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  1. Yeah, add a small sub and works wonders. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. The minimus 11s are much better but still needs a sub to get lower.
  2. Further information: I had heard a lot of good things about these mini monitor speakers and they didn't disappoint. Very good upper and midrange but lacking in bass. This is expected, taking into account the size of these speakers. They are really good as a nearfield or desk top monitors. Exceptional build. It's a shame that the brand does not get the recognition that it deserves. I was so impressed by them that I managed to get myself a Minimus 11. So this is not being used now. It is in excellent physical condition as seen in the pics. There is a crack on the tweeter casing ( l
  3. Further information: I got this combo a while ago as an interim Amp while I was trying to decide on what I want. Now, it is surplus and I have too many amps that this does not get used. Item condition is described below M72 power amp - in very good condition and has 2 and 4 channel outputs. Everything works as it should. This is a beast of an amp weighing 21 kg. 100 W / channel at 8 ohms. C 72pre amp- this will need a service as the volume knob is scratchy and some inputs don’t seem to work all the time. This will need a full service. I bought the comb
  4. Can’t seem to attach a link but there is a pair of mint looking Tannoy DC200 on facebook marketplace, WA. It is on the Bidding Wars Bunbury group and bid has started - now at $150 unfortunately it is a closed group, so got to join first. ? Would be good for someone local.
  5. I have used the services of both Chamila At RF waves and Jason at Speaker Dr over the years and highly recommend both of them. From my experience, I can vouch that these are reliable guys have always done a splendid job for me. Again , I can appreciate that everyone has had different experiences . Worst case is you lose a few hundred bucks but the plus point is you become a little wiser. We have all been through that, be it in the stereo world or otherwise.
  6. Further information: bought this as I was planning to set up a 2nd TT but have changed my mind and decided to stick with refurbishing my Technics SP10. The unit spins at the right speed but I have not tested this unit with a cartridge. There are some minor chips to the veneer on the sides but the top is in great condition. The tonearm is low mass The unit itself is heavy so local pick up only I got this as there was plenty of favourable reviews on line. Cheers Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post
  7. Further information: I am the second owner. The unit has been barely used by myself. Bought it as my main unit was being serviced. works perfect and will make a good entry level TT comes with an ortofon omega cartridge. Also has manual and alignment device pictured. local pick up as I don’t have the original box. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not
  8. Same here. Packaging was below par. The damage is quiet unusual. 2 inputs bent in and the box didn’t show any signs of mishandling. Anyway, I will be contacting them next week to see where we are at. will update as I go.
  9. The box did not show any signs of damage. it was dropped of at my place and the wife signed for it. The amp is about 35 kgs and so it was left untouched till I opened it up that evening and noticed the damage. I contacted the company the next day and they sent me the claim forms to fill up. The insurance was taken by the company that packed the amp. Paid a decent price for the service.
  10. Hi, I bought an amp recently and had it sent via a company that packed and couriered it to me. The amp arrived with damage to the inputs. A claim was filed last week and I was wondering how long it would take for a claim like this to be sorted. The amp was insured for full purchase amount. The person I have been dealing with told me that they will get in touch. Now, without wanting to bother them unnecessarily, I feel that I can wait but how long, I am not sure. Has anyone been in this situation and how much time should I give them before another call? I was thinking 2 we
  11. Well, it’s a bit of both isn’t it. The input is only for one source / pre amp. the amp is now sold . Thanks everyone for all the interest. Cheers
  12. I have had plenty of interest in the amp. I am going through the messages and will update the ad, once sold. Cheers
  13. Further information: I bought this about a year ago and it has not disappointed me at all. A real cracker of an amp that puts out 18w class A and can drive efficient speakers beautifully. I paired this with my Osborns and Corals and it did a fantastic job. Always felt that there was enough grunt to drive them. This is an upgraded version, hence the 18w instead of the usual 10w. It has volume control and I connect the source directly into it ( Sonos connect in this case) Box is in excellent condition. This is a cheap way of getting into class A. I now
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