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  1. Currently Spinning

    a lovely LP for a lazy Sunday arvo Yo La Tengo - Fade [2013]
  2. I've got one! what sort of volts does it need to get to 5ghz? ...sorry wrong forum boom tish
  3. Electronic currently spinning

    @analog brother yes killer tracks! I saw him perform live recently with about a 6 piece synth band, this: https://www.melbournerecital.com.au/events/2017/red-bull-music-academy-presents-carl-craig-synthesizer-ensemble/ it was incredible edit: BFC is a moniker I hadn't heard of though, that one is a bit before my time. Brilliant, thank you
  4. Electronic currently spinning

    another Carl Craig album, this is one of my all time favourite Detroit records, a defining moment Carl Craig - More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art [1997]
  5. Electronic currently spinning

    Innerzone Orchestra - Programmed [1999] Carl Craig and others, this release on 5 x 10 inch Space jazz and all sorts of electro noise.
  6. Currently Spinning

    MONDAY OFF! got a bit of a madchester/factory day planned. kick off with Pills n thrills. Aussie, festival 1990. Good start to a monday
  7. Netflix currently watching

    I've just watched The Toys That Made Us, cool doco series about toys/collectors. The He-Man episode was excellent. If you were around in the 80's you will love it, if not I dare say it's still damn good fun to watch.
  8. Currently Spinning

    nothing like some sweet soul music to liven up a miserable Melbourne winter morning. Detroit Spinners also @Teksiis lovely deck. beautiful
  9. Favourite Band Name

  10. Favourite Band Name

    although I'm not a big fan, I have always thought Oasis was the best ever band name.
  11. Currently Spinning

    one of the greatest of all time I have seen them live I think 4 times over the years, (first time in 93!) most recently in Melbourne a few years back, when they performed Screamadelica from start to finish. It was one of the most epic gigs I've ever seen. You're in for a treat edit also, I don't think i've looked in this thread before, hello all I'll post up some records when not listening to techno.
  12. Electronic currently spinning

    absolutely brilliant, this is in my next big order on the way, can't wait not the coloured one though, and it looks beautiful
  13. Electronic currently spinning

    @wikeeboynow I am thinking it's a homemade tshirt with an extremely esoteric meaning, even more so than a pisstake of Neil Young's ill-fated DAP
  14. Electronic currently spinning

    @scumbag well that makes a lot more sense, and now I want that t-shirt
  15. Electronic currently spinning

    I guess I does, I never even really considered what it means but it means fear pain, or phobia of pain?