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  1. @Brad24 just get one of these Half the price and twice the value.
  2. THE NAKED AND FAMOUS - Passive Me • Aggressive You
  3. James Blake - Assume Form He's much too happy for me on this one. That's what having a hot girlfriend does to you! I prefer his more melancholic mood. Can't fault the pressing and sound quality though. Vampire Weekend ‎– Father Of The Bride I want to listen to this again. It's just that good! Ezra Collective ‎– You Can't Steal My Joy Brilliant stuff. SQ is a bit average though.
  4. Your wife has a good point! I started collecting vinyl about 40 years ago and only used a felt brush, cleaning cloths, a Stanton stylus brush and a Watts Dust buster. Sure they improve with a good US clean but most of these already sound cleaner than quite a lot of the new records I buy today. So, I reckon that 1. They started off a lot cleaner back in the day 2. We accepted the SC&P as an inherent part of vinyl (which is what CDs managed to solve and one reason why they became so popular) but now I'm a much more critical listener. 3. A Monk's/VPI/NG RCM was way out of my budget back then
  5. How does that work? Wouldn't that just result in high tracking error/distortion if there' no offset?
  6. MONOSWEZI - The Village, Riverboat Records LP This is a combined Norwegian jazz, African ensemble and it sounds fantastic! It has the perfect blend of the ethnicity of Norwegian culture and African traditional music, topped off with some fine vocals. And the sound quality is first rate as well. Highly recommended for anyone into jazz and "world" music.
  7. Can you post an audio clip so that we can listen to this defect?
  8. Never seen a 501 on a Planar 2 before. Looks fantastic!
  9. Indeed. I have about a dozen lps of live Tom Waits performances but mostly the sound quality is below average due to their bootleg nature. Thankfully, that's not the case with the officially released Glitter and Doom.
  10. Juno prices are usually a little more than Amazon, and they don't subtract VAT. Otherwise they offer a great service.
  11. James got distracted with his other hobby firearms, and his day job flying commercial planes, and a lack of cocobolo supply. So yes Analogue Instrument tonearms are no longer being made. Mine is a prototype Sigwan - half Apparition, half Sigwan
  12. A quick search of Amazon.com on a lot of those titles and they all available from Amazon direct (ie not from Amazon approved sellers), so postage all in one at the cheapest rates, from the one place.
  13. Started the day like this and now my second DV505 has a home.
  14. Welcome from New Zealand. Nice looking turntable!
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