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  1. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    ALASKAN TAPES - In Distance We're Losing Lovely ambient music. Highly recommended. His next vinyl release due September!
  2. Wow. What a great Erasure collection!
  3. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    Lovely ambient drone, 10th Anniversary reissue This Will Destroy You Self Titled
  4. If the total weight is under 2kg it should be $30.95, which is fine by me. In fact if its still under 2kg can you add National's SSFDL?
  5. Belle & Sebastian: The BBC Sessions Elliott Smith: Figure 8 Natonal Alligator, Boxer
  6. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    NICOLAS JAAR - Nymphs 3EP set of Nymphs I, II and III recorded between 2011 and 2015, in one package for the first time.
  7. Citroen

    Reloop RP7000 Mk2

    Totally agree. The Reloop TTs are great value for money.
  8. Citroen

    Plinius 8150 Amp question

    Was just going to suggest you ask them direct! Gary Morrison has moved on to Pure Audio but it will be interesting to hear the response from the current Plinius regarding their legacy product.
  9. Citroen

    Plinius 8150 Amp question

    I always left my 8150 on all the time except if I wasn't going to be using it for more than a few days. I don't really care if the insides wear out quicker, or if the power bill was slightly higher. It's a trade off I can live with to get better sound. I found it took at east a day to sound optimal. About an hour to be 95% there, 24 hours to be 99% optimal so when using it for at least a few hours a day, for me, it just made sense to leave it on permanently. I also used to use a Gram Slee Reflex Era Gold. Not sure about burn in, as mine was secondhand, but it did take a few days from cold to sound its best. Whether it was the equipment in absolute terms sounding better, or my human brain just perceiving it as better...who really cares.
  10. Citroen

    SOLD: FS: Tom Waits vinyl bundle

    Fair enough. Canon, Nikon or other? Your answer will determine if I blacklist you or not...;)
  11. Citroen

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    I'm only resisting because I have medical, car, and EMT cartridge rebuild costs!
  12. Citroen

    SOLD: FS: Tom Waits vinyl bundle

    How could you? For me, this would be like selling my children lol
  13. Citroen

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Still waiting for the AEOC ECM boxset to drop in price. Getting close to my $100 threshold...