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  1. Hi True, Yes, I've checked it and it has the 00B marking on the box. Beamer has approved the replacement request, so I will send it back early Jan.
  2. Just put in my original jvc bulb back and recalibrated it. 28ftl at 1300 hours!
  3. Well, people have been pretty happy with Dominic's bulbs and I think these Ushio bulbs are supposed to perform about 80% of the original bulb. My bulb is below that sadly. Will see how this performs after a few hundred hours. I'll keep testing bulbs from other suppliers, and eventually get a legit JVC bulb if these aftermarket bulbs keep disappointing me.
  4. Received my bulb on Sunday! Took about 6 days to arrive which is pretty impressive. Unfortunately, the bulb's performance is really underwhelming. After calibration, it was only able to produce 18ftl at 0 Iris. This is on a 100" screen at 3.5m distance. Pretty sure the JVC bulb it was replacing was brighter even at 1200 hours. The build quality is also poor. The seal around the bulb is sloppy, and there are water spots all around it. Let's see how Beamer responds.
  5. Decided to go with beamer parts. Will take measurements on the brightness and how it drops off over time.
  6. Hi Javs, Did you end up trying these bulbs? My N7 is getting dim and thinking of getting a replacement soon.
  7. I did this a long time ago: https://www.avsforum.com/forum/110-diy-screen-section/2789041-back-widow-paint-mix-australia-lg-pf1500-projector.html Nothing special with the paint mix really. Might as well just buy a cheap projector screen if you are budget constrained.
  8. Ah well, I must have been spoiled as I never really had the trouble of getting stuffs back to the manufacturer. Hopefully Interweb chose a good dealer. I don't know any projector owners who would put up with that kind of defect. To me (and I think everyone here), that's a major defect.
  9. Out of curiosity, shouldn't dealers provide a direct swap for the customer (provided both parties agree that there's an issue) and have the dealer then sort it out with JVC themselves? After all, the sales contract is between the retailer and the customer.
  10. Hi Matt, No, this is just the regular version with upgraded board.
  11. Further information: This is the upgraded board version. Photos:
  12. Here's a good read: I've sold my amp unfortunately, so can't do a demo. You can bring your amp if you want.
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