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  1. I deliberately removed my arm clip as the arm snaps securely in place without it, and it was annoying to have to flick it up and down.
  2. I recently bought a secondhand Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB and the speed when in the middle is 36.6 rpm! But with Quartz lock engaged its perfect at 33.3 RPM
  3. I like remixes, as they breathe a fresh life to the songs. Not necessarily better than the original but they spark a renewed interest.
  4. By most (well some at least 😁) accounts birch ply or maple would sound nice. No idea of cost though.
  5. I have the World Record Club version of this very fine performance. Highly recommended.
  6. Not noticed this on my CD version and like others I'd love a vinyl copy on day!
  7. Indeed. I have Gling-Glo on vinyl but not her first album.
  8. At the end of my marathon Bjork listening session (now only the Sugarcubes albums to go). I really could listen to anything this woman sings, the phone book, the road code. It wouldn't make any difference to me!
  9. Not going to give mine away anytime soon! Great headphones. Lush yet super clear and clean. Full of body and meat, just how I like it.
  10. US$9.21 per foot for Cardas 33awg https://www.partsconnexion.com/CARDAS-64312.html
  11. Thanks but I'm in NZ. And I always try to only buy NM or M, figuring that at worst they will be VG+.
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