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  1. Yes, seems to be more like the norm to insist on returning the damaged/defective lp. Probably so they can resell it!
  2. BTW, did they ask you to send the dud LP back to them?
  3. Random minor crackles left and right, which is why I think I can tolerate them. Could certainly be a whole lot better though.
  4. My copy is fine. A bit crackly at the beginning but nothing that would make me want to get a replacement.
  5. Unless its an antique that I've bought from new, I prefer new. Buying secondhand is more of a lottery, even with all the bad new pressings out there.
  6. Cardas 33 awg copper litz, Kondo Silver Fairy or Ikeda Silver depending on your budget. The Cardas is probably the most universal cable around.
  7. No real world experience with that particular terminal but the quality and type of materials used usually has a great bearing on the final sound quality.
  8. Not dumb at all. Yes, you got it. That's exactly what I mean. I have the following but all you need to do is swap the blutak in my pic for a female to male RCA connection.
  9. Can't see a problem with this. I have two arms that have Cardas 33 AWG cable from cartridge to male RCA's that plug into the phono preamp. Your suggestion is just doing away with the female to male RCA connection and replacing it with a soldered joint. But it does then restrict you to which cable you have. How about using RCA's on each end (tonearm cable end and RCA phono end), and just anchoring the cable to the plinth with clips (or as I do, with blutak). Then you can use any tonearm cable you want, and it would be easy to swap arms.
  10. SebastiAn - THIRST Electronic music from this brilliant French producer. It's been a long time since Total (2011) but well worth the wait. Its angry and intense at times, which makes it riveting. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/reviews/kele-okereke-review-2042-album-tracklist-sebastian-producer-thirst-frank-ocean-a9188051.html
  11. Play it at 33 1/3 for an even more immersive drone!
  12. Wilco, Henry and Lana particularly good!
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