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  1. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, Oren Ambarchi ‎– Imikuzushi The cover art is indicative of the music, like knives stabbing at the back of your head!
  2. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    Damn... Wrong Daughters. Thought you meant Daughter had a new album out. A very different sound to the Daughters you mention!
  3. The Black Mirror series is mostly great. Innovative future technology related scenarios, and often with an unforeseen (by me anyway) twist! Some great scores too on vinyl. Nosedive by Max Richter, and Alex Sommers/Sigur Ros - Hang the DJ
  4. Citroen

    Question about turntable DIN plugs

    No, they're not all the same. That one is a 5/240 (5 pins spanning 240 degrees). There's the common 5/180 (where the 5 pins span a semi-circle over 180 degrees), and the 5/270. Some TT's (rarely) even have the opposite male/female connection.
  5. Citroen

    TT Sand Box

    Looking very sleek! Is the idea of the tt platform just to hide the feet? Otherwise most sandboxes just use the insert on top of the sand as the platform.
  6. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    First acquainted with Loreena in the 90's with The Mask and the Mirror and only have The Wind That Shakes the Barley on vinyl. She has an amazing voice and although not much original music for quite some time, she does some beautiful arrangements of traditional songs. Forgotten she recently put out Lost Souls. Must give it a listen, as I see that it's a compilation of her own "lost" music.
  7. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    BuzzzFuzzz, it was reissued on vinyl a couple of years ago and sounds fantastic. As does Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté ‎– Ali And Toumani
  8. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    Death Cab For Cutie
  9. Citroen

    French Touch

    Spotify's number one comes up with Joshua Bell version @4.356 million hits
  10. Citroen

    French Touch

    In A Major? Just had to stream it now. Its OK...I guess...
  11. Citroen

    French Touch

    Too much jazz to listen to!
  12. Citroen

    French Touch

    What about Franck? I haven't had the inclination to listen to his Symphony in D minor (or anything else of his) for a couple of decades!
  13. Citroen

    FS: Audeze LCD 3

    Oohhh. One of the original wood box versions, and a stonkingly great price too!
  14. Citroen

    Currently Spinning

    80's throwback time this afternoon BILLY BRAGG - Talking with the Taxman about Poetry SINEAD O'CONNOR - The Lion and the Cobra BRONSKI BEAT - Age of Consent
  15. Citroen

    French Touch

    Listen to little bit of Berlioz, Bizet, Faure, Saint-Saens, Offenbach but only on ocassion. Edith Piaf is probably my favourite french vocalist. Recently Christine and the Queens. So surprisingly very little french music, despite loving their cars!