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  1. Same here. Packaging was below par. The damage is quiet unusual. 2 inputs bent in and the box didn’t show any signs of mishandling. Anyway, I will be contacting them next week to see where we are at. will update as I go.
  2. The box did not show any signs of damage. it was dropped of at my place and the wife signed for it. The amp is about 35 kgs and so it was left untouched till I opened it up that evening and noticed the damage. I contacted the company the next day and they sent me the claim forms to fill up. The insurance was taken by the company that packed the amp. Paid a decent price for the service.
  3. Hi, I bought an amp recently and had it sent via a company that packed and couriered it to me. The amp arrived with damage to the inputs. A claim was filed last week and I was wondering how long it would take for a claim like this to be sorted. The amp was insured for full purchase amount. The person I have been dealing with told me that they will get in touch. Now, without wanting to bother them unnecessarily, I feel that I can wait but how long, I am not sure. Has anyone been in this situation and how much time should I give them before another call? I was thinking 2 weeks from lodging the claim. Any thoughts / opinion is very much appreciated. Cheers
  4. Well, it’s a bit of both isn’t it. The input is only for one source / pre amp. the amp is now sold . Thanks everyone for all the interest. Cheers
  5. I have had plenty of interest in the amp. I am going through the messages and will update the ad, once sold. Cheers
  6. Further information: I bought this about a year ago and it has not disappointed me at all. A real cracker of an amp that puts out 18w class A and can drive efficient speakers beautifully. I paired this with my Osborns and Corals and it did a fantastic job. Always felt that there was enough grunt to drive them. This is an upgraded version, hence the 18w instead of the usual 10w. It has volume control and I connect the source directly into it ( Sonos connect in this case) Box is in excellent condition. This is a cheap way of getting into class A. I now plan to get an integrated amp, so this won’t be needed anymore. I have the original box. Cheers Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Further information: I bought this 2 years ago. Used about 20 times max in this period , when going out for dinners etc. I can’t use watches at work so this has just sat in its box, sparingly used comes with box and manual. I can ship this safely. Rubber strap in really good condition. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Thanks guys. glad I was not missing anything. Can’t find any info on this piece on the net. anyway, it’s going to the study with a CD player and some monitor audio speakers . Seems like a simple alternative to a many box solution. Thanks once again.
  9. This sub has been sitting in my study for a long time. Just took it out last week to see if it works and I noticed that it has direct inputs on the back. I hooked a CD player directly to one of the the input and a couple of test speakers to the front speaker output and it works fine. I am not a subwoofer person but it seems like this sub does not need an amp. I think it has an integrated amp built into it or am I missing something. I have attached a pic of the back of the sub. It is a 10 inch sub. I couldn’t get any info online regarding this or maybe I am looking up the wrong thing. just want to know if I have got it right. Any opinion or advice appreciated. Thanks
  10. Item: Osborn EOS Ref bookshelf speakers Location: Perth, WA Price: was $2300 .. now $2100+ shipping cost Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: as described below Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: These are my end game speakers and I never thought I would be selling them. But I now have a one year old and she moves fast. I don’t think that bookshelves are a safe thing to have around her. plus I hardly have time to spend listening to music nowadays. The speakers themselves are probably the best sounding bookshelves I have ever owned. I sold my Osborn Grand Epitome Refs as they were too large and fell in love with these during the HiFi show in Melbourne in 2017. I got them from Greg Osborn the following week. Surprisingly, they create a huge soundstage like the Epitomes. The detail and depth Is really outstanding. All from these small boxes. I have listened to them for less than 50 hours in total. It comes in gloss finish and Tasmanian Blackwood cabinets. the speakers have been very well cared for and has no scratches or marks. I am the first owner. Happy to ship at buyers cost and risk. I still have the original boxes. Can demo and these speakers are easy to drive. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Item: Gale GS 401 speakers Location: Perth,WA Price: price drop .. was $1700, now $1550 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: I have 3 pairs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,COD Only, Extra Info: Fully refurbished and just got it back from The Speaker Doctor, who are probably the best speaker restorers in Perth. They have been fully checked and should last many years trouble free. The speakers are in very good condition. The chrome plates on one end is almost pristine and there are scratches on the other end. The speakers sound as fantastic as any gales I have owned. Selling as I have too many speakers. Local pick up preferred. Can drop off at the local Pack and Send I.e postage at buyers cost. Cheers Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. There has been some enquirers regarding the speaker stands. The speakers sound best biwired. So, I will sell a pair of Audio Principe biwire speaker cables and the speaker stands for an extra $100. The stands alone cost me more that that. the stands are solid open frame ones. Works perfect with the speakers. These items are only for sale with the speakers. cheers
  13. Price drop .. to help out with anyone interested in shipping them.
  14. I remember at the audio show, Greg had them beside the grand epitome refs. I went back to that room multiple times just to make sure what I was listening to was real. Managed to listen to both side by side and can attest that the soundstage and depth is as big as the Epitome Refs.
  15. Totally agree. I don’t think I would move away from the Osborn range of speakers. Best speakers I have ever owned. I would get another pair a few years down the track, once the little one is bigger. Till then, it’s a SONOS for me !!!
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