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  1. Apologies for the thread hijack, but i no bugger all about TV's. I have enough of an issue with my audio addiction...! What's the 'better' screen to go for if they were the same price, Sony or LG? Or does that kind of question start an online war?
  2. Would be interested in the details also @Steam if you don't mind
  3. I had a quick look and i think the 200 euro is off stock they're holding. The A500 'special price' is due to it being a preorder so don't think another 200 comes off that...
  4. Great pics mate! Love the TT and yellow vinyl 👍
  5. @Snoopy8 Ah, now i get you mate! Nah, zero chance of them being down the other end. That's a dedicated DJ/Kids zone
  6. Classic indeed! Picked up the Bart Skills remix earlier in the year to go with my OG version
  7. I purchased the bundle which includes the hub. Adding a couple of subs could be fun... may try that also down the track.
  8. Do you mean no toe in, flat face? No... My assumption has been that they're too wide apart as it is, and i'm seated too close hence the current toe-in. I'll give it a try mate and let you know. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Don't get me wrong, i love the Kii Three's. I also really enjoyed the Kef LS50w's (Version 1). The Kef's are of course in a different league (price bracket) to the Kii's, and you take that in to consideration when you listen to them. You need the right speaker to fit the application... and at the moment, most of my listening happens in our compromised shared kitchen/lounge/dining. In that space, where i'm not often being overly 'critical with my listening, it's cramped, speakers need to be close up to the wall, and if using stands i'm very limited with positioning (too
  10. Review on Audiophile Style... https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/review-buchardt-audio-a500-speaker-system-r962/ Can't wait to get mine and compare them to my Kii Three's (and possibly Kef LS50 II's)
  11. I have the KAB, and the MasterSounds LPS. Have wondered what the timestep is like. Chris, have you tried any/all of them? Just wondering if personal experience has led you to saying KAB performs way better, or if you've read it from someone else's opinion/experience. If you read it somewhere could you point me to that info? Is there anything intrinsically 'special' about these LPS's? Is it something an Aussie such as @Gieseler Audio could do?
  12. Along with KAB USA and the Timestep (Sound HiFi) PSU, MasterSounds in the UK also make a linear power supply for SL's.
  13. Very sad news of Phil's passing on Sunday, he was a legend in the scene. Gives me shivers to think it was exactly a year since the fundraiser held for him at La Di Da. Although i didn't always gel with his style, he was a true trailblazer and did it his own way. I've always loved this tune by him (and Luke Chable). Playing it in honour. Lostep - Burma RIP Phil
  14. Bribie Dub - Echo Inspectors and Insect O [Primary Colours] Nice bit of Melbourne dub techno to start the week. Local boy Lance Harrison from Echo Inspectors.
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