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  1. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    Skee Mask - Shred [2018] This is the recent repress of 2016 release. I never heard of this guy until I clocked @Y B's recommendation here a few weeks ago, and have since picked up both albums. They are both seriously good!
  2. Benny G

    Buying vinyl

    no the want list is just for you. but let's say there are 10 copies all over the world of that frank zappa record you want. well you can look at all those sellers, and when you look at their list of items for sale, there is a list also of what they have in your want list. so the way to buy is to find the best option based on a mix of price and what else you can pick up off that seller, so as to minimise the amount of money you spend on shipping.
  3. Benny G

    Clear audio Concept or Rega Planer 6

    this is unbelievable! I don't go in hifi shops much because I can't afford to buy new stuff. the other day I walked into Carlton audio visual, declared that I was just passing and wanted to have a look at some nice gear if that was OK. ended up listening to a few speakers and talking for about half an hour. they love talking and showing stuff and they know that if/when the time comes, I'll be coming to them for my yamaha ns-5000
  4. Benny G

    Buying vinyl

    I buy from discogs more than anywhere. 30+ orders this year I have a few sellers that I buy from regularly - 2 of them in the Ukraine, and a couple in France. Service/pricing/packaging etc is fantastic. as mentioned above, from US is too expensive unless you really need it! I have had minor corner dings on a couple of shipments but that's not because they weren't packaged properly; if you drop a box of records on the corner, it is going to bend a little bit. This is part of buying records. I won't go off on someone because a cover has some minor damage that happened in shipping, if I can see they packaged it properly. @Tubularbells example is a different story, I have never seen anything like that, and I wouldn't let that go. If it is something crazy valuable/rare and mint I will contact them first and get a bit of communication going before placing the order to make sure they know what they are doing. my advice is, spend 5 minutes checking seller feedback, max out the amount of records you can get to get the best out of the shipping cost (under 2 kg) also reduces the possibility of damage build yourself up a healthy want list so you can easily see when you find a record if the seller has anything else you're chasing. My guys weigh the package for me and let me know if I can get another one in there. I am buying mostly techno/electronic though, so there are lots of big Euro sellers and plenty to choose from. Often they have a mix of new releases and back catalogue of older used stuff so I can mix up a good selection of new/old. I much prefer to buy from good specialist sellers on discogs than Amazon (actually I have never bought a record on amazon)
  5. Benny G

    Audeze Mobius

    oh please... look at the marketing, all of a sudden Audeze looks like Razer or Logitech. "it's more than a headphone It's an experience" why would they spend all these years building up a premium brand and then devalue it like that by all means make the product, but stick to the brand.
  6. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    Paul St. Hilaire + Rauder - Derdeoc [2017] triple 12" and remix ep's Reconstructed I, II, III [2018] these came to me this week in a couple of packages! Been waiting to get them all together and play through. Paul St. Hilaire of course the vocalist on a ton of Rhythm & Sound, Burial Mix etc projects. This project is simply stunning, Sushitech records always putting out quality, beautifully presented and perfect pressing/SQ If dub is your thing hit this up.
  7. Benny G

    Great Opening Tracks

    Money For Nothing, put that on the list of songs that should have opened the album. I love an epic intro.
  8. Benny G

    Great Opening Tracks

    I Wanna Be Adored (The Stone Roses) Teen Age Riot (Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation) Movin' On Up (Primal Scream - Screamadelica) Cult of Personality (Living Colour - Vivid) edit Shark Fin Blues (The Drones - Wait Long By The River)
  9. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    Tresor release #303... it better be acid! Donato Dozzy - Filo Loves the Acid [2018] one of the bosses of modern techno, dozzy In my old age I still don't mind a bit of hardness but some of this really pushes my tolerance level, it is absolutely banging.
  10. Benny G

    SOLD: FS: Speaker Stands $100

    170mm x 160mm
  11. Benny G

    SOLD: FS: Audio-GD NFB-2 DAC

    Hello mate i will take it if possible!
  12. Ozark 2 OMFG... ep 7
  13. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    I posted this album a few days back, have added some info to the post. this is the best thing doing it for me omg this track just about makes me weep with joy, the strings is like having pure Underground Resistance injected into the eyeballs
  14. @Spider27 JLS recapped and serviced my nad c300 amp for $160. Turn around iirc was about a week. They are great to deal with.