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  1. Missed the vid. Where can it be seen now?
  2. I'm loving this stripped back and bare raw Cave.
  3. BYW, you still seem to be swapping great as if its underwear...
  4. Whatever, please don't look at the new Thorens 124DD! It's ugly
  5. Don't tell me some ancient Garrard, or Thorens is replacing this beauty!?
  6. http://lightdims.com/store.htm?mc_cid=879b8e62c7&mc_eid=5b89366e3f https://www.ebay.com.au/c/1270452443
  7. I have few as well, including the excellent Agnes Obel and Cinematic Orchestra.
  8. This was an instant hit with me! This Empty Northern Hemisphere (along with this Colorado Sym album) has to his best, IMHO
  9. Refer above thread regarding Tergitol, /Triton X-100
  10. I have the 1006, 1012 and 1042. Interchangeable styli, great cart esp 1042. To give you an idea on price https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/search?type=product&q=goldring+replacement+stylus*
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