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  1. Damn, I am looking for these exact shoes and model but I am a size 9 not a 9.5
  2. No doubt, but I am set-up in a little room (with a smallish desk) so need to get something a little smaller.
  3. Ideally looking for a pair with between 4 to 7 inch drivers
  4. Thanks, these look lovely, but I’m after something a little smaller in size. I understand these are quite big for 8 inch monitors
  5. Item: active Studio monitors Price Range: $350 + Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I am setting up a home recording studio and looking for some nice little active monitors (between 4 and 7 inch) to match my Universal Audio Monitor Twin that I impulse bought last night. Anyone have any lying around? I’m in Thornbury. stay safe everyone David Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. I think I would need to upgrade the 280D to Mind 2 (which is about $1500 firmware upgrade) to use Roon or so I've been led to believe?
  7. Thanks for the feedback back all. I am actually pretty happy with the Simaudio gear, but the Mind 1 app really bugs me on the 280D (I find it buggy, slow and not user friendly. Even the bluetooth cuts out if you more than a few meters away). I understand the streaming on the Star is much better with more options - I generally use Tidal and spotify. But I suppose I could keep the simaudio gear and just use an ipad mini with the camera kit cord (would this bypass the apple DAC)?
  8. Hi Steve, Just the two in a slanting ceiling in a very large open plan kitchen/lounge space (with super high ceilings). Whilst the Jensens don't have the sonic capabilities of the Dynaudios by a long shot, for background listening they have their benefits due to their location in the room in terms of how they fill the room and volume. They also sound nice coming out of the Simaudio dac/amp components (with bluetooth to the dac), so I would hesitate to take them out of that signal and power through a seperate amp? Which is why I leaned towards the switch idea to get the best of bo
  9. Hi everyone I have recently moved into a new place which has some in built Jensen ceiling speakers which aren't too bad when I am background listening (eg cooking etc). I would like to be able to switch between these and my Dynaudio Special 40s through a 2 channel integrated (only one set of speaker terminals). Can anyone recommend a device that would do this well? Cheers David
  10. Still looking for a Star (or potentially an Atom) 🤠
  11. I have a pair of these. Quite a remarkable speaker to my ears, particularly given their size.
  12. Thanks everyone for your helpful advice. Much appreciated. I suggested he bid on that Bladelius Tyr that recently sold on ebay (It seemed to have a good combination of dac, phono and power in an affordable package) but he just lost out on that and was pipped at the post. We also discussed vintage Sansui/luxman and looked at some rotels, but there seemed a preference to buy something newer. He ended up buying a Rega Elex(r) yesterday in the end which I understand has a good phono stage (for the new the Rega RP3 ) and some sufficient wattage to drive the B&W 685s. Ho
  13. Item: Rega Elex(r) Price Range: $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi does anyone have one of these amplifiers for sale? Trying to help a buddy in Hobart track one down. Cheers
  14. Hi stereonet community I am trying to help a friend with some system choices, who is spending most of his time bunkered down listening to Jazz records after a recent separation. He has a limited budget of about $1500 to $2000. He has a decent new RP3 and some B&W 685s. He has an entry level NAD which isn't driving the B&W's well. He is looking for a sonic upgrade of the amp, phono stage and potentially a DAC. Does anyone recommend anything in particular that might do all of those things well? Or some good separate components on the market place that
  15. Hi everyone A warning to be careful of scammers and this email is also to notify admin. I posted a wanted a few months ago in the classifieds, seeking a Naim Star and recently received a private message from Rob Moller stating he had a friend that had one and to email him if I was interested. I emailed the said person and received the following email: Dave - Thanks for reaching out. Sorry for the delay in response as I was busy with meetings. I just got a chance to check my mail. Yes, I have a Naim Uniti Star for sale in excellent condition. Absolutely mint condition.
  16. Item: Naim Atom or Naim Uniti Star Price Range: open to trade offers or buying outright Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: NA I currently have a Simaudio i.3 integrated amplifier with a Simaudio 280 D DAC/streamer driving some Dynaudio Special 40s. This setup sounds fantastic (and I adore the Moons) but I am interested in exploring a single NAIM unit - in particular the Naim Atom or Uniti Star. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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