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  1. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (12") Is that still on the list of releases? I can see it mentioned in the first post, but couldn't find it on the RSD website..
  2. I would have put my hand up if they were in Melbourne Nice buying Soapy!
  3. It takes as long as a moderator can get to it i'd say
  4. Wow, that's a serious number of carts mate! Good feedback on the G tonearm. I don't think i'll be in a rush to change, especially at the SME V's asking price!
  5. What carts are you using? Have you considered swapping in a different tonearm? if so which one... crazy money but i'd love to put in a SME V like they do with the Timestep 1200G.
  6. Like you i have a fully modded 1200 (KAB USA M5G). You're right the modded 1200 may be very close to the G, but even though i've always loved the M5G look and feel, when you see the new G in the flesh, it's just next level fit/finish/look IMO. It's super cool, albeit at a hefty price. Mind you, the replacement price on my modded KAB 1200 (not that you can get them anymore) when i last did the calcs was somewhere in the 4-6k range so still up there in price.
  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but a slight disappointment with the AUS deliveries of the GAE is that they are not coming with the specially designed Nagaoka cartridge. My understanding is these are only for the UK.
  8. WOW!!! I have major gear envy. Well done Marc, seriously next level 👍
  9. As a previous M800 owner, the Luxman gear is beautiful in aesthetics and sound. Great combo here and seems a very reasonable price. GLWTS.
  10. This is probably not the best place for this kind of discourse, so i'll be brief... I have a Devialet Expert Pro 1000 and have run both CR1's and E1's with SAM enabled so am pretty well placed to answer your question. Take it from me, don't worry about the specs (excursion), the Dev has so much grace and power and controls the TAD's with ease and the word 'contrain' just does not come in to the vocabularly with TAD. The bass response from the E1's is obviously stronger, weightier and reaches lower than the CR1 as it's a full floorstander with twin woofers. I've never encountered such thunderous, tuneful, tight bass through any other speakers. i dare say only the R1's would be more satisfying. Absolutely no need to use subs. When speakers like these are so fast and coherent through the whole frequency range, no need to stuff it up with additional speaker/subs.
  11. I'm biased but wouldn't put them in the same league.
  12. My recollection was the retail back then was closer to 40-45k, and that was with the significantly stronger dollar! The new model is around 50k but IMO the new model is an ME1 with more bass drivers, its not the Andrew Jones masterpiece we have here that is more a scaled down version of the R1, as opposed to a scaled up version of the ME1 I've owned the CR1, and still currently own the E1. The CR1 brings tears to your eyes, but in many ways the E1 is a better all rounder and easier to enjoy, and the bass response is next level.
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