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  1. I HATE KANYE because he's an idiot and I don't like hip hop ...is like saying Miles Davis sucks. but I don't like jazz. Kanye west is absolutely and indisputably a musical genius. I don't love all of his albums, in fact a couple of them I really dislike, but IMO that's the mark of real talent and ingenuity. He always pushes the genre. His beats and production are on another level and saying he "can't play an instrument" is just plain stupid. He's a composer. his skills in the studio are pretty much unmatched. If you don't like hip hop fine. Here's some of his music played by Nicholas Yee, and vitamin string quartet. which begs the question for the haters, why would virtuoso musicians spend so much time re-interpreting and playing something that's worthless? Maybe you know more about music theory that they do
  2. Would love the peter tosh, if no one takes the bundle and you end up splitting
  3. thanks Dan, pm replied. Sale pending bought and paid for, thanks
  4. SOLD Further information: This is the Audio-gd NFB-2, although it says DAC-19 on the fascia. (as per the Audio-gd website.) I honestly couldn't tell you if this model is still current/the same but here it is anyway: http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/NFB-2/NFB2EN.htm I am the second owner. I purchased it off this guy: It's a killer DAC for the money. Reviewed very well by this guy, 10 years ago. my, how time flies! https://darko.audio/2010/12/audio-gd-nfb-2-dac-19-series/ It's in excellent used condition, with a couple of tiny blemishes, not bigger than 2mm. It had a bit of a wobble when I got it so I replaced the original feet with 3 x Fisual rubber feet. The old feet are included but FYI, will not be easy to put back on, should you wish to do so. Also included - generic power cable and USB cable. Pick up from Thornbury Vic or I can post at buyer's cost. Cheers!
  5. what album did you choose to play on it?
  6. edit: never mind, let's put it down to a misunderstanding
  7. Hello mate I've got a 1200 mk2 with origin live/rega rb300 arm, denon 110 cart with very low hours, also cardas clear wiring. I bought it here from SNA member @BATMAQN I'm sure he wouldn't mind vouching for it (and me) It's been in a cupboard for over a year, since I have other 1210's and nowhere to put them all. I never wanted to sell this but I've now moved into a smaller apartment with a baby. this is a fantastic deck. couple of minor cosmetic flaws but great looking and performs perfectly. in melbourne. happy to set up for a quick demo, while observing current social distancing recommendations.
  8. FOUND, THANKS TO THAT GREAT GUY! Item: rega dac Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: chasing a rega dac, v1 the one with 5 filters. black or silver must be good nick and everything working properly, but doesn't have to be pristine. box etc would be nice but not a deal breaker. melbourne pick up preferred cheers! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  9. you'll be able to buy all the poor quality re-issues you missed
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