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  1. Great post @Bomber Rock, thanks for the write up! You've given me the impetus to play around with my own positioning... Any tips on how you came to that particular setting? Would love to see an updated set up pic with the new positioning
  2. Hi all, Sorry for such a slow response. I've barely had time to even glance at Stereonet. The A500's have been working flawlessly. I have them sitting in my lounge next to the TV. Mostly playing whatever is on TV, and music through Roon. I have really enjoyed the low level enhancement, the fletcher-munson curve does a great job of keeping the bottom end boogying at low volume levels. I would defintiely miss this if swapping in another set of speakers without this feature. Received an email from Buchardt last week detailing the new 2.0 Mastertunin
  3. The first time i used the calibration method i moved around the entire room. I did my best to evenly walk around the room for the full minute whilst also sweeping the phone up and down from the floor to high up. The calibration definitely gave me a different reading to the one displayed above. I only did the one above as a comparison to the GLM calibration that i took from a single point. Have been playing with the mastertunings this morning and they definitely have noticeably different flavours. That's the beauty of a DSP engine like this, as long as the speaker is of sound design
  4. Hi @mysterybear What brand are these if you don't mind me asking? Would be interested in sourcing the same here in Melbourne.
  5. @Snoopy8 Here's a screenshot of the left and right calibration done from the approximate same position with the Genelec 8351's. With the Gen's, i use the GLM mic on a boom style mic stand, in the sweet spot. The speakers run their own individual frequency sweeps, as opposed to the A500's that play pink noise through both (therefore a summed eq). The Gen approach is more hands off on boosting frequencies, preferring to reduce the bigger peaks. The close position relative to the rear wall (30ish cm's) is reflected in the boosted 30-100hz range, of which GLM reduces for a
  6. Quick update re calibration: Below are a few screen shots from using the Buchardt calibration. Once setup, you open the Buchardt App and run the calibration option. The speakers start playing white/pink(?) noise for 1 minute. During that time you're meant to move your phone around the room sweeping it up and down without getting between the phone mic and the speakers. This will average out your room response. I chose to sit in my sweet spot and move the phone within an approximate 1 foot cube of my head. I did this as to begin with i just wanted to optimise the sound fr
  7. Hi all, Sorry to hear some are having issues. To echo what @k3here has said, the guys at Buchardt are really great people and i'm sure they are working hard to fix this. It is also a fair point to raise that earlier batches were solid, so most likely a software issue with the latest firmware and tunings. Hopefully this means a quick and easy fix for all. To comment on my situation for a moment, without trying to diminish anyone else problems whatsoever i really haven't had a single issue since receiving the speakers. I basically plugged everything in, paired
  8. Did you set the hub up via Google Home? And it currently shows up i nthere when you check? Also just double check your phone and hub (via the Google Hub) are on the same wifi channel (eg. 2.4gz or 5ghz).
  9. I'd suggest waiting till the master tunings are available before any decent comparisons. The stock tuning is supposedly tweaked to keep 80% of users happy, and the V2 version takes it a little further. But depending on your room and preferences there may be a tuning that suits better that can't currently be accessed until the bug is fixed. Unlike the Kii's which are designed to come out of the box pretty much flat, the A500's have a particular flavour/tuning, and the benefit of having several at your finger tips means you can find the one that suits best. For the first
  10. Don't have time for a long update (today is family day ) but i tried the room correction function a couple of days ago. It's super easy. Download the buchardt app, and choose the room calibrate mode. The system then plays pink noise for one minute as you move the phone round the room. I did one calibration walking around my whole living area and the curve showed a decent size hump in the botto end. It then overlays a correction curve which flattened out the hump. You can then toggle between enable/disable directly via the app. I did another calibration purely from my listening pos
  11. I've just had a read through the different master tunings available. I'm pretty excited to try them all and hear the differences. It's such a great idea. Just a shame i can't try them yet... Interesting to read in one of the tunings they say the bass extends to 22hz... pretty amazing for such small units but they definitely go low. Will be pretty cool to hear the difference between the 2.5, and 3 way tunings, and i really want to hear the tuning that gives more mid range focus. Similar to the Genelec GLM System Profiler which allows you to pick profiles tha
  12. Was just about to try the master tunings feature. To this point i've kept it stock. Lucky i read the following note saved on their shared google drive: Customers that recived the A500 in March 2021 and after. Please do not install any mastertunings. This would bring your speakers into mono locked, we are working on a fix. If you have installed one, then please instal the "New Tuning for March batch only" Therefore, anyone just receiving their A500's, DON'T DOWNLOAD A MASTER TUNINGS FILE YET!!
  13. Thanks for the tip @hugo_wilco. So it's 20% off all vinyl then an extra 5% with the voucher? All up 25% off?
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