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  1. Hi there everyone, just wanted to find out if any of you have this, and if you recommend buying it. And I believe there is a US pressing and Europe pressing? Is one better than the other?
  2. Hi there, I’ll take the Physical Graffiti (quiex) please, postage to Adelaide ok?
  3. Hi there, keen on both Kill Em All and Ride The Lightning mate if still available. EDIT - Sorry I see Tubular posted before me, if anything happens can I be next in line please thankyou
  4. Hi guys. I really miss my ipod classic and i'm considering buying a refurbished 256 gb SSD one off ebay. I currently run a red Dragonfly USB DAC through my iphone 7 and laptop and plug my Quincey Jones headphones into it (I have a lightning-to-usb connection cable for the iphone). Does anyone here know if the software in the ipod classic (advertised as 7th Gen) will allow me to run the DAC as I do in my iphone 7? I also have the 30pin-to-usb connection cable, i'm just concerned the older ipod classic will not be able to handle the Dragonfly. I have tried this connection with a very old ipod touch (possibly the first one that came out), and it would not connect with the Dragonfly. Also, another accessory I was looking at for the ipod classic is the bluetooth connection so I can use it in the car. Has anyone here used one of these and have any advice? Thanks everyone
  5. That's a very kind offer Frankn thankyou, if it's ok i'd love to take you up on it. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back. What a great forum this is
  6. Thanks mate yeah doin well thanks. My life has gone through many changes the past 18 months which is why I havent been around for a while, but i'm settled now and getting married in August. I still have your AR's in my lounge mate still love them!! How have you been?
  7. Thanks so much for all of the fast replies, i've really missed this forum and it's brilliant members who are so helpful and willing to help
  8. I should have known to look at Selby, i've been out of the game too long thanks for that. Yes I was worried about the unique shape of the speakers and the glossy finish and wether it would work. And yes I agree i'm also concerned about compromising sound quality as well. Starting to wonder if its worth starting with some cheap speakers on the speaker stands and see how he goes with those, and if the curiosity will diminish.
  9. Hi there guys, I have a pair of KEF LS50's Im thinking of mounting in the front corners the wall of my future HT room. I have a very curious 3 year old step son and i'm worried about putting these just straight onto my speaker stands. I was wondering if there are any special wall brackets for these without damaging the casing? Or if anyone had any advice on doing this? Would anyone advise not to do this with these speakers?? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated thanks everyone. Shane
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