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  1. Hi Seb They were smaller than yours, the SP2/3R2 not a bad speaker very natural, but a bit polite and sluggish in comparison and these seem more expressive at least to me. I would love to hear the SP 100 one day but they seem difficult to drive and placement compared to tannoys which fit against the wall plus i would say more tube friendly, although the sugden power amp drives both well but the tannoys worked with a variety of tube amps even as low as 12W pc , the best I thought was the Mac 225 at 22W pc
  2. Hi Anthony I think you are right thanks its clears things up i wasn't sure whom i purchased from. They have been a great speaker, can you update me on who did the work on them I'm sure it would give confidence to a potential buyer.
  3. sorry I'm not terribly techno minded so I don't have pics of drivers as I would need to unscrew the backs., if i get a buyer who wants them subject to final inspection then I can do it if not for the moment I prefer to leave them alone. Any other questions pls contact me rgds roy
  4. Item: Tannoy 10 inch Monitor Golds Speakers Location: Parramatta NSW Price: $1900 Item Condition: excellent restored Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi Putting up for sale beautiful pair of Tannoy 10 inch Monitor golds in original cabinets from the 70's. These sound excellent. I put them as excellent for age please consider these are nearly 50 years old same as average Tannoy user I would think. The person I purchased from had them restored with some work to cross overs, modern terminals, cabs re polished etc, they do have some repairs to some corners, some veneer chips as would be expected I think photos make them seem worse than they are. My original idea was to have new cabs made for a 10 incher similar to modern Glenairs etc and like most people never got around to it. In the end my interest has dwindled so putting them up for sale. The sound is great to my ears.They easily bested the Spendors SP2/3R2 I had being rich, detailed and dynamic. They wont reproduce like 15 inch speaker, but remember they are still 10 inch driver so still have more bass than most stand mount speakers. These were my first intro to Tannoys , which I remained converted ever since and would make a similar buy for someone else. Happy to demo or drop off at a Pack and Send for interstate. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Hi Richard Wecome, I'm sure you will be appreciated around here I live not far.... Silverwater I'm sure we shall meet one day. I'm just about to advertise some Tannoy 10in golds once i figure how to do it
  6. Hi Chris what driver will you use in the Westminster cabs.? I had plans to make a wife friendly cabs for the 10inch MG I have havn't done it yet though.( may just sell them to let another enjoy.) One day I would love to get Westminsters, a go big or go home approach. I recently had the crosssovers on my Berkleys checked out, some caps were replaced, made a tremendous difference to the impact especially on drums etc, it really got them moving. Its just amazing what these vintage speakers can do especially at what is a reasonable cost maybe share some photos of the new Westminster Cabs sure members would enjoy.
  7. Also I would add that vintage Tannoys are a hobbyist speaker plenty of info out there on cabs and improvements etc. prices on rare vintage ones can get pricey especially in Asia markets. If you spend around $2k for a lightly restored model it's a great way to see how you like them you will likely re sell at same money. When I look thru ads I notice they sell pretty quickly.
  8. Hi I use tannoy berkleys with both a Mac in tosh 225 classic amp and also sugden masterclass classA I love the big 15 inch speaker. I also have 10 in monitor golds in original cabs tend to be my bedroom speaker.although a "small" speaker by tannoy standards they out perform most other stand mounts for my taste. i was put onto Tannoy by Robin a high buddy in hobart who uses Cheviots. We have both tried many speakers, spendors etc and still come back to Tannoys. Sure he could advise more Friends have heard my berkleys and are amazed. I'd describe strengths as musical and rich rather than analytical and accurate. But that's fine for me as I like vintage tube amps Very easy to to live with and they fit against the wall so easy to install. best is to buy a pair and listen for 6 months you will sell for same money if you don't enjoy. Enjoy
  9. Item: spendor speakers SP2/3R2 Location:sydney Price: $1750 neg Item Condition:excellent Reason for selling: not in use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:excellent classic british speakers made in the UK at a great price currently around $5999 on the importers site. Purchased form a fellow member of the community these arent getting the use they deserve as I am using my higher efficiency Lowthers with low powered amps These are excellent condition save for one small repairable ding to lower back corner. I used with a 22WPC tube and a 40W PC SS amp beautiful ,natural sound its strong point on vocals Great way to get into that classic british sound They are on a pair of old wooden speaker stands nothing special i admit happy to include if someobe collects Happy to talk more and send pics come and have a listen Happy to send more pics Pictures:
  10. Hi Will ther work ok in a mcintosh 225 it does have 2 12au7 's? can you PM me? thanks
  11. Hi Sorry i think i deleted yr message pls pm me if pre is still available thanks Roy
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