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  1. Seems to work if you cancel, and the resign in with the offer straight away.
  2. I've been looking out for a flat arm 5120 for years! Supposed to sound inferior to the round arm... Shame it's in Oz.
  3. Just got this vinyl delivered today!
  4. Mine ended 23 March. Renewed with this offer using same email address. Offer defaulted initially to Tidal Premium so make sure you change to HiFi before you proceed
  5. Can you just end your subscription now and then try to use the offer @SkipEsquire?
  6. Red an Blue share the same body. But beware this body is slightly different to the Bronze and Black body, so you can't swap stylii any higher up.
  7. Gabriel, Peter The excellent soundtrack to an equally excellent movie, BIRDY
  8. I have Woman, and love it. Must add their second album Blood to my ever growing wish list, which I see Claire performs on. Spirit 2019 has Olafur Arnalds. Must stream later.
  9. Their music speaks for itself: Jaimie Branch Nadia Reid https://www.youtube.com/user/hereinsafeharbour/featured Avandale Bowling Club Thomas LJ White
  10. Not familiar with this one, name or cover. must investigate...
  11. Analogue Productions Starkers 45rpm 6x 200 gm is said to be VERY good! https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/140354/Janos_Starker-Bach_Suites_For_Unaccompanied_Cello_Complete-Vinyl_Box_Sets
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