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  1. Currently Spinning

    Go to the youtube vid. Hit share. This opens a link. Hit copy. Paste this into the forum.
  2. How long do headphones last.

    My Senn 414SLs are about 30/35 years old.? The foam has perished but otherwise still sound quite ok
  3. Jazz: Currently Spinning

  4. Currently Spinning

    My favourite kd album (of the few that I know anyhow!). 1988 AU version here. Lang, Kuti, Cloher
  5. Currently Spinning

    Ryan Adams Only time for Sides 3 and 4 of both boxsets only
  6. Bloody Tonearm Wires

    If you haven't broken a clip or two you haven't attached enough carts. Its just a given part of turntable life :)
  7. Currently Spinning

    Followed by some not so frosty The Chills
  8. Currently Spinning

    More holiness from The Church
  9. Currently Spinning

    An evensong of The Church
  10. Currently Spinning

    Nick Cave lps
  11. Currently Spinning

    Sounds pretty reasonable to me! 👌
  12. Currently Spinning

    Can't believe its over two years since Bowie passed away. BLACKSTAR currently spinning. Then its time for some BJORK, starting with UTOPIA and working my through some 2016 reissued vinyl I've had for a while but not yet listened to.
  13. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Dog enjoying some Sonny Rollins - Horn Culture
  14. Currently Spinning

    In the mood for a slow cruisey listen this Sat afternoon, so a couple of my favourite albums of 2017 Cigarettes After Sex and Slowdive