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  1. Hey Nik, I take it if you agree with the review that you have the Pontus ? DO you mind sharing your thoughts on it and if you compared it to other DAC's, I am interested in getting an R2R DAC but am on the fence since there seem to be some strengths but some complaints about them sound "soft" or lacking dynamics ? thanks
  2. Hi Kirk Thanks for the info Wow, I presume if you are recommending these tubes that they can be bought somewhere ? No doubt you have been asked this before, but a valve of that vintage surely would be near the end of its life ? Sorry I am still a relative newbie when it comes to tubes , which specific parameters would I be looking for ? (presuming of course the valve has been tested and there is quoted tested values from the seller)
  3. Hi Aussievintage How would you characterise the sound of the Sylvania's ?
  4. Hi All I am looking to the experts here for some advice. So I have taken the plunge and ordered a Schiit Freya + ( when it arrives is anybodies guess since supply is limited ), there are a few Youtube videos that deal with tube rolling for the Schiit but most of them involve you listening through whatever means you have to the video as it switches between valves. I personally have found it hard to tell the differences and I note in the comments this is a common theme. The Schiit use 4 x 6SN7's two for input and two for output and it comes standard with Tu
  5. I use one of these to stream spotify to my Auralic DAC via optical, these are an excellent product easy to use with the App and the sound of spotify is a big step up from the Chromecast audio I was using. Whoever buys it you need to be aware that there is an option which is hard to find in the "Rooms" menu to ensure that you are streaming at full resolution, it is defaulted to low res so it can cast to multiple rooms at once.
  6. I feel your pain, I recently needed to buy a coax cable to connect my new DAC when the USB connection refused to work with my streamer, as best as I could work out a Coax cable should be 75ohm coax but when I tried to buy a coax cable there is no mention on any of them that theyare running 75ohm coax. I ended up purchasing a cable but for all intents and purposes it looked like any standard analogue RCA cable it worked fine and I was able to run 384Khz files without any problems ! I am quite dubious about the whole 75ohm coax, does any DAC or streamer really run a true 75ohm inpu
  7. Very sad to see, Joe was a real legend and a character in the industry , I learned early on to not get in an argument with him he was always opinionated but he was invariably correct ! I bought most of my gear from him and followed him from his humble days at Bankstown Hifi to his flagship AudioConnection store(s). I fear for the future of any form of high end retailers with Joe no longer around. Vale Joe
  8. I have had two separate PSVANE WE845 replica valves fail on me, one straight out of the box and another after a short running time . The first was dead on arrival and the second developed a short. In both cases the valves were replaced by the Canadian distributor Grant Fidelity with little or no fuss. Did you buy them from the genuine seller or one of the dodgy chinese sellers who seem to be selling inferior PSVANE products cheaper than normal ? BTW the PSVANE WE845's running in single ended mode are producing some of the finest music to be had and are leap
  9. I have read through this thread with much interest and I have noticed that nobody makes mention of the fact that the by default a number of devices such as Chromecast and Yamaha have the Spotify stream set to Low Res or Low bit rate regardless of whether you have a Spotify Premium account or not ( the setting in a Yamaha is buried and hard to find ) I do wonder for those that have tried an A/B test of Spotify and Tidal were aware that their device was potentially playing a compromised stream ? The change in setting is not insignificant and turns a Spotify stream from a
  10. I have long held a theory that a little bit of even harmonic distortion ( not just 2nd harmonic ) adds a certain magic or air to music and partially explains that certain magic you hear with a good vinyl setup or a good SET amp (I have owned both) . I have nothing else to base this on apart from theory and instinct and would love to be able to experiment and try it for myself in my own Digital playback system which although at times can sound magical with a good recording it can also sound somewhat "dry" at times and not engaging. Has anyone tried the experiment for themselves
  11. No I don't believe he does "turn that into a conspiracy" but he does make the point (which most people choose not to hear ) is that the vast majority of analogue recordings once passed from a decent master tape to a copy master then onto manufacturers to make CD's, Vinyl or HD Digital versions rarely achieve much better than 14 bit resolution and any content that may live up above 20Khz is generally so low in level that it is lost in the noise and the hiss. Sure you can examine it and see there is something there but is it really genuinely useful content. And yes he also provides examples o
  12. Hi All, I have an Aries Femto with the upgraded Power supply and original Packaging that I am happy to sell to any fellow members that are interested for $1000 plus freight. The Aries is a fantastic streamer/ bridge and will play music directly from a USB drive, I used a one Terabyte portable drive plugged in directly which is nice and simple and does not require any fancy networking to get a working system. I upgraded to a Melco with inbuilt drives which is a masterpiece in itself, so the Aries has been sitting around looking for an owner.
  13. Hi all, I took the challenge some time ago and was slightly shocked at how hard it was to distinguish between the samples presented, I would suggest that anyone that is vaguely interested should get hold of the files and do an unbiased listening test themselves before commenting on the value or otherwise of the test. You can do the test however you want , take your time for hours or days or a quick A/B it is up to you with no pressure which is a key point I think to the validity of the results. I am more than confident that if you are honest and do not "cheat" the test by analysin
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