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    Cracking speakers. GLWTS.

    VAF sell Devialet from memory, which would explain the phantom boxes..

    Halcro? I see they have some Devialet Phantom boxes up on the back shelves...
  4. TAD Reference 1 Mk2

    RRP you're in the $100k region for these babies. End Game, GLWTS.
  5. TAD M600 mono amplifiers

  6. SOLD: FS : Siltech Princess XLR

    Great seller, buy with confidence Oh yeah, lovely cables too! GLWTS
  7. FS: Perigee FK1 (Hybrid Ribbon Speakers)

    Ok, changing this to a FS classified and dropping the price to $2,950. I need the space and these need a good home! A hell of a lot of speaker for the coin.
  8. The Pro is a nice step up from the expert range. The internal streamer board has recently been announced, available in October. This unit will receive the new streamer board as a free upgrade GLWTS
  9. Mutec MC-3+ USB

    PM me mate, i have one
  10. Nice work so far mate, will be tracking your progress
  11. Wine courier

    Send me a pm mate and i'll see if i can help
  12. Wine courier

    I work in national wine distribution. TNT are the absolute worst, more breakages than safe deliveries. Fastway are pretty good, you are provided a delivery window and 9 times out of 10 they hit it. Breakages are negligible on my end. When it comes to distributing wine, if you are only sending cases you're always trying to select the best of a bad bunch. @dave1 are the 2 cases you're sending to QLD relatively expensive? I could always squeeze them in with a pallet i send up there.. usually safer sending a layer to a full pallet rather than single cases..
  13. Devialet 200 v 400

    Probably easier for me to come to you mate. Bring the D1000 as carry on luggage
  14. Devialet 200 v 400

    @Rob JC If you're busting to hear the Pro mate i'll happily take that dart off your hands
  15. Devialet 200 v 400

    Hey Ken, When i moved from a 200 to a 400 i received a really worthwhile improvement. Whether the improvement is worth the extra dollars to you, only you can answer! It just gave more of everything. Better control over the woofers, a more relaxed feel to the sound, and i think the greatest improvement was to the soundstage which opened right up and out past my speakers. I now use the 1000 pro which takes things up another level again.