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  1. Wow! These never come up, I looked for years to no avail. Someone will be happy [emoji3526]
  2. I believe the intent was to inform potential purchasers, no ill at all from my point of view. From memory it’s Class A/B with roughly the first 7-8w in Class A. I’ve owned a Thor mkiii and it was bloody brilliant. The build quality on the Bladelius is the best I’ve seen. And it sounded equally amazing.
  3. Yep absolutely they are out there, but sub chassis/arm mount needs to match.
  4. Hmmm, I don’t think that’ll fit my sub chassis [emoji52]
  5. Ok thanks. Assuming this is a Linn mount?
  6. Hi, which version of Nima is this? Also, is it supplied with a tonearm cable?
  7. I had an RCM Sensor 1 and it was a brilliant sounding phono in conjunction with a Lyra Delos. Though I could never get it quiet enough to be happy. Maybe the Sensor 2 has improved in the at area. I’ve heard good things of the Musical Surroundings unit.
  8. I’ve had both Django’s and SHL5+’s. Both amazing speakers and both very different in presentation. Would be massively happy to have either again, and that Tiger Ebony looks incredible.
  9. I dont believe the VJ23 was ever imported to Australia, it was definitely a desired bike locally though. The VJ22 in stock form was around 50-55hp.
  10. Thanks Terry, quite ironic huh! You’re right, great bang for buck, especially for their weight. From memory the RGV was the first ever bike to hit the 200hp per 1000cc comparatively (55odd hp from 250cc).
  11. 1997 RGV. Completely stock with under 15000km on the clock. Sadly doesn’t get much use these days, last ride was over a year ago, track day at Philip Island. Awesome fun!!
  12. Hey Winter, are the shelves removable/adjustable?
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