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  1. From the last post, I'd skew the anti-skate to the opposite of what it is now. This could re-align the cantilever over time. Worked for me on a Goldring MM but it wasn't nearly as off as yours. Otherwise, possibly the dampener is shot, so needs a professional repair. But if it plays as it does now...
  2. And how did you find the sound quality? If its the new reissue, then Fremer initially gave it a 1 out of 10, for sound quality but then changed his mind and uprated it to 4 out of 10. I'd have to agree with the 4/10, but the music is superb, 9.5/10 and the packaging equally so.
  3. A Cmoy for $20! Even without the fancy case/label your headphones will love you for the extra boost.
  4. My immediate response is vinyl. But man, I would be one sad camper without my mobile music, in the car, walking the dog, walking to work, on the plane etc
  5. Like all No Business records, this has been recorded and pressed beautifully. Solo bass, raw and exposed but sounds extremely textured and captivating. Highly recommended. JOE MORRIS -Sensor
  6. Joe Henderson ‎– State Of The Tenor - Live At The Village Vanguard - Volume 1
  7. Nils Frahm - Music for the motion picture Victoria A bit of a noisey record, but has deep window shattering base, some familiar solo piano work and lots to admire. "Victoria is a German movie, filmed in one long shot. It observes the night of a young couple who meet, flirt, and stumble their way improbably into a violent heist."
  8. Just had a listen to Nanci Griffith ‎– The Last Of The True Believers on Tidal Not really my thing.
  9. Miles Davis - Miles At The Fillmore, The Bootleg Series (3)
  10. If you're committed to vinyl, then a few extra mm per album shouldn't really put you off. IMHO. Some people store their vinyl outside of the covers (to avoid ring wear? more easily accessible?) which takes up even more room!
  11. Nothing beats a good heavy-duty chipboard shell stock by Stoughton Printing! Can forgo the 200 gm double 45 rpm vinyl though. Give me a good old 120-150 gm pressing any day.
  12. Some of my favourite albums, except I don't know that Kansas one. Must check them out.
  13. This is one of my all time favourite jazz albums Swedish Berndt Egerbladh Trio ‎– Schizo "Each time famous jazzsoloists like Dexter Gordon, Idrees Sulieman, Kenny Dorham, Leo Wright and Lars Guilin has visited Umeå, they have all been very surprised and enthusiastic over Berndt Egerbladhs trio. "
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