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  1. Thanks mate glad to know i'm not going crazy... yet!
  2. Ok so i'm feeling pretty confident with my cartridge options, now i need to lock down a phono.. Will throwing $500 at a phono be reasonable? Probably like asking how long is a piece of string eh? If $500 new isnt going to cut it then maybe i wait for something to pop up in the classifieds. Any and all phono recommendations appreciated 👍
  3. I think the discussion was more about using a different tip (replacement) than what comes stock on the VM95ML. Don't mind me though, it was late and i am probably imagining it!
  4. I was doing some reading online last night and faintly recall some discussion about an AT VM95ML using a Jico (?) tip? Does that ring any bells?
  5. Thanks all for the advice on the AT range. It makes it nice and easy to give my mate the option/decision according to what he wants to spend: VM95ML $299 VM540ML $440 VM740ML $550
  6. Ok so if it's Ortofon it will be a bronze no less Rookie question, whats the difference between buying a cartridge that needs mounting or the PNP version? The PNP version would be much easier to just click in to the technics tonearm..
  7. Ok great, the Bronze is in the running then! Mind you setting up a cartridge might be past my pay grade. Appreciate the advice on the Pro-ject tube, i think the long warm up time might not be ideal for my mate.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Had thought of the AT's but no idea which one to go for. The VM95 is quite cheap (not necessarily a bad thing!), is there anything further up the range you would recommend in the $300-500 range?
  9. Hi there, I just helped my best mates wife to purchase his first turntable, a new Technics SL1210 GR. I've lent him some of my gear to get him up and running, but i need to find him a suitable cartridge and phono. I'm thinking a budget of around $500 each for a phono and cart. Happy to look around for used as well to get better value for money. Cartridge - I'm thinking keeping it simple and going for an Ortofon 2M although not sure which colour (possibly red or bronze, blue?) Phono - I missed out on a Pro-Ject tube phono a week ago in the classifieds. There was a Clearaudio nano for sale a couple of weeks back, maybe that? Any other ideas of a good quality phono around the $500 mark? Appreciate any and all advice!
  10. I'll take these if available. Thanks George Michael John Hopkins Blues Brothers U2 Janet Jackson - Velvet Rope Rolling Stones
  11. Where did you find the detail on what the V2 firmware actually changes? I found the support page, but apart from showing how to do the upgrade is there a doc anywhere explaining changes? Re bluetooth, sorry if its simply self explanatory, but will that mean we can for example bluetooth a tune via bluetooth from your phone? Or lets say i'm looking at something on my laptop and want to pipe the audio through to the kii's i'll be able to do it that way? Thanks for the info!
  12. Picking up a black GR from StoreDJ today for a xmas present for a mate of mine. Nice first TT for him! Saving my pennies for the G now
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