!
  11. Often. Also, half speed masters won't help the sound in general
  12. $180! Ouch. Any cool, dark place is good for rubber belts. But I've recently ditched my rubber/pyrathane belts in favour of a monofilament polyester belt. Got the idea from the one on my Well Tempered Amadeus turntable which has a very low mass platter. Wasn't sure it would work on a very high mass platter, but it certainly does and for a 200m length you get about 200 belts for next to nothing!
  13. The final concentration of detergent required to be an effective wetting agent for cleaning vinyl records seems to be .1 to .2%. So being about 5% detergent, diluted 1:200 (5ml in 1000ml) as recommended by Ilford for film, will only give you .025%. So you need at least 20ml, if not 40 ml of your Ilfotol per litre of cleaning solution. Tergitol or Triton-X is concentrated and works out as a much cheaper detergent if you're finding Ilfotol hard to source. Although in NZ its the other way around, as Ilfotol seems to be in good supply still.
  14. 2009 Mono cd set definitely worth getting, or better still the mono vinyl I vaguely recall that general thoughts seemed to be that the first 4 or so 2009 stereo albums were worthwhile.
  15. Lovely dog. English Setter/pointer? Yes, they certainly keep you busy. My pup just nibbled a hole in my duvet. Feather's every where!
  16. " I found a FRmk3F custom ultra low output 0.14uF cartridge in a drawer" Love it. You say that like it's an every day occurrence
  17. Currently using a Delos on the 505 as my everyday cart and loving it. Must admit haven't used the JSD for a while after getting it back from EMT.
  18. SME3012R and Lyra Dorian mono. Sounds fine to me. But it seemed even better on my Dyn DV505...
  19. ***** knocked my Martin Logan Summits over, and caused scratches So got out the noose! But she gives me such an innocent look...
  20. Olivier ‎– In Scenes From Shakespreare's Hamlet And Henry V, RCA Red Seal ‎– RB-16144, Mono 1955 McCoy Tyner ‎– Tender Moments, Blue Note ‎– BST 84275 Tone Poet Series, Stereo 11 Dec 2020
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