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  1. Not as yet. Will have to check them out. I do have Paradise is Lost, The New Tigerlily Recording from Natalie Merchant which is sublime. Cheers Paul
  2. Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session Laid back Thursday night noodlings Cheers Paul
  3. Keeping with the vibe. Geoff Achison and the Souldiggers 20th Anniversary Concert Great performance still got that pub vibe Cheers Paul
  4. Paid the covercharge and found myself a beer. Settling in for the session now...... Love those Short Fused Blues Cheers Paul
  5. Dave Hole - Ticket to Chicago Sunday session fave back in the day the master of the slide guitar with that overhanded style. Might just have to have a Sunday session at home. Cheers Paul
  6. Tim Hart - The Narrow Corner Seems to be a bit of a theme today, solo efforts from band members. The Boy and Bear drummer doesn’t stray too far from his roots here with enough twists to keep it interesting. An enjoyable album. Cheers Paul
  7. Donald Fagen - Sunken Condos Smooth impeccably recorded album with funky grooves and great playing throughout. Cheers Paul
  8. The Dissociatives Self titled collaboration between Paul Mac and Silverchair’s Daniel Johns. An interesting mix of melodic electro pop. This album came in between Diorama and Young Modern with some of the influences from this album on the latter. Daniel Johns has had a mixed carreer since leaving Silverchair and his interview with Andrew Denton is quite an eye opener. Cheers Paul
  9. Patterson Hood - Murdering Oscar ( and Other Love Songs) DBT front man going solo. Cheers Paul
  10. Hanni El Khatib - Moonlight Great guitar driven sludgy rock n blues Another great night in. Cheers Paul
  11. Howe Gelb The Coincidentalist Laid back and cool songs from the desert Cheers Paul
  12. India.Arie Acoustic Soul As the title suggests guitar driven R&B. Lovely sounding album from a talented lady. Cheers Paul
  13. The once fat shamed Magic Numbers most recent release arrived in the mail today. Great way to ease into a Friday night. Cheers Paul
  14. Enjoying a bit of fresh air after a long day at work. Cheers Paul
  15. Love my Pearl Lite SACD. Sounds less than a “mutual agreement” to me.
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