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  1. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    I found a boiler room set on youtube (when I put up the link) from a few years ago and he opens with an epic mix of that track. Haven't played the whole thing yet but it looks really good
  2. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    me favourite current-ish tune atm. German deep/tech. check out the breakdowns with jazzy drum roll. damn good fun! Black Light Smoke - Depression Sleeping [2017]
  3. Benny G

    FOUND: WTB: Spendor speakers

    @aasza you beat me to it I was checking those out on ebay this morning too
  4. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    mistake post
  5. GODDAMN! good score
  6. Benny G


    I have also had the privilege of hearing these speakers, and they are effing incredible, I can't imagine what you would have to spend to beat them.
  7. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    more killer electro Anthony Rother slaughtering it. Little Computer People - Electro Pop [2001] promo SICK NUTS!
  8. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    good bit of electro madness from ages ago, UK. MANASYt - Tales of Ignorance [2007]
  9. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    Mr Fingers, as deep as it gets. Larry Heard - Genesis [1999]
  10. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    Norken - Our Memories of Winter [2005] lush, deep, melodic techno.
  11. Benny G

    Currently Spinning

    @candyflip So good. Mine was sitting at the post office since the end of last week, then I was on 9-5 all week this week and couldn't get there to pick it up. Just played through the whole thing, it's sublime!
  12. Benny G

    Currently Spinning

    been a long wait, and I bet this is on the way to a few SNA households. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless - Kevin Sheilds' analogue master. this sounds sensational, and it's a fantastic package. also, got the free alternative issue of Isn't Anything, not sure if this is a test pressing or what.
  13. Benny G

    The Audiophile Club of Athens

    Only had a quick flick through it then died of laughter when I got to this bit "It plays music. Believe me."
  14. Benny G

    Currently Spinning

    first spin of this. Epic score while in Perth at Christmas. sealed. Must have been on the shelf for 6 years. 500 copies only. This is The Drones very stripped back and contemplative (so far!), only one side in and loving it. The Drones - A Thousand Mistakes [2011]