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  1. wikeeboy

    Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne Speakers

    I hope for Mr G's sake these are long gone!
  2. I would love this is Bunno changes his mind
  3. The audiophile swiss army knife! Just recently becoming Roon Ready RAAT certified.
  4. wikeeboy

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    There is a difference between the necessary basics, and what is optimal. Everyone can do whatever suits them, i was very close to going vegan before swerving. Ultimately you do what suits you and your body, and you clearly have something that works well for you which is great. You are very correct, meat is not a necessity.
  5. wikeeboy

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    I'm sorry to have not previously provided any comment when i know so much about this and have much a lot of personal experience. Unfortunately just a lack of time with work/family (poor excuse i know!) Anyway, in short the best quick advice i can give for increased health and longevity is to reduce the feeding window you eat in each day (6-8 hours) this is effectively intermittent fasting. It is also preferable to eat during daylight hours when our bodies circadian rhythm is in synch with processing foods, therefore dont eat after its dark and try and have several hours of no food before sleeping. Regarding type of food to eat, low protein, low carb and high fat (good quality fat) is the way to go. Although vegeterianism was something i was briefing looking at doing, it is not the way to go. We need meat, but the key is this: A diet based predominantly of in season, local organic plant based food Lots of Good Quality fat Low portions of quality protein (wild non farmed fish, organic grass fed and finished meat) The notion of red meat not being good for you is correct generally. That's because the vast majority of people eat industrial meat which is carcinogenic, and something we should keep to a minimum. Grass fed and finished meat, like nature intended is an important and integral part of the diet in small amounts/portions. I mostly intermittent fast every day (its been 3.5 years now), generally a 6-7 hour eating window which is very easy, and quite often i only eat 1 meal a day (dinner). I am also going to soon start combining a monthly 2 day fast where i only consume 300-600 calories per day for 48 hours to do a longer fast. The latest research is showing that having as little as 300 calories over the 2 days is more beneficial than a total water fast (mind you the composition of those calories is very important to help the benefit of the fast).
  6. I have exactly the same as these. I've tried plenty of high end cables and Acrolink (in the upper ranges) are just no bullsh.t quality Japanese made cables that exceed anything else ive compared to. GLWTS
  7. wikeeboy

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    I've been doing the 16/8 or 18/6 every day for over 3 years now. I have it so under control that i can actually do OMAD (one meal a day) many days of the week also. I have stuck to it and will continue to do this for the foreseeable future. It not only keeps my weight easily under control, it also has so many health and well being benefits. We all eat way too many calories, and IF is an easy way to keep what you eat under control. I have heaps to add so will come back to this when i'm back at home tonight!
  8. wikeeboy

    Devialet 130/140 expert pro ci

    Hmm, if nothing has changed at all with your system and setup, and then this issue arose i would be concerned it is a faulty unit. I've only ever had minor issues when i've had to update configs or firmware, but then that's been easily fixed by basic trouble shooting procedures. As far as i know, for high end audio equipment Devialet have an enviable reputation. The failure rate is bugger all, same can't be said for many other 'high end' brands. Only unit i know of that failed had a blown fuse which was quickly/easily fixed (this was info from the distributor before Interdyn). Rather than risk your speakers, take the unit straight back to your dealer.
  9. wikeeboy

    Devialet 130/140 expert pro ci

    Hi there, Have you always had this issue (new unit) or has it just presented itself? I've never had any issues like this and i've had lots of Devialet's. My advice would be to power the unit down and unplug it from the power cord entering the unit. Go in to the configurator and configure a completely new configuration (don't use an old one). Make sure all the settings are correct. Save the config on to your sd card but make sure you have completely wiped the sd card first. Power the unit back up and then see if everything is ok. If that doesn't work you could try going back a step and reloading the latest firmware, then the configuration and see if that resets everything. If after that you still have problems i'd be straight back in to your dealer. There should never be loud buzzing coming through a channel! Actually, have you swapped the speaker cables over to make sure the load buzzing is the Devialet and not the speaker?
  10. Seriously mate not even worth stuffing around with IMO. Either you like the sound of the Dev and it can handle the load of your speakers, or try something else that's more to your taste.
  11. Really? Appreciate you letting me know. I don't have FOMO now After the amazing show i saw last Saturday at Hamer Hall (Nils Frahm) glad i didn't lower my mood by going to tonight's show. I've got Olafur Arnalds coming up in a few weeks, hopefully that will be a good one.
  12. wikeeboy

    Passive or active? Budget 3k

    Interesting, haven't seen those before. I've been considering some Genelec 'The One's aling with the SAM sub. The Quested 3110's would be worth a listen, thanks for bringing to my attention.
  13. wikeeboy

    Passive or active? Budget 3k

    If you're only going to throw $1k at an amp for LS50's i'd say dont bother. Spend the money on the actives youll get a much better result.
  14. wikeeboy

    Passive or active? Budget 3k

    Hi mate, i've had a lot of different systems both passive and active. I have had the passive LS50's and currently own the LS50w as a system for my kitchen area. I'll save you a lot of time, money and stuffing around.. just buy the LS50w's! For $3k you will not get the passive LS50's and ancillary gear to do a better job than what Kef has designed for the active version. Its also in one nice neat package. When you think about it, one of the hardest things in audio is to find a whole heap of components/speakers cable etc from different brands and find that perfect synergy. Even if you get it right, it comes at a cost and you have a whole heap of boxes.