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  1. Wow!! Super speakers, well done and enjoy. Graz is the real deal. One of the real genuine audio legends and a great guy to boot 👍
  2. Its an absolute joke. I'm also holding on to my telstra cable for dear life. Getting the same speeds as you, consistently over 100mbps cable. Crazy that by changing to NBN my speed will slow down and cost more, go figure. Do you know how much longer we have till cable will be switched off?
  3. Sorry mate, was at lunch with the fam and had all of 3 seconds to reply before my partner slapped me side of the head for being on stereonet! That's a yes to purchasing
  4. Agree on keeping the price history 👍
  5. I've moved many, many times unfortunately! Local and interstate moves with a large collection of records. I go to officeworks and buy packs of archive boxes. They are rated to carry the heavy weight of records and do it well. Only issue is the lids will only sit on top, but i've never had an issue with this as i havent stacked boxes on top of each other.
  6. Was planning to get to this one but work got in the way. Any reports on the night?
  7. Impracticality is not often a term used to describe Devialet I do however understand what you're saying with regards to some of the minor limitations of the 120. For the money being asked here, it's got to be pretty bl.ody hard to find something better that does all that this unit can. Find a signal, feed it in to the Dev and you're away. GLWTS
  8. You can use the devialet app on your iphone to monitor the volume level and input. This negates the need to look at the display on the unit.
  9. Many thanks for your comments @andyr & @Fubar990 👍 I spoke with my mate today and he is definitely not interested in spending over the cost of a Mani, yet....!
  10. Don't mean to derail the thread, but i'm genuinely interested Andy as you clearly have much experience and knowledge on the subject. If the Mani is over marketed hype, what else at approx $250RRP betters it? I ask this as i'm looking for an ultra cheap phono to get a mate up and running and i thought the Mani would fit the bill. Way OT so possibly better via PM...
  11. If you decide to sell the Mani, let me know
  12. Wasn't my experience. Told me different stories to other users here which were completely contradictory, and would only provide a bank transfer for payment.
  13. Thanks all, i ended up buying a couple of the Consoance power strips. Very well made.
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