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  1. @zenikoy, I think I fit a similar profile (but add in a classical music enthusiast) and this list might be aimed at me! Still, very US centric but I guess it is a US mags list...
  2. I have a Panzerholz and a gymnasium wood bodied 103R, and a Zu 103 (metal body). And a Soundsmith Denon 103R Gold. I have an alu body but not the cart or the cahoonas to mount it! I really like a gutsy sound of the Denon's and the low cost factor to sound quality ratio.
  3. I can hear a tapping sound every revolution (hard to tell but it seems to be one or two) below the surface noise. Something mechanical catching? Have heard of a case where a sticky label had perished and dangled down hitting something on the way each revolution. But yours sounds more solid.
  4. My Aussie pressings are flat and generally pressing fault free but the sound quality is muted/dull.
  5. My Xavier Rudd collection is nearing completion with the arrival of two more today.
  6. Yeah, I know. I've only sold 2 albums in the last five years (one was Frank Ocean's Endless, at cost price, which I now see goes for about $500!).
  7. Further information: Open to splitting PM with offers. First three are still sealed, bought new in 2013 so probably reissues. never been played. Speakerboxxx/Love Below only played a few times. ATLiens LaFace Records 2XLP, US 73008-26029-1 (probably 2005 reissue) 1 Aquemini 3x LP LaFace Records Year unknown, reissue 1 Stankonia 2x LP LaFace Records, Arista Year unknown, reissue 2 Speakerboxxx / The Love Below 4x LP Arista 2003 1 1 Photos:
  8. There really shouldn't be any problem in just chopping that DIN plug off and attaching 2 RCA plugs instead.
  9. Wasn't sold on this at first but after a few years I've grown to really like this album. BEYONCE - Lemonade
  10. Exactly! Good luck. Should be an easy fix though.
  11. @Winter you will not be disappointed. Dear me @mjledme how could you get rid of all these great Bjork albums!? lol
  12. Do you have an original pink tinged turntable lid?
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