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  1. Hi there all, thankyou so much for your replies and help. I swapped the tubes around from each channel. The first tube i pulled out, on the non working side, was very loose and barely in the socket. I am pretty sure this was the first tube I inserted when I was setting it up, and not ever owning a tube amp before I reckon I was very careful and too scared to push it in too hard. So I swapped all of the tubes around holding my microfibre cloth, and carefully pushed them in with a little more force. I now have a fully functional McIntosh amp! I feel a little stupid. The loosest tube must have been in far enough to light it green, but not in far enough to make the channel work. Thankyou so much to everyone who replied to me and helped, this is such a brilliant community thankyou so much. Also a massive thankyou to George who sold me the amp, thankyou for not giving up on me and my average knowledge, and thanks so much for all of your advice mate. I may be in contact soon for some more advice if that's ok. Now i'll move on to my next step...... upgrading the average speaker cable. I'll be keeping a close eye on the classifieds. Shane
  2. Thanks Tony, I didn't think of that. I'll try that tonight when the kids are put to bed. And thanks for letting me know about Vision Living, that may be my next port of call.
  3. Yep mate, I tried swapping the speaker inputs, I tried the phono input with two seperate turntables, and tried the cd player in both inputs. This is my first tube amp, but from what I can gather everything is ok. The tubes are lighting up green, and from the research i've done I believe the tubes go yellow when there is an issue. I don't think it's a transit issue as they were packed perfectly in their original packaging and looked very snug in their foam.
  4. Hi there, I have recently purchased a McIntosh MA252 integrated amplifier from the classifieds here at StereoNet. I am having an issue in that one of the speakers is not producing any sound. But you can hear a very quiet hum when I put my ear close to the non working speaker. I have tried changing to a different turntable, and also connected a CD player. The same issue arises each time. I have tried swapped the speaker connections, but the speaker that worked and speaker that didn't work simply swapped around. I wanted to see if there are any StereoNet members close to me that may possibly come and visit me and have a good look and see if they can diagnose the issue. I could also pack the amp up and bring it to you. I am more than happy to negotiate a price for your help. I also wanted to make it clear that the gentleman I bought the amp off has been nothing but helpful and would have sorted this out for me, but he is in Melbourne and i'm in Adelaide. I am off work this week, if anyone local can help it would be greatly appreciated thankyou. Shane Frencham
  5. Hi there everyone. I'm in the market for an integrated amp and turntable, anyone know of any hifi stores doing great Black Friday deals?
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