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  1. Not particularly answering your question, but the mutec clocks are world class. Would be very interested in a comparison between the ref10 se120 and OP21A, as the 'normal' ref10 is amazing and actually very good value for the asking price.
  2. Most of the Dev's i've owned (pretty much all of them) only came with the cheap/standard aus IEC cable. When i had my 800 upgraded to 1000, it came back from the factory (France) with new audioquest power cables for each unit. That's the only time though.
  3. @Dragonfly913 What you want, and what you get may be two different things, but i'd be after a full refund and sending it back. Forget about trying to repair. The TT should never have been sent as it was, still assembled. This may have caused damage to many of the internals, not just the tonearm.
  4. Congrats! Mighty speakers. Make sure you show us some pics. No issue with those puppies giving you all the slam and punch you need
  5. The Technics turntable packaging, whether a 1200 from 20 years ago, or a new GAE is bulletproof. I have moved more times than i can count, with all of my technics tt's going back in their original boxes and shipped with no issue, and no worry/concern on my behalf. I recently shipped a 1200 from Perth to me in Melbourne. Original packaging, no issue what so ever. I would be mighty p.sed if i bought a tt (1200, 1500 etc) and was told it would be shipped in original packaging to have it arrive the way you have said. Without the internal foam which holds all the
  6. As mentioned by Darko in his comment on Spotify Lossless, Roon's subscriber base is 100,000. A mere drop in the ocean compared to the 300 million Spotify users! Spotify will undoubtedly prefer their subscribers to use their UI (Sonos the only exception here), and the paltry 100k Roon base will not even register on their radar. i wish it was different, but doesn't seem to be much hope for Roon/Spotify integration.
  7. Agree with the theory. I guess the issue then becomes power handling? If i was regularly getting clipping signals around 85db with the Kii's, then boosting up that 150hz may make this worse? I think @gibbo9000 may have mentioned something about this earlier and i agree (Power handling). Putting subjective sound quality aside, the greater power handling of the 8351's i have allow me to turn the wick up harder in that region giving more perceived slam.
  8. Yes, totally agree with this. I remember reading somewhere yesterday that 'punch' is in the 150hz range which is what your pic above shows. This is why i'm finding the Gen 8351's having greater punch than the Kii's, even though the Kii's go flat to 20hz and the 8351's 'only' 32hz. That lower register is not where the slam and punch occurs.
  9. Agree with your comments. It's an exciting time to be in this space with so many great options popping up. Only minor thing i'm at odds with is the comment re Electronica. I love my electronic tunes and the 'punch' is absolutely essential to me for this genre.
  10. I'm not as technically literate as the rest of you lot, but i had a pair of Perigee FK1's for many years. Pretty sure they had twin 6.5" cones along with a ribbon tweeter. They weren't 'big woofers' but they had a stack more 'punch' than the Kii's so it's not always merely the woofer size. I'll leave it to Gibbo to eloquently and technically explain with this may be the case Appreciate the feedback and comparisons with your passive systems Ray. Damn, those JL's are seriously drool worthy Would love to have experienced that set up.
  11. Ah huh! Thanks for the clarification. I'd forgotten the finer detail! Ok so that's really interesting feedback. Roon & Thierry it is So if i have a Roon Nucleus for example, and some Kii Three's and 8c's at home, i would run an REW sweep through each speaker and then get Thierry to do a unique file for each? I'd then in theory be getting the best result possible in room for each speaker system, from which i could then compare on their merits to decide which speaker i prefer? I guess the downside to this is the convolution file in Roon does not apply to
  12. There is no doubt the BXT modules take the Kii Three's to another level. In comparisons we clearly need to be splitting out Kii, and Kii+BXT because they are different beasts. It is fair to say the value proposition of the Kii Three alone is significantly aided by the upgrade ability of the base Kii Three system to Kii+BXT. It often seems when 8c and Kii are discussed, the first differences discussed are in the bass region. Due to the pricepoints, comparing Kii Three ($28k) to 8c ($20k) is somewhat similar and fair even though Kii is still significantly higher. If you a
  13. Now having lived with the Genelecs for a little while, and using the GLM system, it really is a major drawcard. GLM 4 was released only a few months ago and it is a great bit of design. So simple and effective, but also allows you to tweak as much as you like and set severla filters depending on the flavour you're after. You can vary this depending on the music style/recording quality you listen to. It's funny because i have found this active audio space has been laughed at by many 'audiophiles', and is only now starting to receive serious acceptance in the community. At the same t
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