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  1. Benny G

    FS: SOLD: Dared 300B Integrated amp MP-30B

    I had one of these (I wonder if this is it?) great amp!
  2. Benny G

    Currently Spinning

    I had no idea they were still going/performing. I love that album, one of my favourites of the time. I have seen Mudhoney a couple of times way back in the day, but I always liked that Moneywrench album above any Mudhoney stuff.
  3. @dmitry that's good to know. I actually bought some used for 300 (only 6 months old) locally on ebay, and that's how I came across the listing, but after I had made the purchase. keep us updated when you get them, because it's a mind shaggingly good deal.
  4. Hifiman HE-400i $250 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HIFIMAN-HE400i-Special-Edition-Over-Ear-Planar-Magnetic-Headphones/332540777780?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 edit: bit too much negative feedback for me!
  5. beautiful looking set up and gear
  6. Benny G

    Soldering classes / lessons in Melbourne

    buy this book from jaycar and get a couple of the projects and work through them it's a great intro to electronics, with descriptions of every component etc https://www.jaycar.com.au/short-circuits-book-volume-ii/p/BJ8504
  7. Benny G

    SOLD: NAD C370 & NAD C270 Amplifiers

    no doubt he will see this but anyway @Spider27 also just looking at the specs sheet, you can run this as 2 x mono power amps, with the 370 fucntioning as one of the mono amps + pre, is that how it works? wish I had some money, would take in a heartbeat glws
  8. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    a great reissue of this deep house classic from KDJ Moodymann - Silence In The Secret Garden
  9. Benny G

    Electronic currently spinning

    best thing I have heard/bought in ages, and an outstanding quality pressing. Haven't sat down and really dedicated a good hour to properly listening to an album in a while either. This is really unpredictable, every time I thought something was going to happen it goes off in a different direction. The Connection Machine - Presentiment [2016] on UK label Tabernacle Records
  10. Benny G

    50 LPS/12" SINGLES

    no worries, thanks for letting me know
  11. Benny G

    deleting post but text stays

    I see how this works now, so no, it's not me being blind and not seeing the "clear editor" because it's not there until you return to the thread. ie there is no way of deleting text and legging it, you can't clear the editor until you return to the thread and try and make a post, your text gets restored and you can choose to clear it. I prefer the functionality of my delete key, which is now rendered useless
  12. Benny G

    Dangers of cycling

    no worries, all in good fun
  13. Benny G

    Dangers of cycling

    obviously a joke, relax
  14. Benny G

    Dangers of cycling

    I agree, of course people can dress in whatever they want I don't have a problem with it, I just think it's funny sometimes.