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  1. Item: my 90's cd collection, 70 cds Location: 3054 Price: $20 donation to SNA Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: clear out Payment Method: Pickup only COD Extra Info: 70 cds in total. these discs were in storage for about 10 years, since I moved from Perth to Melbourne. They come only with the disc and front cover, cases and back paper cover were discarded back in the 90's to save space. Stored in several cd storage cases, each one holds 12 discs. I can't really be bothered listing all the titles but it's mostly standard 80's/90's fare, such as: Portishead Primal Scream The Verve Jane's Addiction Ride Happy Mondays Tricky Massive Attack The The The Smiths Wu Tang etc with the odd bit of more obscure electro/techno, odd film soundtrack and some jazz edit: I was going to list these separately but probably no point. If you want these too I will include them - 40+ classical cds, no covers, stored in a big cd holder. A good intro to classical for anyone that is looking for one. Mostly the big boys and nothing too special for the boffins. Naxos, Vienna Master series comps and so on. TBH I would like see this go to someone that is genuinely interested, so if that is you please drop me a pm. I'll give this lot away for free, or include it with the above lot if no interest. Cheers Pictures:
  2. I used to be all about that pc master race, water cooling etc. gaming for me now is about kicking back on the couch in front of a massive TV I can't think of anything I would rather do less these days than agonise over frame rates, gpu temp and so on. I used to love it though. Red Dead Redemption 2 Last of Us 2 Days Gone whatever is the next iteration of GTA are the only games I want to play and therefore, only require a ps4 for gaming. if you have to choose between the 2 platforms, IMO do it based on the games you're interested in
  3. Item: Canon EOS 3000 35mm film camera Location: North Carlton 3054 Price: $50.00 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: great condition, fully operational, good little runner. Stock lens with HOYA UV filter on it. also comes with carry case pictured. I saw one of these go to $70 odd on ebay a few weeks ago. Chasing a quick $50. Pictures:
  4. Item: 4" fullrange CHR70.3 speakers Markaudio, DIY made by SNA member @Westy Location: North Carlton Vic 3054 Price: $200 firm Item Condition: Refer pictures. One of the drivers has a very small (approx. 5 mm) dent in it, I think I did this by leaning across it to reach something while cleaning. This does not affect performance at all and is barely noticeable. Other than that, excellent. Reason for selling: Bought something else Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. I don't have any boxes so it's pick up only at this stage. Extra Info: I bought these from SNA member Westy 3 years ago. It's a really fun speaker, perfect for desktop use (that is how I used them). I have been wanting to try something new for a while and happened upon some Dali Zensors for a great price so these are not needed. TBH I had no idea DIY speakers could be so sweet, the real jarrah veneer and all around quality of the build is stunning. link to original sale thread with more info: Pictures :
  5. Lol that's me from a while back. Imo they don't look like the money. A rega p1 just shouldn't cost 600 bucks. I would actually really like to try one much higher up the chain, but I don't need it/can't afford it. edit: HOWEVER looking at the RP1 for $550 it does look a lot nicer than my old P1 - and I do agree with above, also for out of the box ease of use etc, it is great. I would certainly choose it over the others. OR buy secondhand here, and you'll be laughing. 800 secondhand and a bit of patience, but without being super fussy, you can get something quite serious.
  6. 808 State - Ninety [1989] this aussie pressing, 1990. Pacific 202 never gets old.
  7. No worries i thought some of rega products have life time warranty but probably only with the original owner
  8. Edit sorry just noticed faulty input thing Can it be fixed under warranty?
  9. Funki Porcini - Hed Phone Sex [1995] trippy, sleazy, downtempo perfect for a rainy day off
  10. Skee Mask - Shred [2018] This is the recent repress of 2016 release. I never heard of this guy until I clocked @Y B's recommendation here a few weeks ago, and have since picked up both albums. They are both seriously good!
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