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  1. One of my discoveries when I was in a Amoeba in USA in the late 80's. But only bought the CD. Would now love to have it on vinyl!
  2. What do you have now and what do you hope to get out of the new turntable that your current one doesn't?
  3. How about a Well Tempered Amadeus? In Auckland.
  4. The hinges look original. I remember with mine I had to pack the hinge with a piece of cardboard on the inside of the hinge for it to grip the dust cover. I don't quite get your second picture though. I can't recall there being any notches in my original dust cover.
  5. I haven't caught up. I have a few thousand waiting for a clean ::(
  6. I tend to US clean in batches of three or six. a day That's my limit. The screeching sound and the effort dictates that limit!
  7. Karajan, Beethoven Symphonies, Philharmonia Orchestra, 1953 to 56
  8. Damn that man. Hate him, but love his music....dear me. Plain black vinyl here.
  9. His new album Views From Sixteen Stories should be shipping soon. https://alaskantapes.bandcamp.com/album/views-from-sixteen-stories
  10. Yes, Analogue Seduction are very good to deal with. They subtract VAT and have reasonable postage costs.
  11. I've bought a few of those scales and they are very accurate. Just make sure you use it at the correct stylus height, as it can sit slightly higher than an 180gm record.
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