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  1. Darn cheap for this quality amp. May I ask what valves are used? Any rectifier valve? And what are the driver and power valves? Thanks.
  2. Looks like Triaxiom drivers if I am not wrong. Cabinets look okay but I doubt there are ARU units in them. Anyways, if the drivers are indeed Triaxiom, they sell about $1k or more depending on condition. This would be a great find.
  3. Easy, do yourself afavour and get Leak Stereo 20. I am a big fan.
  4. Hi, which ones are the Dragon? Which ones are the Excalibur? Thanks.
  5. 2 watter 1k2 Shinkoh tantalum!! How many you've got Ian? I need more for my type 50 amp 🤩 My my......what a beaut!
  6. Serviced by Paul Baker of Falls Audio? Rest assured, it will work for another 40 years for your pleasure.
  7. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Single-Rogers-LS3-5A-Original-Speaker/324502371393 For centre channel perhaps?
  8. Lovely bloke. Been to his place once and I was like a kid in a candy store. His collection is quite amazing. Happy to hear that he's back in business.
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