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  1. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    Umm...varies, some very vintage sounding, mostly very good. And despite being pressed at GZ, so far the discs are nice and quiet.
  2. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    Legendary TROJAN's 50th anniversary release, Trojan 50 Boxset I don't have much reggae in my collection, so this is a very welcome addition. "Boxset: • 4 vinyl LPs, showcasing the hits, rarities and rare ‘commercial reggae’ tracks • Two 7” singles, highlighting previously unreleased and brand new recordings • Two 3CD collections, featuring a total of over 130 tracks with 69 make their digital debut • A 100+ page book featuring essays and full scale reproductions of 50 of the most iconic Trojan album sleeves from the past 50 years • High quality Trojan slipmat • Stunning A2 poster • Stylish Trojan patch • Wooden Trojan 7” single adapter"
  3. Citroen

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    I found the same with ME using the dunk technique. Gunge build up around the base, as if it was pushing everything to the base rather than lifting it off. That's where the sticky stuff comes into fore. So for a while I used ME followed by a few dabs in sticky moon gel/onzow. Now I just dab in the sticky stuff.
  4. Citroen

    Just a quick question....

    Not clear enough to make a call
  5. Citroen

    Just a quick question....

    I put mine in an SD card holder which fits perfectly.
  6. Citroen

    Just a quick question....

    Works the same but you don't get the magnifying glass! The Onzow is softer than Moon gel but seems to be as effective. Both are good buys but one is better value for money.
  7. Citroen

    RPM 5 Carbon

    But for some reason, the vast majority of turntable manufacturers have the motor at the 11 o'clock position. Any idea why? Is it easier to manufacture that way? It really makes no difference?
  8. Citroen

    Just a quick question....

    Moon gel works much better IME https://derringers.com.au/rtom-moongel-damper-pads
  9. Citroen

    Vinyl playback - sounding flat

    Let it run for a few days, warm up. Then report back if its still the same.
  10. Citroen

    Currently Purchasing

    Yeah, I know I won't flip it. Almost got the blue one instead but the orange, rounded corner, poster version wasn't that much extra...its only money after all!
  11. Citroen

    Currently Purchasing

    Good to know. I managed to grab one of the Dinked LE numbered orange splatter versions. Considering becoming a flipper, even though I rarely sell vinyl!
  12. Citroen

    Currently Purchasing

    What's the Kurt Vile like? Mine shipped on 13th from UK but yet to arrive.
  13. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    Its a $2 op shop find, I think. A nothing special toast rack.
  14. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    BRIGHT EYES - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning It has been a while since I've given this a listen. It should've been sooner!
  15. Citroen

    Vinyl Box Sets

    BRIGHT EYES - Studio Albums 2000-2011