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  1. If you buy an item of that value used from Italy, covid is the least of your worries!
  2. What will that mean for any of my current playlists? And will we all share the same screen therefore playlists etc? Or does everyone get their own profile?
  3. I can jump on the bandwagon here....
  4. I've previously set all the gear up where the Kii's are. It's a compromised space and gear of this calibre is completely wasted IMO. The Kii's can reproduce sound rather 'perfectly' but you can't expect those little woofers to move air like the TAD's. Even at lower levels, the experience just isn't the same.
  5. I'm secretly hoping these go to a local buyer so i can buy them back easily when space permits!
  6. A mentioned in my TAD ad, i fired everything up this morning and it is seriously hurting to let it go! I'm not too hard done by as i have some Kii Three's in the other room, but it's not even close IMO. Appreciate your suggestion above, headphones would be the logical move for me, but i like to feel music when i listen and headphones just don't move me like speakers do. When i was listening earlier, the TAD's literally hit you in the chest, you can feel it and with that comes the emotion for me
  7. Thanks for the kind words mate. In readiness for a possible sale i fired them up this morning... all i can say is Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Just amazing on every level. These really are my end game speaker, could only imagine the R1 topping my list. It is seriously hurting to let these go
  8. Just not an option unfortunately. Believe me, i have agonised over this decision for over 2 years now. Finally time to bite the bullet.
  9. Haha i'm no different! I'm a hawk at the classifieds. Only difference now though is most of my money has been going on over priced records instead of equipment!
  10. Thanks for the kind words mate. I kid you not, it's taken me 2 years to drag myself to this decision.
  11. Further information: TAD Evolution One - Piano Black I have battled with selling these for over 2 years now. I purchased them, and literally fired them up for a few months before we moved house. The idea in the new house was the second living area was to be my personal 'audio room'. My partner got me hook line and sinker as she used that as the bait to get me to agree to the house, but on moving in the simple fact that the room borders our master bedroom, and the 2 children's rooms meant that any time i usually listen to music (when everyone else is in bed!) was a completely ridiculous idea. After the first weekend of complaints all round, i raised the white flag and the room has not been used since. The room has now become the children's play room 🙄 🙄 🙄 I moved the equipment to our small shared lounge, but equipment of this calibre shouldn't be used in such a compromised setting. I moved the equipment back to the other room and put it under wraps. Every now and then i fire it up, but it is very rare due to the effort of setting everything up. The logical thing to do was to sell the gear until circumstances changed, but this has proved harder than i thought. The combination of the Devialet 1000, the TAD E1's and a full Acrolink loom is absolutely end game. I have done a cracking job at smashing the hifi merry go round over the years, and after trying pretty much everything, and spending a truckload on the way through, i decided to do the job properly once and for all. I had always held TAD in high esteem and assumed it was end game gear so i had a crack at it. It didn't disappoint let me tell you! It is the first time i have owned something and thought i'm finally done and reached my destination. Back to listening and enjoying music, instead of trying different components and speakers every other weekend. I've had the pleasure of owning TAD CR1's and E1's, both Andrew Jones masterpieces. The CR1's were/are mind blowing, very special beasts. You can seriously be happy forever with either, but if i had to explain the differences, the E1 goes lower with greater heft and weight on the bottom. The CR1 has a slightly more transparent top end, with the E1's being ever so more forgiving. On perfect recordings the CR1's bring tears to your eyes, but are ruthless on anything less. The E1's do a greater job as all rounders on a range of material. I've included pictures of both together so you get a sense of how these E1's are direct descendants of the Reference series TAD's. The E1's are so beautifully coherent from top to bottom. You haven't heard bass till you've heard these puppies. It is fast, dynamic, and thunderous like no other. No overhang whatsoever, and your house will shake. The mids and highs to die for. Such energy, excitement, dynamism and emotion. I genuinely love these things, selling these is like selling one of my children! If/when i come back to hifi, i will go straight for TAD. If i have the appropriate house i will try for the R1's (funds allowing), if my floors can't handle 300kg's i'll look for some E1's! I prefer these over the newer E1's as these are direct descendants of the R1/CR1's (Reference series) as you can see by the amazing sculpted shape and top cowling of the speaker. The new E1's in comparison look like simple boxes, and merely a bigger ME1 as opposed to a scaled down R1. I will also list my high end Acrolink cables which are a perfect mate for these speakers. The combo of the Devialet 1000 with the special SAM profile for these speakers, along with Acrolink cables is mind blowing. I have all of the original shipping boxes and materials, including all of the inserts, manuals, accessories (spikes etc) and the speakers are as new. You will feel as if you'd bought new. If you have not seen TAD's before, the finish on them is seriously second to none. The piano black on these is exquisite. Trust me, you want these in the black, the other faux veneer look/finish is awful. I have always kept the speaker grills on, but included a couple of pictures without so you get the idea. I've always felt pictures do not do these justice, you need to see these in the flesh as they are drop dead gorgeous Photos:
  12. Further information: Devialet Expert Pro 1000 - Latest Edition I have owned this unit from new. It is the latest iteration and the top of the range Devialet. Price is currently $50k RRP. I have been battling with myself whether to sell my entire audio rig, hence the EOI. I moved house 2.5 years ago and since then my 'serious' system has effectively sat under wraps and rarely been turned on unfortunately. I have a Kii Three system in my compromised shared lounge space which does the job for the moment, but believe me, it doesn't hold a candle to the TAD E1's and Devialet 1000... not even close. The combination of the Devialet 1000 with TAD E1's and Acrolink cables is proper end game, and i have tried pretty much everything. I have moved through the whole Devialet range, from 120 right through to 1000 Expert pro. The 120 is great value for money, you get a significant jump up once you go to dual mono (400/440), and then the 1000 Expert pro is next level. Without going over every detail and turning this in to a review, with the 1000 Expert Pro, you get such effortless finesse and power across the whole frequency range like no other system i've experienced, the increase in power brings a significantly greater ease and dare i say analogue feel to the sound and presentation. I have used this with some seriously power hungry speakers and the 1000 does it with absolute ease. Apart from using a mutec Mc3+ USB (which i plug all digital inputs into), the Devialet handles absolutely everything. You can plug your turntable in (built in phono), a range of digital inputs, it's roon ready, you can stream spotify/tidal etc, airplay, devialet air etc. It is extremely versatile. An added bonus is you reduce your cable count and the audio signal remains amazingly short from input to output. The units have 2+ years of warranty remaining, mind you these have had very little use and Devialet have one of the best (if not the best) reliability in the high end industry. The units come with the premium remote, i will include a custom rca->aes/ebu cable i use to connect the 2 units, along with all of the original shipping boxes, manuals etc. It will be as if you bought new. In my pictures I've shown the Devialet in a couple of different scenarios. You can have them on show, they look great and take up little room, or you can easily hide them away. If not for my current housing situation where my system simply doesn't fit, i'd reached my end game with this and the TAD's. It's just too good to be sitting under wraps unused. Photos:
  13. Woohoo!! Better get my coins ready for delivery 👍
  14. Thanks @Eagleeyes (and others) for the tip. I used Transdirect and it was spot on. Booked with TNT overnight, item was picked up in Perth yesterday arvo and delivered to me in Melbourne 10 am this morning. No issues and all in good order 👍
  15. The current delivery of GR & G's will be AUS stock. Previously it was import. My memory is a little sketchy on the upper models. It may be that they continue importing the upper models and source the GR/G's from Pana.
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