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  1. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    First disc a little noisey, with not much improvement on cleaning, but just not annoying enough to replace. So far the others are OK. Otherwise, sound wise is very pleasing, no problems.
  2. Currently Spinning

    A massive kiss to Mascis! Tied to a Star
  3. Currently Purchasing

    Just ordered the Courtney barnett & kurt vile - lotta sea lice
  4. Currently Spinning

    must get this, as a big Elliot Smith fanboy!
  5. Phew, that sale just saved me a few bucks as I probably couldn't have resisted at that price!
  6. Try reading through this thread http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/using-a-double-y-cord-for-mono-recordings.45635/
  7. Not a fan of his No 1. Playing this and found a few clips inserted in the cover,. He, and orchestra must have made its way to little old New Zealand circa mid 70's?
  8. Currently Spinning

    My copy is really good. No problem with the top end at all. Dynamics sounds perfectly fine. Definitely not "cassette" quality.
  9. I think I have 4 103R's in various disguises/bodies. I love them.
  10. I had an Origin Live Silver Mk 2. Its a cracker of an arm!
  11. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Ditto. Amazon UK welched on me and said it wasn't available anymore and cancelled my pre-order So have just had to buy again at a much higher cost!
  12. Was just about to ask about that RCO! NYPO is the version I have on CD. And hopefully soon I should have this on vinyl too, as its set to arrive by Friday
  13. Or on CD I enjoy the Rattle or Bernstein. So many great versions of the Resurrection out there. What's your favourite version?
  14. But I do like this under-rated version as well
  15. Been a while since I've listened to this version.