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  1. Can probably speak for Jokerboy that this has sold (it's in my living room!). Thanks for your help!
  2. Yep, though I don't do it justice- using the coax for stereo output. The headphones output is pretty awesome, though I only have some sennheiser hd201's... That will change
  3. Hi there, I've lurked a little bit, mainly for product research. I live in brisbane, I'm 24 and I love stuff that is bang for buck. Most of my music is played off my PC, I also game (well.. play one particular FPS) I currently have the following setup: Custom PC build - i5 2500k, P8P67 Pro with HD6850's, Samsung 120Hz 27" 3D LED Monitor Asus Xonar Essence STX PCI-e Sound Card Coaxial connection to Marantz SR4400 connected to a pair of Soavo Bookshelves. I'm looking to upgrade, and I will be eyeing the classifieds and tech recommendations closely Feel free to ask anything, Cheers, mac
  4. Hi there, I'm 24, enjoy my music
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