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  1. First two lps are absolutely stunning! Beautiful music, beautifully captured and recorded. Have yet to listen to the next two lps.
  2. The Art Ensemble Of Chicago ‎– We Are On The Edge (A 50th Anniversary Celebration) 4xLP
  3. I got my Vinyl Flat and 240V Groovy pouch for US$223.90 including shipping to NZ in 2012. Worth every penny.
  4. Send it back. Its also putting extra unwarranted strain on your cartridge's suspension.
  5. Ditto. Wilson Maxx3's. Nice! Always wanted to hear a pair of speakers that cost more than my house...;)
  6. I'd recheck alignment, tracking force and anti skate.
  7. Miles Davis & John Coltrane ‎– The Final Tour: Paris, March 21, 1960, LPs
  8. AP will quote shipping costs prior to processing the order for international sales. Standard courier shipping rates are quite high, but you can request a quote for other normal international mailing methods. My last orders of 4 or 5 mostly double LPs, ship within US for free (over US$49) and are sent to my on-shipping service for a cost of NZ$30. Took 5 days to arrive once received at the on-shipping centre. The last quote to send them to NZ direct was about US$75 cheapest method.
  9. Gil Evans Orchestra* Featuring Cannonball Adderley ‎– New Bottle Old Wine Evans takes some great jazz classics and recomposes them. Loving the few Tone Poet releases I have. Must get more.
  10. Sonny Sharrock ‎– Ask The Ages feat. Pharoah Sanders, Elvin Jones, and Charnett Moffett This is a very very damn good and as the label says "Stereo 45rpm play loud" it really does deserve to be played loud. Shame he dies so prematurely.
  11. Confessin' The Blues Vol 1 Confessin’ The Blues collects together the greatest bluesmen ever and provides a perfect education to the genre. The tracklisting on the various formats have been chosen by The Rolling Stones
  12. Finally got myself a vinyl copy of Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt ‎– A Meeting By The River
  13. Nathan Davis With Georges Arvanitas Trio ‎– Live In Paris - The ORTF Recordings 1966/67 3LP My first Nathan Davis album and what a cracker it is too! First time I've seen a warning label like this though on the back cover, evident on a few of the piano parts AFAICT.
  14. This site lists original replacement styii but quite pricey https://www.pickupnaalden.com/english/turntable_needles.asp?M=Supex_SM-100 MK-II__7330 The SM100 goes for about $150 used. For your Rotel I'd just get a new Ortofon 2M Red (or cheaper still an AT95E).
  15. if the replacement is worse I'd just cut my loss and ask for a refund
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