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    best way to sell it mate, buy cheap and sell cheap. Give someone a good deal and soon enough you will get one. What goes around comes around, that's what trading here is all about GLWS
  2. oh, I didn't realise it only went back 12 months, fair enough
  3. FS: Jamo C603 Bookshelf Speakers

    how grunty an amp do you need for these fellas? edit: specs say 100-150w but that seems like overkill for a 88db speaker
  4. why use the search function for that, you can look at all the threads you have created in your profile edit although I guess that can be a bit cumbersome if you have a lot of threads dating back years, idk
  5. Netflix currently watching

    I have just smashed through 3 series of Line Of Duty, in about 2 days what a ride. Best police procedural in years, if you like this kind of thing, IMO it is up there with Prime Suspect.
  6. I thought my hd650's were good with a burson head amp, the virtuoso amp/dac - to give you an idea, I sold it here for $600. That is a pretty stunning bit of gear overall in fact. there is a very cheap Burson amp going in FS last time I looked. You could try it for little money and move it at virtually no loss if you don't like it I am not a big headphone guy though so I don't have much experience with lots of head amps and headphone combos, although I've had a few I don't have the hd650's any longer - I wish I had kept the cans as I always wanted to try with the bottlehead (and build one) it's now one of my longish term goals to get that amp, build it, buy more hd650's. I have a feeling it will be "end game" for me! and if you're new here well you'll see the volume of gear that gets turned over is crazy. agree with @soundfan a wtb is a good idea, or just wait, they come up occasionally also btw i don't think you need to offer money for advice here!
  7. at this stage I have a sale pending and a couple of back ups so I will mark the thread as sold pms replied cheers guys!
  8. Item: 5 x records see below Location: Carlton North VIC 3054 Price: $50 plus post TBC Item Condition: M/M sealed Reason for selling: doubles Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Only selling as a job lot. I bought a stack of these recently and have ended up with some doubles in my collection. All records are sealed, originally purchased from Juno (not by me). I have several of the OG releases, other re-issues and so on and so forth. There are a few heads here that know what these are, if you don't, well it's Basic Channel (Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald, a couple of Krauts that pioneered the Dub techno sound in the early 90's) label off-shoots, and it's still just about the best the genre has to offer IMHO. Still as fresh as a daisy. On a quality system with decent bottom end you will see God. These are all re-issues of which there have been several over the years. Although I can't confirm, assume that they are the most recent available. Probably 2016-2017. Titles are as follows: Main Street Records Round One Main Street Records Round Two Rhythm & Sound 04 Rhythm & Sound 05 Rhythm & Sound 07 Pictures:
  9. Electronic currently spinning

    @Diynamic what an absolute bomb that metro area record is, I have the OG of Metro Area 4. gonna have to re-direct some funds
  10. Electronic currently spinning

    Conforce - Autonomous (2017) Waiting on the arrival of this from Delsin but I couldn't resist hammering the DL, and it's all on youtube anyway. I posted some stuff a while back by Versalife, well this is the same guy Borris Bunnik, under a different moniker.
  11. there's a thread here all about prog rock and you're the second poster
  12. Is this warping typical?

    There must be a shop in sydney that can do it, i have had a few records flattened at goldmine records here in Melbourne. http://www.goldminerecords.com.au/vinyl-de-warping.html With great results too I bet you could post it to them although not very cost effective if the record is not valuable

    no worries guys. pm sent, marked you up in the thread, cheers
  14. Electronic currently spinning

    This Detroit classic! Dan Curtin - Deception 1996 This is the Japanese release, on some Japanese gear.

    no worries zippi, pm sent