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  1. Adding a pump just seems like a chore - another bit of kit to add to the mix...:( But after seeing this in the bottom of my tank I might just have to get me one of those pumps. Whatever this flocculus is it can't be good!
  2. Currently Spinning

    BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE - I Tell A Fly LP Second albums after such a great first are often problematic but I'm beginning to think that this is even better than his debut album. It might not be as instantly accessible as the first but it certainly shows a maturity that I really like.
  3. Currently Spinning

    Gave my Mule Variations a spin this morning. A bit of noise on side 1 but otherwise quiet, spacious and damn right enjoyable
  4. Yes, I saw that as well, and was horrified! Its a combination of bad angle from phone and VTA being slightly off (since corrected). BUT its really not that bad, as the back of the cart is actually shorter than the front.
  5. Zu Denon 103 MkII Grade 2
  6. Currently Spinning

    Nick Cave - Let Love In, reissued LP Filling in a few of the early Nick Cave albums from JB HiFi ($20 each). Others also discounted. https://www.jbhifi.co.nz/alternative-rock/let-love-in-180gm-vinyl-2015-reissue/291754/
  7. Release dates:Bad As Me – Nov 10Real Gone – Nov 24Blood Money – Nov 24Alice – Nov 24Glitter And Doom – Dec 1Mule Variations – Dec 15
  8. What was wrong with it? I'm quite happy with mine.
  9. yes, I went through a few copies of Alice, and finally settled on the best of a bad lot. No idea on earlier Waits reissues as most of mine are original NZ or Aus releases.
  10. Constantly. Walking the streets I use Tidal HiFi on my phone or Fiio X7, or the radio. At work, its usually the radio, and occasionally vinyl. In the car its the radio, or the sound of the engine! As it only has a cassette player/radio.
  11. I think I like to get a free download with the vinyl I buy. But in reality if its not FLAC, or WAV I usually don't bother downloading. So I'm guessing I have several hundred of these download cards that need to be redeemed, or have expired...
  12. Any word on who's doing the remastering? @ABG? I'm missing Night On Earth and admit I don't even have a copy of Frank's Wild Years on vinyl, despite having most of his others. And my US 2002 Alice is very noisy.
  13. Pollini PC 4 was worth it alone!
  14. Currently Spinning

    HUGH MASEKELA - The Dedication Series Vol V (Promo - sale is unlawful copy!)